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Default Finally weigh less than my husband!!!

This was one of my goals from the start, to weigh less than my husband. And finally it's here!! He's 6'3'' and 180 lbs, perfectly good weight for him, I still have a bit to go. This was a biger achievement for me then getting into onederland!

Especially considering it was a moving target, since my diet was affecting his a bit and he's lost 15 pounds (was around 195). How bothersome.

Anyone else have the goal of weighing less than hubby!
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Absofreakinglutaly. Yes, i can totally understand where you are coming from. My husband is 210. I cant wait to fit into his jeans and weigh less than him. I have done it before and, this is sad, but i actually felt more feminine. It was nice to know he was bigger than me for a change. Good for you. what a good feeling. keep up the good work. You are an inspriation to me.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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Totally! My husband is a moving target too, and of course he will lose weight faster than me. He weighs around 225 currently and if keeps it up he will probably weigh around 190 in about two to three months. I can't wait to weigh less than him, and then I want to lose enough so that he would actually be able to pick me up! Crazy thought! LOL
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I'm with ya. Just knowing that I'm bigger then him really bothers me.
To make it worse he is trying to drop a few pounds to help support me in my effort. In 2 weeks he lost 13 pounds and I don't know how. He works 15 hours a day, gee, that could have something to do with it.
Anyways, Thursday he went to a pizza buffet and ate 7 pieces of bacon-cheeseburger pizza. I feel like I don't eat anything and lose 5. All the sudden I want to go shred all his pants and burn them.

One for every 5 # lost

Five tips for a woman....

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2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.

5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.
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I hear you too! Not there yet, but can't wait to reach that victory! Good for you.
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YES! Congrats on reaching that goal. That's one of my goals too. I started at 346 with a goal of 180. Husband started at 225, with no goal, he just had to eat what I cooked. I'm down to 236, but now he's down to 185. It looks like I'll end up having to adjust my goal. I've never weighed less than he, when we married I was about 10 lbs heavier than he and I have gone up,up,up. Stacy, I think I would feel more feminine too, if I were smaller.

160 lbs lost!

My progress pictures
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My hubby is a lightweight, so I don't think I'll ever be lighter than him, but my waist measurement is now smaller than his, yay for beer bellies!!! (he has skinny arms and legs and no butt!!!)
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My SO can weighs 135 on a heavy day, does not have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body, and can eat whatever he wants. When we first started dating I weighed less than him but over the years my weight crept up while his stayed the same so that I ended up weighing at least 15 pounds more than him. It really bothered me--I would look at pictures of us together and I swear it looked like I was twice as wide as him. I am thrilled to now weigh 15 pounds less than him. The day I dropped below 135 was definitely a big day for me.

- Barbara
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Originally Posted by Analystbyday View Post
Anyone else have the goal of weighing less than hubby!
Well, I would like to weigh less than my ex-BF. Does that count?
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Congratulations! I don't think I can ever weigh less than my soon-to-be hubby, he is ultra skinny and at 5'11 weighs 140 or so.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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It's my goal to weigh around the same or 5 pounds less than my husband. He's 6'1" and fluctuates between 165 and 175 depending on whether he's training for a race or something. When he works out, he gains weight and when he doesn't, he loses. He has a tendency to be thin but muscular -- he's one of those annoying people who keep six-pack abs whether they work out or not. I want to get down to about 165, so we'll be around the same weight. This is a BIG goal for me...but even more, I want to be able to run with him!

Congratulations, by the way!

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -- St. Francis of Assisi
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Congratulations. Yes, being smaller than my DH was an absolutely huge goal for me. He is 6'0 and 185 lbs. that fluctuates down to 172 at times. I am 5'7 and started at 234 lbs. I was pretty huge compared to him. He is totally firm. He works a lot of hours, but doesn't ever do physical workouts. Now, when he watches me on the treadmill, he says "hon, I know I couldn't go that fast or that long". He can eat anything and everything and never get fat. I was just ecstatic the day that I got below his weight. We weighed together in the bathroom. Now, I'm 40 lbs. or so lighter than him. He wears a large in Men's shirts and they are way too big for me now. I used to wear a 2X and couldn't even fit into his shirts. Plus , he couldn't get one of his thighs in my shorts or jeans now. It also makes me feel more feminine. It's one of those things that bothered me greatly. Heck, I was as big as a pro-wrestler or pro-football player but not anymore.


^^ My new before and current photos! ^^

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How wonderful for you, Analyst!! 85 pounds, that's amazing!! My hubby weighs less than 150 so I'll never get down that low. I'm not even going to pretend. LOL!!!
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Hubby and I started going to the gym together and losing weight in 2002. I kept going longer than hubby and ended up weighing less than him for quite awhile.

Now we've both started losing again and there's less than a 5 lb. difference but I weigh more than him again . We don't tell each other what we weigh but we have our own elliptical trainer and the weight of the last user comes up when you turn it on .

But I WILL get lower than him again...it's just a matter of time......

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

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A good friend
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