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Default Let there be snow!

I just spent a few hours playing in the snow! It was so much fun!

For those of you that don't know.. Vancouver isn't known for it's snow, but we've got over 1 foot of snow outside right now! Infact, because I live part of the way up a mountain, our car is parked half way up along with a crowd of others.

I couldn't believe how much fun it was to run up the hill and come flying down.. nearly hitting a few cars along the way! The bf was documenting the whole experience with the digital cam, if I can ever figure out how to resize I will post them. Man you gotta burn a lot of calories with all of that, my legs are a little sore as I write all of this.

Anyways, I just had to share I am secretly hoping that I won't have to go to work tomorrow and can just play all day in the snow! heh.


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Weather is weird! It's late November and I walked yesterday in just a jean jacket. Usually we've had a few blustery days by now.
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I hate snow - but I think it's because I don't see it that often and when I do I'm spending the time trying to drive in it (work, work and more work) and I don't get the chance to play in it.

It does sound fun and I bet you did burn a lot of calories!

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NOOOOOOOOOO ~ just kidding. Snow......I miss it and I don't. After living in Maine for 20 years and having to shovel and snowblow it ~ I don't miss all the work. Now here in North Carolina ~ we don't get much of it, and when we do, they don't have the equipment to clean it up like they do up north ~ so driving can sometimes be a nightmare. If only it could snow on the yard and not on the streets ~ LOL. It is beautiful to look at. And it sort of doesn't feel as Christmasy when there is no snow and it is 60 degrees outside.
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I saw all the pictures on the news Aimee. Yesterday it was a balmy +16, so I think the weather patterns have been reversed. I know we are supposed to get the cold weather and possible snow by the end of the week.
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Default Snow!

Oh how I miss actual seasons. I know, I know, it's great in many ways to be living in Key West where it is still a balmy 75 every day, and I can work out at 5am and not freeze. but then again, seasons are something i love, and each one for it's own reason, and we don't have any down here. It's just Key West season, lol. Enjoy your snow!

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Maybe this means my daughter in Portand got snow. She said something about it the other day. In WI we used to get loads of it but not anymore. I love it!
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Fun, huh Aimee?

We had a great day with the kids and doggies yesterday in the snow too

I'm keeping them home today too.

Did you end up staying home today?

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Today is a total snow day! I called my bf who was at work, he had to walk down to the car and get some help pushing it, and they decided to save some payroll and I get to stay home! Thank goodness, it's really icey and COLD!

I was watching the news and am jealous of all you Ontario people, while we aren't normally 16 degrees, I'd give anything for 7 and rain right now!

I do love snow, just NOT here! I grew up in colder places, and we were all prepared for snow, with snow tires, warmer clothes, all of that. People just can't drive in the snow here, partly because there really isn't a need for anything besides allseason tires. But most people feel the need to go out anyways, which leads to quite a few accidents.


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Hi !
So did you enjoy another day of snow play today ?

I love the snow as well, and I think there is a special flavour, as we get no snow at all in Brazil, where I´ve lived for most of my life... I remember that when I lived in washington DC, the first big snow fall I got there I showed up 1 hour late for work, as on the way to the office I couldn´t keep myself from playing with the kids... my boss wasn´t so happy with me being late, but he couldn´t keep himself from laughing at the thought of a 22 year old in a suit playing in the streets with a bunch of kids...

And next week I´m on vacation, off the Val Thorens, a french ski resort... I can´t wait!!!!!
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Oh wow Aimee, what fun!

It was 65F here today, which was kinda nice, but I tell you, I am jealous! heehee.
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I heard on the news tonight that this great weather is coming to us courtesty of western Canada. So we sent you our Pineapple Express, and you return the favor with an arctic blast?!!?

I like looking at the stuff, but not driving in it, especially since I live on a big hill and I no longer get studded tires like I did when we lived in Boise and Colorado. People here don't know how to drive in snow because we get it so infrequently. So I'm hoping that it goes away real soon.

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I haven't been anywhere near snow in years. I bet that was fun. I'm just hoping our temps drop back below 70 deg F.
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I love the first snow! I usually go for a nice long walk with the dog on that first warm snowy night!

But you guys on that end of the country definitely got hit before us this year! We are expecting +14 on Wednesday here in Ottawa!
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Sheila - snow is definitely pretty to look at... and I totally agree about the driving thing. We are noticing that if we can just get home before 5pm we are good to go, after that... we are walking.

I sure hope it goes away soon, but unless we get some really good daytime highs with sun.. we've got until Monday before this stuff goes anywhere. Now if we can just get the city to plow some of these side streets! I sure do miss my heart surgeon neighbour, we always had clear streets until he moved!


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