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Default Weight VS Clothes size

I understand that everyone is different and it depends on where you lose your weight on your body, but has anyone been able to track for themselves the rate of weight lost VS a size in clothing? In other words, for every X pounds that you lose, you see a lower clothing size. Thanks
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not yet, but im curious to know aswell, i hear different things everywhere, some say 10lbs, some say 14lbs..... i reckon mine will be higher. because i have lost 8lbs and nothing yet
weight loss total: 1.5lbs
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I can't even count on all my fingers and toes the number of times I've seen this question asked on here--and the number of times multiple people have given the same answer: it depends

Last year, I lost over 40 pounds. I went from 310.5 to 264, and I did not change sizes AT ALL. I started in a size 22 pants, and I ended in a size 22 pants. Now I'm 294 pounds and--yup, you guessed it--a size 22 pants. Does that mean it will take 50+ pounds for me to drop each pants size? Heck no, because the smaller you get, the less you have to lose to make a noticeable difference. In general, the more weight you start with, the more you have to lose before you see a clothing size change simply because, for example, 5 pounds from an obese body is nothing compared to 5 pounds from someone who's already a size 6 (not to say it's not GREAT to lose 5 pounds, but just to point out that those 5 pounds are not really comparable when you have such vastly differing starting weights). Paper Towel Theory, anyone?
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My experience has been identical to what you describe, Jilly. The smaller I got, the less leeway in clothing sizes. When, for a very brief time in my life, I wore a size 7 jean, I gained 5 lbs, and they were history. Size 8 lasted for about a 10 lb gain, and I had to gain almost 15-20 lbs for a size 10 to become unbearable. Val
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the papertowel theory is a great way to put it - I never thought about that way before - that's encouraging!
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Hi Justwill!

I really DO have very large bones and am currently 212 lbs. wearing a size 18 pants size. I also tend to lose weight fairly evenly all over my body.I used to wear a size 26 when I weighed 275. For me then I dropped 63 lbs. and 4 pants sizes. That's about 15-16 lbs. for each size dropped if you average it out. As I recall, though, it wasn't until I had lost about 25 lbs. that anyone really noticed. After that people seemed to notice my losses more and more.

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My theory is that the larger you are, the more you squeezed into those clothes to begin with! That's me anyway!

I've bounced around from 298 to 243 in my adult life and only have gone from a tight 28 to a tight 24. Really? That's all? Yup.

Okay, based on that math (20 pounds = 1 size). That means to get into a size 18, I'm looking at 100 pounds lost total from 298 to be 198. That fits in with my senior year of high school weight and pants size. So, for me, it's pretty steady.

By the way, I am 5 feet, 8 inches and hourglass shaped (big boobs, no butt, small waist but lots of belly).
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And this is how I went down:
At the highest weights, the size was fitted/tight and at the lowest, it was loose.
From 307-265: 26W (VERY tight at 307) (in tops 3X)
265-240: 24W (2X)
240-225: 22W (1X)
225-200: 18W (1X)
200-190:18 regular (XL)
190-180: 16 regular (XL)
180-1??: 14 regular (L)

These are pant sizes.

I'm hoping when I see high 160's, I'll be able to squeeze into a 12. I can squeeze into a 12 stretch now, but I don't go around saying I'm a size 12. I do fit nicely into a size 12 dress though.

For me, at my higher weights, it was about 25 pounds for a size change. Now it's 10.

And I really close to 5'8"

My before and current pictures!
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For me this was the approximate breakdown:

About 16lbs per size drop in the W plus sizes.

About 11ish lbs per size drop in the regular sizes.

I started at a tight 24W and I am now at a pretty solid 10.
Lost: 140ish lbs
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As you can see from my sig, I'm 5'11". I started at 276 in a tight 22W, loose 24W. I'm 20 lbs down now and still in my 22Ws, but they're loose. I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. I'm a weird size because my hips fit into the 20W and my waist is still a little big.

I'm hoping in another 10 lbs I'll fit into the 20Ws. For sure. It all depends on where the weight comes off. I'm a pear (sorta), and unfortunately because of my hips I have to go up a shirt size. If you were to chop me off at the waist, I'd probably be a 16W on top. But no one wants that!

30 lbs seems like SO MUCH to go down a pant size, but the first place I lose is in my breasts. I have to remember that. It's depressing to be stuck in the same size clothes, but things ARE fitting differently.
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I started at a size 22, and now I wear a 12 that is baggy in some pants, not in others. My daughter, who is about the same height, weighed the same as i do at one point and wore a size 8. Kind of bummed me out that I'm still in a 12, but she reminded me that we're shaped differently. I actually started wearing a size 12 when I was about 188 or so. I keep wondering how much I will have to lose to make it to my ultimate size 8 goal. I'm hoping that focusing on weight lifting even more will help with that. *Sigh*

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Height: 5'7


It's takes me about 5 lbs. to go UP a size and 10 lbs. to go down a size, at least this is how it seems to me.


^^ My new before and current photos! ^^
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Height: 5 2"


For me it´s been pretty steady, I´d go down a size every 15 - 20 pounds lost...
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Mine sounds the same as Cheryl14.

I am now 215 and in a 18 pants. I got them like 4 pounds ago and they are getting a lil loose on me. (I like wearing things tight though) They should tighten up a bit after throwing them in the dryer though. But on the legs they are very loose on me! I should be down to a 16 in no time! An xl still fits me but just yesterday I tried on an old large shirt and it fits me great! Really shows off my boobs!

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