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Project Down-Sizing !!
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Default Gym Newbie - need advice

Tuesday marks the day when I am going to start hitting the gym.... I really need to move this body and get this weight off !!!

Hoping that some of you that are already going to the gym can provide me with some guidance as to what you did when you first started off.

Should I start with both cardio and weights.. or try to get some weight off with just cardio and then throw in weights down the road ?!?!?!?

Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be more then appreciated.

Thanks !!!

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I don't see any reason to wait to start weights. I go to the gym 4 days a week, each day I do 1/2 hour of cardio (switching around on the machines to keep from getting "settled" into a routine), then 2 days I concentrate on upper body weights and 2 days lower body.

My main advice is that you can do just about as much cardio as you want, but make sure that you give each muscle group you lift at least 1 full day of rest before lifting again. I go upper, lower, rest, upper, lower, rest, rest.

Good luck. I love my time at the gym (well, 95% of the time ), I hope you enjoy it as well!

The things I believe:

Cal in < Cal out = weight loss
All foods can fit into a healthy diet, some just need to be in smaller portions.
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I agree with Jen...I would start with the weights right from the get-go! Like she said though...make sure you don't work the same muscle groups two days in a row...always take at least one full day in between.

Cardio is great for weight loss but weight training is just as important in my opinion. It not only helps tone things up but by increasing your lean muscle mass...you increase your strength, stamina, and muscle is great for boosting the metabolism.

I love weight training....I get mine in thru the Firm....and I really look forward to all the weight training segments.....it's so fun to watch your muscles grow..yeeehaw....!!!

Good luck to you ..let us know how it's going.



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If you don't know how already, I'd recommend having someone at the gym show you the ropes -- maybe hire a personal trainer, even for a session or two?

I would also say don't wait to start weights!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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I agree with all of the above!! One thing that helped me start going to the gym again (I started going last Wednesday) is that I truly was going for ME. I didn't (still don't) care about what the people in the gym may think about a big girl huffin' around on the bike and with the weights. That fear had held me back in the past but NO MORE! So good luck and keep us posted on how it's going!!!!!
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Project Down-Sizing !!
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Thanks to you all for the wonderful advice and encouragement !!
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