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My biggest worry

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Default My biggest worry

Hi, I am new to this site and wanted to share my biggest worry about loosing all the weight that I need to lose. I currently need to lose about 120 lbs, and I am worried about the excess skin that no doubt I will have. I know some of you have already lost a lot of weight and was looking for some encouragment, and maybe some suggestions. I pretty much know that I will probably need some kind of plastic surgery, I'm just worried about the cost. Any help you guys can give me will be wonderful!!!!
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Other people, I'm sure, will have other better information and advice, but I just wanted to chime in because I lived through the exact same fear.

I had, in all honestly, about 200 lbs to lose when I started "living the good life", and since I've been fat or obese almost all of my life, I have no reason to suspect that I might be one of the "lucky ones" who have their skin snap into perfect shape. The thought kind of panicked and depressed me a bit, but then I came to the realizations that 1) there is no point stressing over something that hasn't happened yet and that I cannot control and 2) I already have "excess skin"- it just has a lot of fat under it as well.

If it must be, I'd rather have the skin without the fat.

Then, if I feel umcomfortable later, and enough time has gone by that I know my body isn't going to change on its own, I will worry about what to do. From what I have seen, the surgeries seem reasonably priced, and even at my economic level (not the best), I'd be able to save up for them in an okay time-frame.

I know it seems scarry, but I promise that it will be okay. Remember that people have been losing large amounts of weight throughout history, and I'm sure that many of them also had "excess skin". It's only become an issue now that there is a remedy (plastic surgery) and people who benefit by the problem (plastic surgeons).

We'll be okay!

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Here it is - a link to everything you ever wanted to know (or not know)
about skin

Weight Loss And Skin FAQs
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I was told by my Dr that if I made sure to work on tonning the excess skin should be minimal to none at all.

I know that I will need to "fix" my "dropped" stomac (stomac hanging low) but I will wait until I get my baby (been "working" on it for almost 5 years now) then I look into the surgery.
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First...congratulations on making this commitment to yourself!!!

I think you'll get lots of replies on this topic as it comes up often. We all worry about this issue to some extent.

I'll give you some links to great threads in the maintainer's forum...because they really know their stuff and are experiencing varying levels of this issue.

Excess Skin

Weight Loss And Skin FAQs

Now, I'm not sure that I did that right...and there may be more information (Ladies?...andything else?) for you...but this is a good honest look at what our options are. Read everything there and let me know what you think, OK?

My feelings are these: If I get this weight off, and I can do everything I've dreamed of doing in this world. If I am healthy, and strong..then I hope I will be happier than ever!! There are amazing clothes that can camouflage almost anything.
Now that being said...we'd all love to look smoking' hot and wear a bikini when we make it to our goals. I think I'm more afraid of the pain of surgery and the financial cost (I could never afford it)..than I am of the skin itself.
BUT...if it were painless AND free...then sure, I'd do it :Lil:

I look forward to the rest of your replies...and remember, the benefits FAR outweigh that one drawback!

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Wow...see, Jen and Sue and foreverhopeful all posted while I was writing that!

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I know a lot of people worry about excess skin but really, I think I'll look awesome if I lost the excess fat and only had excess skin to worry about. At about 80 lbs lost, I feel it. When I first realized it, I was grossed out by it. I would bend over and instead of being stopped by excess tummy, my skin would kind of fold into my tummy. Now I'm over that feeling of being grossed out. I even kind of play with it sometimes, feeling the emptiness where there was fat. Not to say that there isn't still fat, but there is just less of it.

People who lose the weight really fast tend to have more issues with excess skin. Your body does have some elasticity so some of it will go in but really it is a factor you will have to deal with at some point if you lose nearly 100 lbs or more.
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Obesity is affects both your health and your appearance. Excess skin is just a cosmetic concern. So, to me the worry of dealing with excess skin is a waste of time. Loose skin is much more easy to camoflauge than 120 extra pounds.

I understand your concern. I had it too. But, cross that bridge when you come to it. First of all, it might not be as bad as you think it is going to be. Second, it is important to be realistic about your goals. Even if you reach your goal weight and don't have an ounce of extra skin it isn't likely that you'll look in the mirror and be 100% happy with your body. When we work so hard to lose weight it is very hard not to feel entitled to perfection in the end. I know when I started losing weight I had this image in my head of how I wanted to look and it happened to be my idea of the perfect body. Well, I'm 5 foot 2 it wasn't realistic to expect a 5 foot 10 frame.

Don't worry about excess skin yet. Set realistic goals and BE HEALTHY!

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I so definitely have the same worry - but do still believe the trade off is well worth it. My sister in law lost about 130lbs (not the right way - but that's another story) & has excess skin - but honestly you can NEVER tell unless you see her without clothes. Hope this helps.
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