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Default YOU may just have a history of an ED

Because according to my university health form I do.

Eating Disorders: Do you have or have you ever had a history of the following: anorexia, bulimia, obesity.

And I was like, "wow, no one has ever put it that way to me before." But I surpose that it is true. Obesity is/can be a disordered relationship with eating. For me it was at least. And so I had to tick that box. It felt kinda weird.

Huh. Makes ya think.
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You can do it!!!!
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I totally agree. Kinda sad that society feels more empathy for those with anorexia, for example, than obesity. Society is quick to say people who are obese...just stop eating.......that is the problem, but are a bit more tolerant of other eating disorders. My opinion of course!!!! I would have had to check off that box too!

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yeah I have compulsive overeating/binge eating disorder. It is as much of a disorder as anorexia or bulimia. It destroys your mind in the same way. Its a horrible disease.
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I would have had to check that box too. Although I have lost a lot of weight,, I still struggle with trying to not over eat. Some days, I do great and some not so great. I even have difficulty not overeating the healthy things that I am allowed on my program. Writing it all down every day, works best for holding me accountable for the amount I eat.


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Eating for two!
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It's odd that they put it so simply ("anorexia, bulimia, obesity"). I would have to say that not everyone who is obese automatically has an eating disorder. I think it should be further broken down, maybe something more like:
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • compulsive overeating
  • bingeing
  • emotional eating or starving
I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting, but I don't think it's fair to basically claim obesity is an eating disorder. Some people are obese due to medical conditions, some due to actual laziness/carelessness, some due to legitimate eating disorders, and so on.
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I had an ED about 10 years ago. I started off at about 180 and ended up being 114. The problem was that I was also modeling and that weight looked good in the photos. It didn't look good on me though and I had to hide the bones that stuck out of my body. I'm 5'8" and medium boned so this look was not good on me. I used to work out 2x a day - once in the morning and then I would wait for the shift change to occure and again in the afternoon. I ran for at least an hour a day and, if I didn't burn a certain amount of calories, I kept working out until I did. My daily intake was one orange. If I ate *anything* else that I thought to be inappropriate (besides a few lettuce leaves or any amount more than 1/2 cup), my finger was down my throat.

I was in university at the time as a psychology major. I was angry with myself for not recognizing the symptoms. I just remember learning about it and reading about it and thinking "that's not me. That applies to other people, but it's not ME". How wrong I was.

I did receive some therapy and the problem is based in a general anxiety disorder which now presents itself as panic attacks - which, believe me, is better than the ED. Still scary, but also in tx for that now too... whew....

It bothers me that I still struggle with this. I'm 36 years old and every once in a while have the urge to purge. Especially when I find my eating getting out of control due to anxiety or lack of feeling of control in other areas of my life.

What bothers me the most though is that I still have a sense of "self-perception deception". I look at myself naked in the mirror now and I see the same body that looked at me when I was 114 - actually it's vice-versa, I mean to say that my image of my body hasn't changed. My image of myself (who I am deep down) has changed deeply. I do love myself. Enough to not allow that ED to come back. I was on SB before and found myself getting near that head space of total control and I backed out. Dropped everything.

It is my hope that with my renewed sense of self and respect for self that I will be successful with this new attempt. That is also why I am so happy that I found this site, I think writing and sharing and listening to others who struggle with many of the same things I do will reinforce my resolve to be healthy.

Thank you for being here

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Originally Posted by Monkeybabies View Post
I totally agree. Kinda sad that society feels more empathy for those with anorexia, for example, than obesity. Society is quick to say people who are obese...just stop eating.......that is the problem, but are a bit more tolerant of other eating disorders. My opinion of course!!!!

I agree
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