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Default Is my fat worth $100.00 per pound?

My mother in law has just challenged me to the full time job of weight loss.
Out of love and fear for my health, she has offered me $100.00 a pound.

She is psychic and recently had a bad feeling about my health/heart.

What do you all think of this, and if you were in the same position, would it be enough motivation to get you through the entire journey?....will it be enough for me??

Food for thought,

TRYING to leave the batteries out of my scale!!
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Hi Linda,

Wow....Well, I'm not sure if it would be enough motivation if you aren't in the right frame of mind.....It's hard to say. When I first started losing weight, I asked my husband if he would agree to reward me at certain milestones. The first 50 lbs was a digital camera, the second 50 lbs (100 lbs total) was a new laptop (which he still hasn't bought me, but that's another story), the remaining 60 lbs was a trip to Paris. I'm planning to lose the next 60 lbs but I'm not holding my breath for him to give me a trip to Paris. Initially it was all a little motivation for me, but not as much as the "if I don't do this for myself, I'll not live to see my kids grow up" feeling I had inside myself.

I can unequivocably say that there have been many periods of time in my lifewhen that would not have been enough. For years, I didn't want to think about my weight much less do anything about it. So during those years, it wouldn't have mattered if you had offered me the moon. I couldn't/wouldn't have done it.

Do you think it will be enough for you?

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Holy Bad words Linda! $100.00 per lb?!?! For me that would end up being $20,00.00. I get could get so much reconstructive surgery with that!!!

Um, yes, it would motivate the heck out of me!!

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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It sounds like a neat opportunity on the one hand, but has the potential to create odd family dynamics. But, that might just be my opinion.

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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It would totally demotivate me, if I don't work on self improvement for me than who am I working on it for? Just part of my rebellious nature I guess. I mean weightloss comes with benefits ie. your healthier therefore you live longer. But if I don't choose myself to be healthy it isn't going to happen.
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That would solve so many money problems for me so yes it would motivate me...maybe A little too much...lol
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Wow, that is a very generous offer. But I think for me, it would create problems. When things didn't go as planned, it's always bad enough when I'm disappointing myself, but to have another person to be accountable to for reward reasons would really do a number on me. The fear of not losing would manifest itself and then turn into a consuming guilt that I was disappointing someone. I need to be accountable to me, for me, and for my own reasons. Not with anyone else involved. Plus, weight loss isn't linear. What happens when you gain a pound or two back, do you have to give the money back and get it back after you've lost it again? What if you spent it, would she take offense that you're not holding your end of the bargain? Or is it just a lump sum payment when you're at your goal weight? My brain already hurts and I'm not even in that situation! I couldn't possibly handle the pressure.

So, the answer to your question would be a resounding no, IMO.
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When I first read your post, I thought, "I wish someone would do that for me!"- but then I remembered that there have been several times throughout my life when someone HAS. When I was a chubby child, my Grandmother told me that if I lost my double chin she would reward me greatly. Didn't do the trick. When I was an overweight (but not extremely) teenager, my mom offered me ten dollars a pound and I did not lose a single pound at that time. I think when you have someone else trying to motivate you in such a way, it almost backfires. Yes, it would be a lot of money. But, I don't think any of us are here for material reasons. Maybe instead, you can say to her that AFTER you lose the weight she is more than welcome to send you and your hubby on a trip to Hawaii. Or something to that extent (personally, I would ask for the plastic surgery). But, it has to be YOUR decision, and it will take a long time. Besides, if it were really motivating to you- you wouldn't have asked for our opinion.

Good luck in whatever you decide!


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That would have been so cool if someone offered that to me. I would have looked at it as an extra incentive. And I wouldn't have to acquire more credit card debt buying a new wardrobe either. I'd already be $13,330 richer!!!! No fair!! I'd be happy if someone would have paid me $10 a pound!!!

I'd really take her up on her offer - but don't use it as your sole motivation - unless she's willing to pay you through maintenance as well.

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Wow. If someone offered me $100 per pound of weight loss I wouldn't need to work so much and could afford to focus ONLY on health/me and I could afford to by the right foods, the gym membership, the personal training sessions, the massages and so on that would make my journey so much easier! What a blessing! How lucky you are to have a wealthy relative. Make the most of the situation and look at it as a 'life scholarship' that you've been awarded with!
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The $$$ would be nice but personally I would not do it... too much "control" being exerted by her and IMO it has the potential to create massive family problems.

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I don't think the reward on itself would be a big enough motivation if you don't really want to do this. My gramma offered me $10 a pound a couple of years ago (less money, but I was also 17 ) and that wasn't enough for me to start eating less and exercising more.

Now, on the other hand, I really want to do this, just for me, and the extra $$ I get from my gramma come in really handy, even though I know I'd be just as motivated if she didn't give them to me.
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While I think it is a nice offer and I am sure her heart is in the right place - I would echo what some others have said. Motivation has to come from the inside. I just don't think that would have motivated me.
Charles - Houston, TX

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It is a nice gesture but I agree with the others, If you aren't mentally ready to start the journey it might not matter. I know for myself, I could have been bribed with anything but the truth is, I would have made excuses until I was ready. Its a tricky decision.. Let us know what you decide.

Its very sweet of your mom.
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It's hard to answer this question without knowing the nature of your relationship with your mother-in-law as well as your husband's relationship w/her, etc. It feels slightly coercive to me, esp. if you really "need" the money vs. it just being a nice extra. The word "bribe" also comes to mind. Not trying to be harsh, and since I don't know your MIL, I could be way off base. I agree with others who say the motivation has to come from within. Easy to say it but oh so hard to live it.

Good luck making your decision.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

"If it's a good day, enjoy it. If it's a bad day, learn from it."
A good friend
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