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Question Changing Clothing Sizes...

Now that it's winter season here in Chicago and It's January I know my clothes will last this season. But next winter I'll need all new. Hopefully then I'll be close to goal weight. But this summer some of my last summer clothes won't fit. I guess I'll buy just some low end staples (tshirts and capris) to last the summer. If it's baggy I'll still wear it for awhile. I really don't want to waste a ton of money on clothes until I reach my goal weightHow have others handled changing clothing sizes over the seasons?
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I remember the first day it got cold this winter when I suddenly realised I didn't have any coats!

I've bought most of my stuff either from really cheap shops or in sales. I pay more for stuff I know I'll get wear out of, like my work suits (I buy one at a time, wear it every day then move on to the next), or for tops that I can get away with for longer, but skirts and trousers really can get baggy very quickly.

Use buying clothes as a reward for yourself. Use it as an excuse to try styles that may go out of fashion, because you won't be wearing them when they're no longer "in" anyway!

And one thing I fail to do. Be sensible. Don't buy a load of skirts for winter because they're cheap, and then end up wearing the same two pairs of jeans every weekend...

It's an investment in yourself. You'll feel better if what you wear keeps up with your size, just try to keep your shopping habit under control!

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I highly recommend second hand stores. Soon enough the new ones will have to go back and you can buy smaller, cheaply!
... Susan
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Consignment stores and thrift shops--they're great for those in-between times! Actually, I prefer shopping at consignment stores now.

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Hey Helen, the same thing happened to me this winter as well........I had to buy a new coat, the old ones were waaaaay too big.
To get through the sizing changes I have mostly shopped at Old Navy, but for reward shopping I will get some things at J. Crew and Banana Republic.......because I deserve it!
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My rule for pants: If I can easily pull them off and on fully buttoned and zipped, they're no longer allowed to go to work.

The consignment shop idea is a good one, especially if you have too-big stuff that you can put on sale there. I tend to pick up staples at Target, they don't last very long, but they don't need to, really.

I do splurge on one pair of well-fitting jeans every size that I drop. It's nice to have something that you feel really good in!

Oh - and congratulations on your new problem.

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My mother was dropping weight like crazy, and I was buying her tons of clothes (I work in a clothing store), and I never paid over 10 bucks for ANYTHING. It was still adding up, so she got a friend who can sew and they traded services. It ended up working really well, and saved me and her some cash Also, check sales now.. this is the time of year where companies are slashing winter clothes (you can find some great pants in these sales!). Congrats and keep up the great work


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I tend to make things last two sizes. I was wearing a UK 26 (US22) when I started, I kinda skipped 24, then bought a few cheap things at 22, by the time I got to 20 I splashed out and bought a core wardrobe. Now I am an 18 I am still wearing those clothes, and they will do me throughout the rest of winter (I do have to pin the skirts with safety pins!!!) Summer clothes tend to be a bit cheaper than winter clothes!

I buy at charity stores a lot. I tend to buy good pieces in stores then supplement them with charity shop clothes to make them go further. You can really get some bargains.

Like YP (Helen) says, it's important to try and dress for your size, there is nothing more demoralising than to have a good body emerging from under your fat but feeling really depressed because the only thing you own are tents!
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I've been shopping in thrift stores as well. It's amazing the brands and quality of clothing you can find there. The only downside I find with shopping there is that you have to invest a lot of time. You have to carefully look at each articles and the styles (eras) of clothing can be quite different. It is fun if you can spend the time.

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I have to agree with thrift stores. We have up here in the boonies north of Chicago that receives stuff from a fairly wealthy crowd. I have gotten some NICE sweaters there for under 6.00 (good thing too because they are already too big). ALso, Old Navy is wonderful while losing weight. If you catch their end of season sales, which are never REALLY at the end of season, you can get stuff for a few bucks. I always buy the same thing in my current and next size so that I'll be set for a while.

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I actually emigrated from England with about 10 pairs of jeans and a fair number of tops that were in various sizes (all too small for me) and so I've been working my way through those. My winter coat is far too big for me now, but there's no way I'm going to invest in another whilst I've still got so much weight to shed. I'm packing it out with a thick jumper and a fleece to make do. I have got my eye on a rather nice one from Lands' End I'd like to treat myself to for next Winter....

The only things I've bought are two really good bras and a couple of long-sleeved tee shirts that were on sale in The Bay for $5 each.

I'll need to go out and get some stuff before my trip to the U.K. in April, and I'll probably hit M & S for new knickers when I get to London.
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One word...GOODWILL

I absolutly HATED the very THOUGHT of going INTO a Goodwill or Consignment shop, or rummage sales for that matter... however, I don't have enough money to afford to buy new clothes all the time. I hit the 50% or better clearance racks at department stores, but I usually end up still finding it too expensive to just wear for a couple months. Goodwill has become my new favorite place to shop! (I know, crazy, right?!) I can usually find things with store tags still on it... You have to be sure to check over items though (stains, too mch wear, rips, shrinkage) but you can find great stuff there. I just went yesterday and found an Old Navy zip up sweater for $5, looked new! Sam found a pair of Ralph Lauren dress pants for $3 and a Tommy Shirt for $6... I mean, how can you beat that!?!?
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I agree - gotta love the "GW Boutique". I buy stuff there that I would never be able to afford buying new - and if you are shrinking out of them like I did - only staying in 12's for a month or so.... -It's not worth buying new.

I have bought a few things new - but usually tend to go to GoodWill - and I don't feel near as guilty spending the money there as a regular store!
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