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Lightbulb A Plan to Lose!

Hello everyone and anyone!
I thought that since I have recently redetermined myself to lose the extra fat I lugg around everyday, I should post on my plan to do it. I hope to come back to this as motivation and hope anyone else that wants to, comes to talk about their plan! It'd be good to share tips, successes and getting past setbacks!
So I decided to get on my Treadmill since it's usually too hot and muggy outside to walk. I am using a walking plan I found on the prevention website. It's a 12 week walking plan for the treadmill.. The first four weeks you do 2-30min cardio walks(these times include 5mins warmup and 5min cool down), 1-33min speed intervals (1min fast/5min recovery), 1-35min incline intervals (5min up, 5min down) and one 28 min Power Mix with a Speed Pyramid, Incline Period and recovery. The as you get to the 2cd and 3rd 4 week periods you increase time and cardio walks. I think it is a very good plan! I'm excited to see how my health improves and my stamina improves on the TM after I'm done with each 4 week period. So I started on Sunday I did the Cardio Walk at 3.3mph (a good brisk pace for me), Monday I did the speed interval 1min at 4.0mph and 5min at 3.0mph, I didn't do the next cardio walk yesterday but I'm going to do it when I get home after work at 7pm. Your suppose do it in this order CW, SI, CW, II, rest, PM, rest then repeat. But I'm going to try and at least get each exercise in a 10day period then repeat, If I do it in 7 days then great all the faster till I move to the next 4 weeks level. I made a whole chart of the workout and am going to X each workout off. I'm going to add a 0.1 mph to each week except the weeks I incease time at the 5th week and 9th week, so by the end of the 12 weeks I'll be walking speedily along at 4.3mph for a full 40mins By then I hope the fat will be just melting off me! Wow! looking at that it would've been easier to just make a little chart instead of explaining it all! But I need to make more concrete by "saying" it out loud.

So the next problem is my diet. I hope to start evaluating my food choices and eat more fruits and vegetables each day. I am a fast food junkie and need to learn to prepare and plan for home meals. I thought about doing that Nutrisystem where they send you every meal and snack for a whole month, but I would probably eat out and have all these packed foods taking up space. I really like alot of the Smart Ones frozen dinners. Though I usually need more to eat that just that. I really don't have a plan on the food end laid out like I do the exercising, but I hope to start changing it over the next few days so I can see some changes on the scale next week.

So what's your plan?
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Had to read that through a few times (I'm slow!! :lol) but I think I get it now. Sounds like a great plan. One question- does it mean two 30 minute workouts per day? Like, one in hte morning and one at night? Guess I'm still a little confused.

For me, something that helps a lot is making sure I get enough protein. I'm not a big fan of meat (well actually I love it, I just hate eating it) so I go with eggs, protein shakes, beans, and sometimes some meat. Smart Ones are pretty good if you think you will be satisfied enough by them... they're not a lot of food at all, and until you get used to it, it might be a little bit unfulfilling. Good luck!
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Sounds like you've got a good plan going. I did my first 3 months on my own, limiting my calories to 1200 to 1600 a day, usually closer to 1200 and 1300, but two weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers which at my weight has a higher caloric intake each day and I had only lost 5 pounds in the entire last month I was on my own and in the two weeks since I joined Weight Watchers I have lost 4.6 pounds and haven't felt deprived at all. I have also switched to whole grains, more fruits and veggies, and low fat or fat free versions of high fat items.

I have also been trying to increase my exercise, it's the hardest part for me as I really don't enjoy it. I've been doing the biggest Loser workout video, which I like ok, and using the treadmill, but in the last couple of weeks I haven't done too well, just too many kids in my house all day everyday to get anything done, lol. I have increased the walking I do with the kids though, going to the beach, the zoo, etc. to try to keep some of my exercise on course.

Good luck with your lifestyle changes, I'm sure you will do great!!
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Default Still here!

I haven't had a second to think about posting and bloggin on anything. I got really busy the last part of July with summer school. And now I'm getting ready to move in 2 weeks! Sooo suprise suprise my BIG PLAN suffered. But I am starting my 3rd week tomorrow, but I should be starting my 4th. Oh well. I still plugging away. After I get moved and settled I should be able to refocus and make a better routine.

djs06 thanks for the interest in it: Well the plan says to do
Weeks 1-4 Weeks 5-8 Weeks 9-12
MON CW 30min CW 40min CW 50min
TUE SI 33min CW 36min CW 39min
WED CW 30min CW 40min CW 50min
THU II 35min II 35min II 35min
FRI REST CW 40min CW 50min
SAT PM 28.5min PM 38min PM 47min
**all these include a 5mins warmup and 5min cool down.
CW: Cardio Walk 3.0-4.0mph; SI: Speed Interval: 5min Easy, 1min Fast(add 1min FAST at end of 1st 4wks to 3min for last 4wks); II: Incline interval (5min up incline/5min at 0%/1% incline); and last PM: a Power Mix that has a Speed Interval, Incline Interval and Recovery periods.

It's sort of complex, but I like how it varys and increases every 4weeks. So you only do 1 CW a day. 2 sessions per week for weeks 1-4; 3 sessions in week 5, and 4 sessions in week 9. I don't follow the Mon-Sun thing I've been doing them when I have time and ain't being lazy. So it took me 3 weeks to get weeks one and 2 done. That's 10 workouts in 21 days. Way better than what I was doin' before about 1 in 30 days. So I hope to keep up at it.

MeldoyL sounds like WW is helping. I'm still not eating very healthy...one step at a time... I need guidance on food like WW does, I would like to do that but now that I'm moving I don't know. I think it would be helpful to basically pay someone to weigh me! Not just that though, listening to the leader would help motivate and maybe find some buddies there too. I went to one with my Mom, but never went back. Maybe when I get down to where I move and get settled I should look into it. Maybe paying some to weigh me will help, since just weighing myself seems not to!
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Good morning ladies. I too need a plan to lose. I have been doing the Dr.Phil Ultimate Weight Solution program for over 3 years, had lost 43 lbs, but find I've regained 13 of those pounds over the past year.

So now I need to get serious about my weightloss efforts as I still have over 100 lbs to lose to my goal weight.

1. I need to start following a better meal plan, which means keep to my written plan and stop the after supper eating.
2. I need to start working out more, and one way of getting my exercise in is to make a habit of not turning the computer on in the morning until I've been on my treadmill or recumbent bike.

Just those two things alone will give me the start to a better lifestyle.


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The plan sounds good and it seems like you are ready to make good food choices.

You the thing is it is a new life style not just a diet and it may take you little time or a lot of time to truly get your body into the swing of things as far as exercise plans and eating choices. Just remember to not burn out too early and change things up if your results are not happening. Most of all do not beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon so to speak. Get up dust off and move on.

Right now I am trying to get myself on a lifting and cardio program with Body for Life and I try to make whole food choices with lite choices included in that. I am also using the WW point system to keep myself in check.

I get 30 points for the day so I have a fair amount of food.

Just do it (thanks Nike) and just monitor yourself on what works for you.
SW 303/ CW 297/ GW 145
Starting Feb. 20, 2017, Following Keto
10% Goal 270 or 122kgs.

FIRST GOAL: Hoping for 33 pounds (14.9 kgs) gone by June 1, 2017. as of Feb 25 only 27 more to go!
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