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Default Off topic...but very scary experience...

Hi guys and gals..
I know this is wayyyy off topic but I just had to share my scary experience.. I was at work lastnight (i'm a nurse on a med/surg unit). I had just finished admitting someone and suddenly felt very nauseated and broke out in the worst cold sweat ever!!!! My first thought was oh..I"m getting the stomach flu back that I had a month ago. Anyways..I just kept feeling sicker and sicker and I was like I have to get out of this ladies room. So...apparently I got out of her room(I remember leaving the room and everything turning to black)...and got across the hall....hit the wall..and then dropped to the ground and completely passed out...flat faced onto the ground. My friends/co-workers saw it I guess and came barreling butt down the hall. They said I looked white as a ghost..my lips were even turning blue. They got me to the ER and they ran tests, ekgs,labs...etc...and they are calling it either a vaso-vagal syncopal episode or are wondering about a possible ruptured ovarian cyst. Anyways...they asked me if I hurt anywhere and I was like "my ear kind of hurts..I think I scraped it"...they looked at it and it was gushing blood and their like "no honey..you split your ear wide open". So....on top of everything else..I needed nine stitches to put my ear back together.

Ugggghhhhh....what a night and day!!! I'm doing ok now...really,really sore everywhere..my ear, my head, my leg, my arm, my neck..and I have a big bruise on my cheek too. I'm just going to lay low and stay home from work tonight and hopefully I'll be ready for the weekend..(I work all weekend). I have to say...that was the scariest, worst feeling i"ve ever had in my life...ugggghhh. It was nice to know that all my friends at work were so concerned about me though!!! I guess if your going to pass out...a hospital is the best place to do it at.

Ok..I better go...must rest head. Thanks for listening.....
Luv ya all...


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WOW..did they find out what caused it? Are you okay now...I would bet if you called in sick it would be alright after it happenning right in front of everyone....take care. I hope you have someone there with you...you'll be in my prayers.
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Oh wow. That does sound scary. I'm glad that you weren't hurt too bad but just reading that made my ear hurt. lol Did they give you a definite on what caused it?? I'll definitely be thinking of you.

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Wow! what a scary experience! I wouldnt rush back to work so fast.
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Wow.....I am sorry that happened. Please take it easy until you feel 100%.
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Oh, Olivia!!
I'm so sorry you had to go through that!!

Please take care of yourself and let us know whatever more you find out, OK?

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Wow.. that's nasty! When you said what you think it is.. I had no idea what that meant - I can tell you are in the medical field! I hope this doesn't happen again. Good thing you were at work, -everyone knew what to do!

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OMG How scary!!!! I hope you are doing OK. Get some rest.

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I'm so glad you're better!!!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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Wow that is scary! I'm glad you're ok now. I was thinking the same thing when I read it as you said--at least you passed out in the best possible place!
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omg that is so scary! i would have completely freaked out! i hope everything is fine with you now.
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Wow! So sorry to hear about that. I hope everything is alright. And get some rest.
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Yikes, Olivia! You take care of yourself and let us know how you're doing.
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Holy cow! How scary! I'm glad your coworkers were right there to help you. Take it easy, and don't overdo it - and keep us posted! Blacking out is not a pleasant sensation in the least.

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Olivia ! Take care of yourself!
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