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Default I'm new...have about near 100lbs to lose...

You can check my stats in my signature. I was looking for a buddy or just this side of the forum. I just started today. I know I have to exercise but I can't. There's a hurricane on me. I have a treadmill...but don't wanna get all sweaty and ruin my hair. Maybe its worth it???? I'm thinking of buying the windsor (sp) pilates and waiting 'till then. Good idea? Have any of you tried it?

Well here's how my day went with the hurricane and all (we have a lot of food just in case)


1 cup of whole milk
1 cup of Frosted Flakes
1 Dannon carb control/light-n-fit smoothie


1 large orange
diet green tea and water

Right now feeling better or naussea I don't know...I was and kind of hungry...what should I do...eat lunch at 11? I ate breakfast at 7:30ish....
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Eating for two!
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It's actually a good idea to eat multiple times a day--about every 2-3 hours. Many women here have lost weight by eating 6 or more "mini meals" throughout the day, so if you're hungry, eat! Just make smart choices about WHAT you eat. Try for foods with less sugar (as in, not Frosted Flakes ) and more nutrition--fruit and veggies are always a good choice, as well as whole-grain products (whole-grain pasta, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, etc.) and low-fat dairy products (low-fat string cheese, skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese, etc.).

The thing is, don't starve yourself. That will likely only work against you in the end. So eat if you're hungry--just reach for something that will sustain you rather than just fill you up for a short amount of time (as most processed foods do).

Be safe in the hurricane!!
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I would agree with eating a small meal every 2-3 hours. It'll help you with your hunger.

As for food, I'd also suggest making choices that have low calories but high nutrition, they will keep you fuller longer. Maybe move from frosted flakes to corn flakes and then eventually to some high fiber, low fat, low sugar cereal. Also, I'd recommend moving to a lower fat milk as well or maybe even soy milk if you like it. You don't have to make a lot of changes quickly but if you slowly improve your diet and exercise, then you will see changes at least initially.
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I'd agree with Jill and Nelie. Making smarter food choices and having many of the smaller snacks throughout the day is definitely the way to go. It helps with your metabolism--to keep it moving. As far as exercise, while it is possible to lose weight without it, you'll find that incorporating exercise, really helps the weight come off at a steadier and even higher rate, meanwhile, you're doing wonders for your health. If youre concerned about messing up your hair, try to work out before a shower in the morning or after you're in for the night a few hours before bed.

Wishing you success!
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Here's another voice chiming in for small, nutritious meals. Don't forget the protein! And, yes, exercise is important. Make some time for it when it feels right to you. Good luck! Stay around and get some good inspiration here, and let us know how you're doing.

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Welcome! I am new here too. It is nice that you have come to 3fc for support. I am new at changing my eating lifestyle too. My biggest problem is portion control. I have become more label conscience and really am looking at calories aswell. I agree with the pps. It is tough but you can do it. I understand where you are coming from about exercise. I hate it! But every little bit helps. I find walking the best, and you won't mess your hair too much! Although I need to take my own advice and get my butt walking more often. HTH!
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I'm definitely echoing what people have already said about eating nutritious foods and eating often. I personally have trouble eating 5-6 small meals a day, but I do eat 3 meals and 1 snack usually with a small bite before or right after the gym to tide me over until dinnertime.

It's so helpful to keep in mind that you don't have to go hungry and there is a way to lose weight, feel great, and not be hungry.

I also recommend exercise - it does so many great things for our body that extend beyond weight loss itself.

These forums are a wonderful place of support Hope to see you around!

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