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Default eating before working out

Hi I was just wondering how many of you have a bite to eat before the workout? I have tried to go without eating before I go the gym and I am so low on energy it kills me. I just wish sometimes I could get up and go without a protein snack. I eat cottage cheese. Seems to sstick the longest with me..
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I have to have a snack or a bite to eat before I workout or else bad things happen. (Get nauseous, dizzy, want to pass out) Generally, I'd eat something 1/2 hour or an hour before exercising. I'd go with a mix of carb/protein. Maybe cottage cheese with a couple berries on top?

Cottage cheese is awesome, this is a fun page to check out if you like cottage cheese
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Tiffany -

I don't eat before I work out. It mainly has to do with the timing of trying to get enough sleep, working out before going to work and getting to work (relatively) on time. I eat breakfast at work.

Nelie - I have had that experience two or three times of getting nauseated and having to cut my workout short. It's an AWFUL, yucky feeling. I didn't think it was related to whether I had eaten first or not but it makes sense. I just thought maybe I had gotten overheated. Something to keep in mind...

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I don't eat before working out, but then I get up and throw on some clothes and do it around 5:00 am. If I waited later in the morning, I might want to eat. That early, all I want is a glass of water and I'm good to go. I usually wait and eat breakfast later, anytime between 7:30 and 9:00, depending on whether I have time to eat at home or if I have to pack it and eat at my desk at work.

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If I'm lifiting, I tend to eat a protein snack, if I'm running or doing cardio, then it's carbs all the way. I like bananas, muesli bars or a sandwich before cardio. I eat about 30 mins to an hour before working out.
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I always eat before I workout. I eat either ff cottage cheese with fruit (blueberries usually--yum!) or two hard-boiled egg whites stuffed with hummus and a green olive.

When I first started exercising, I didn't eat, but I found that I have more stamina so I can lift better and run longer if I have something. The post-workout meal, however, is the most important, according to an article my trainer gave me. You should make sure to eat no less than an hour after you workout.

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I might try it again, but I have found I actually have more trouble if I eat before working out (getting bad side pains and cramps). I wait and eat something right afterwards instead.

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I eat before working out but not a huge meal. Today for example I ate oatmeal with blueberries. I also have coffee if it is in the morning although they say it is a diuretic. If it is after work I have had an apple or a piece of fruit about 90 minutes before or a power bar. I hate getting washed out before I workout. The small simple snacks help me get my energy going.

By the way....if you read BFL Body for Life cottage cheese is an awesome food to eat because of the protien and another ingredient. They say it is also good to eat before bedtime. (I think I got that from the Ladies who Lift Forum in the articles section.)
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I tend to eat about 150 calories before working out. I usually eat another 150-200 within the hour after working out. That formula has worked best for me.
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I don't eat before I work out, because I find I more tired when I do. I also tend to get a stitch in my side when I do. It is something I have always gotten, even when I was in phenomenal shape and doing competative swimming in my mispent youth.
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If you eat before you work out, it should be at least 30 minutes before and not a heavy meal.
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