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Question weighing yourself - how often?

I was watching Oprah recently and her trainer suggested not weighing yourself for 2 months when you first start out, because it takes your body a while to get used to all the changes (fluid I think) your body's experiencing.

I thought this might be a good idea that way I would commit more to exercising than the numbers on the scale, but I don't want to lose too much or gain weight either - after all, 2 months is a long time! So if I'm just starting out, the scale might be a good way of helping me along to gauge if I'm eating and exercising enough rather than too little or too much. but I have trouble enough as it is not weighing myself more than once a week (hehe) so 2 months would be a huge thing!

how often do you generally weigh yourselves? is once per week a good idea?

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I started out only weighing once a month. Then I moved to once a week and tracked the numbers. Pretty much now I weigh daily because I can face the variences. Part of the reason people say to weigh less often is because you are most likely to see a change at each weighin that way. I know that sometimes when I see a huge jump it can be discouraging but now I know that I can gain up to 12lbs at TOM and that salty foods or bowel habits can make my weight jump also.

How often someone weighs depends on how they are able to cope with the numbers.

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How often to weigh yourself is a never-ending debate. Personally I think it depends on the person; I would go nuts not weighing myself for a month or two when I am trying to lose weight. OTOH I have a niece who has been working at it for several months, keeps having to buy smaller pants, and has never weighed herself. That would drive me up a wall LOL. I weigh every day... I want to KNOW! Others are different; so I guess it is whateve works for you persoally.

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I confess to being an everyday, multiple time a day weigher! IN fact, pretty much every time im near the scale i hop on! I know how much my shoes weight, my jeans.. and all sorts of stuff.. of course, i dont freak out much with the ebs and tides.. cause i know that especially being bigger, my weight can flucate a LOT in a short amount of time..
The only time i ever went months without weighing was when i was at my heaviest and i truly truly did NOT want to know..

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Well I try to weigh myself everyday. I use to weigh myself once a week but sometimes, it I saw now change... or even a slight gain.. I would get depressed that I a weeks worth of working out for nothing.
If I weigh myself every day I can see the slight changes, if I'm gaining, I can try something different.
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I would at least initially weigh (maybe even for 2-3 days) to have an initial weight to compare if you go that way. I personally have no problem with weighing daily (someitmes twice) and can pinpoint many of my flunctuations. I take my lowest for the week and move on.

BTW: There are numerous of "reputable" studies for both sides of the arguement. Some of them are posted in 3FC. I would go by how YOU feel about the scale (after you take an initial measurement).
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I step on the scale once a week, that's my "official" weigh-in...but I do check once in-between weigh-ins, it helps me keep on track, but my weekly ones are the ones I go by...it's far enough apart to see changes, yet not too far to end of snowballing if there was to be a gain or something.
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My official weigh-in is Tuesday mornings, but I weigh myself every morning. I did have to cut myself off from the scale in the very beginning because I was getting on it nearly every time I wandered near the bathroom and driving myself a little insane. But after my forced break I got the compulsion under control, and now I roll with the fluctuations.

Now I just have to figure out how to cut down on the measurement compulsion.
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im also a multiple-times-a-day-weigher! at min. i jump on 6 times a day - it helps keep me reminded of my goals.
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Default weigh in

I sometimes go weeks without weighing myself and other times I weigh myself everymorning before I eat, after I pee, and without any clothes on. Sometimes I check myself at night before to see what the diff in morning is. I haven't been weighing in lately because I haven't been doing anything to make it go down. But I need to start being healthy again. I think I will try to weigh myself most mornings for about a week to get a baseline and then do a once a week thing. It's hard for me to remember though to do it when I'm sleepy first thing on a certain day. So maybe it's better for me to try to do it everymorning and not worry about the days I forget to/don't have time to think about it.
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Well I just started, but I've been weighing myself a lot. It doesn't bother me if I'm up a bit one day or down a bit the next, but I like to keep track of what's going on. I also like to weigh myself at night, it's amazing how much more I weigh!! It makes me look forward to the morning weigh in all that much more!
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I weigh every morning, and sometimes in the evenings. When I first started dieting, I didn't weigh for the first month and a half because I didn't have scales that would weigh high enough.

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I weigh everyday. But I don't count anything offical except for on Sunday!

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I weigh once or twice a week.
My goal pictures thread
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I call it finding out your scale personality. I don't like weighing in. So I do it very rarely. About once a month, but sometimes less often! I don't keep scales in the house! I hate them...... But a lot of people have great success weighing every day, or once a week, or whatever, and I started out being a once a week weigher. It's just a matter of finding out what works for you.
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