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Default SO frustrated (very OT)

I just recieved a phone call from my bf at work. He decided to look up my paycheck amount for me, which I was pretty excited about. I worked 46 hours at my new job, where I was hired at 10.43! Which is quite the increase from 9.50/hr I was making managing a clothing store. Now, I am really enjoying this new job, there is SO SO much to learn but I've put in quite a bit of extra effort and now know 90% of everything I need to know. I'm working as a photo specialist, aka, working for a photo lab. So anyways, it turns out they lied. I was not being paid 10.43/hr. Infact, I was paid min wage, 8 dollars/hr for 21 of those hours, and then 20 hours at 9 dollars and hour, and only recieved 5 hours at the wage I was hired at. I was never told this would happen, infact, when I was first interviewing there was talk of 13-14/hr because of all my experience. I know I can go talk to them, they aren't going to change it.. my frustration is that I wasn't TOLD any of this. It feels like I was lied to, great way to start a new job.

And to top that off? The photo & electronics manager took me aside yesterday to tell me they don't have enough hours for me in photos and that if I want hours I have to work in electronics. And so on the next schedule I am working there 75% of the time. I don't want to do this, mostly because of everything I have to learn ON MY OWN TIME, which was made perfectly clear to me. So my life will be my job again. Also, because they are training me, you better believe they are going to be paying me 9 dollars an hour again.

The best part? I can't tell my bf how I feel.. he wants me to work in electronics. I guess he doesn't want me to break another digital camera, which I did when I was trying to turn it on. And if I screw up anything? Apparently because he was a part of me being hired, it won't be good. No pressure or anything. I hate the world today. And I can't stop crying because I'm SO stressed out right now.


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grr I guess i can understand them only paying you $9/hour for training, but where did the $8/hour come in? And why only 5 hours at your actual rate? Will they pay you for all hours at your agreed-upon rate from now on (with the possible exception of training)?

Businesses will do anything to make a buck, man, I tell ya. Personally, after all the horror stories I've heard you tell, I think you need to kick retail to the curb and find a more satisfying office job. You're so much better than most retail places will ever treat you, and most retail places don't show much appreciation for those who truly work hard, either. I know when I worked retail and worked hard, all it meant was they knew they could walk all over me. I don't think the added stress of working with your bf is very helpful--I'm sure it's nice to work in the same place, but if he's going to catch flack if you do anything, that's some added unneeded pressure to deal with.

Here's hoping things work out for the better, and another for the road
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I can't believe they lied to you. Do you have a contract you can pursue?
I know your boyfriend wants you to work in electronics, but at the end of the day... how comfortable do you feel about it?

hang in there.. lots of

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>>>HUG<<<< That sucks.

My biggest advice is remember that you are an awesome employee. The worst thing about most retail clerks is the lack of reliabilty, dependability, and motivation. You have all of these! Don't devalue your skills just because they have by not paying you as much. It sounds like right now you need the job more than you need the fight so I can understand you don't want to fight it. But gather your arguements for 30 or 60 days. Go back and say, "Look at all the curve balls you've thrown me and look how I've handled them."

I believe in you, sista!
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I had a similar thing happen to me. I was working in Obstetrical Nursing and making $15.00 an hour. I liked the work and was happy with it. The Director of Nursing asked me if I'd like to apply for a job as Nursing Supervisor, which meant more responsibility with over-seeing the running of the entire hospital on night shift. I was to get a $3.00 an hr. raise. When I got my first new check , I saw that I had only gotten a $2.00 an hr. raise. I was very disappointed that I'd given up the position that I liked and added all the extra stress and didn't get the pay I was told. I went and talked with the Director and she said "well, I tried to get that much for you, but the Chief Executive Officer wouldn't let me". I bid my time for a couple months and watched the want ad's. Went to work at a different hospital in OB for $25.50 an hr. Loved the job and felt much more appreciated. My advice would be to just bide your time til you find somewhere that will appreciate you too. BTW, I did have a written contract with the supervisor job and they wouldn't honor it.


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Look into the law... they can't just change around your hours and pay whenever they feel like it. That HAS to be illegal. If it's not, it's horrible. I can't believe retail pays so horribly.. I worked it for five years and it was a thankless job and I was always poor. Ugh. I'm SO sorry, I totally feel your frustration. What does bf say about all this?
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I think this kind of thing happens more than we'd like to think it does. DH just took on a new position where they promised (nothing in writing) it would be the same pay or more. At this point it is much less.

I agree that you should just hand in there and look for something better! You never know what you could fall into!

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I feel ya, Canadian Aimee. I am in the same boat, on disability so my check this week was $80. I was expecting at least $500. So much for that.

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oh wow... i would at least go to a manager, or someone, and question the pay rate. it could've just been some weird misunderstanding, or a typo when they did it? i mean, i know you don't want to cause any trouble... but you have every right to know why your pay wasn't what you'd expected, and that doesn't necessarily require a heated approach.

*cough* easy for me to say...
i tend to be pretty hot-headed about stuff like that.
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