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Default Pre-Diebetic

Over the past two months, I found out that I am pre-diabetic (two fasting blood tests). My fasting blood sugar is 115. I'm hoping if the weight comes off that will go away and I'll be back to normal. In the meantime, my doctor is putting me on Glucophage. I don't want to be on medicine!! I already hate being on birth control. I hate putting substances into my body (okay, except for sometimes I go out with my friends and get a buzz going). The only extra I like to take is a multi-vitamin...

The only plus about this is that she said Glucophage makes you lose weight. Yay, right? Only I totally feel like I'm cheating then. I don't want to take a magic pill to make me lose weight. (I guess it's a little bit exciting when I think of it that way.) I'm not going to cheat. I'm going to work out more and eat better too. I HAVE to do this life change for myself... I want a healthy life!

Does anyone else take Glucophage? Or have problems with their sugar? I'm not diebetic yet but I'm freaking out here. Thanks for listening!

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Hi Sarah,
I'm a diabetic and an RN. I have also been on Glucophage and let me tell you it is no magic pill! Most people have trouble losing weight when taking oral agents. Since you are right on the edge, why don't you plead you case to try diet first? Weight loss will definitely help, but with a change in diet, you will see results...I'm betting quickly. When I was diagnosed, my BS's were outta control and they still let me try diet. Because my willpower sucked, I ended up on pills anyway. Cut out all simple sugars, anything white...flour, bread, potatoes, rice. Increase fiber and get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. YOU can turn this around. PM me if you have any questions and I will try to help. Don't freak out, but do take care of yourself!
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If I were you, I wouldn't take an oral hypoglycemic. You are completely able to get your blood sugar and insulin levels under control with diet and exercise. And YES! if you lose weight, you can "cure" the condition (assuming you wouldn't be type 1 diabetic).
Check out this website for information on good foods to eat to control your blood sugar levels... www.glycemicindex.com
A friend of my was hyperglycemic and she basically followed the information at this site, got her blood sugar under control AND lost a significant amount of weight in a relatively short time (6 months).
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I agree that you can get your bs's under control with diet and exercise and that since your bs's are only borderline right now and you do not want to take the glucophage that you should tell your Dr you'd really like to try that first. I too am an RN and haven't noticed people lose a lot of weight by taking glucophage. Good luck and just know that a lot of people have gotten their bs's under control by changing their diets!!
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Aww Sarah, don't freak out. Of course you don't want to take a pill everyday. But diabetes is VERY serious. I certainly think you can get this under control without drugs but if you don't it can be detrimental to your health.

Here's what you need to consider:

1. Am I willing to work with my doctor/or nutritionist to make a food program that will lower my sugar?
2. Am I willing to exercise everyday instead of taking a pill everyday in order to keep my sugar levels stable?
3. Am I willing to go to my doctor for constant monitoring until my sugar levels return to a normal range?

You have to be honest with yourself. If you're not willing to do these things then you risk your health by not taking the medication.
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Before I started the program I'm on now, I'm fairly sure I was at least pre-diabetic, but I was too scared to go to the doctor. Yes, bad move on my part really. Diabetes runs quite rampant in my family, and I certainly was right on track to join them. Anyway, I decided that I had to do something to improve my health because I knew something, aside from being fat, was wrong with me. So I took the plunge and started a complete body cleanse and detox system that helps remove toxins from the body and as a side benefit lose pounds and inches quickly and safely. It's been working great for me and many others. I can't even begin to tell you how much better I started to feel almost immediately. I'm not just losing weight ... my overall health has drastically improved. I feel like I got my life back. I no longer feel like a zombie who could sleep her life away.

Anyway, sorry ... I'm just very grateful for the changes in my life and finding something that works so well for me and helping others lose weight and improve their health too. With the right plan of action you can beat this! If there is anything I can help you with let me know. I'd be more than happy to assist.
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