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kykaree 12-14-2005 12:30 PM

Recommitments - What are your New Years resolutions?
I started making my resolutions for last year in November. At that stage I was thinking about losing weight and decided to make some specific resolutions, and write down strategies for each one. This has worked really well for me, and 57 pounds down with the same amount to lose in 2006, I am getting ready to do this again.

1. Focus on fitness rather than weightloss
2. Take up a new exercise every month - a class, a new machine at the gym or variation on what I do now
3. Keep a food log and count calories more religiously
4. Eat more fruit and vegetables, aim for 7 portions a day (I hit 5 a day regularly now)
5. Plan meals for the week and cook in advance on a regular basis
6. Put aside 10 each week to put towards new exercise gear and footwear as I lose more weight

howie6267 12-14-2005 12:44 PM

After my surgery I plan on using the YMCA at least every other day. I really want to focus on fitness this year. I know I will have no problem finishing my weight goal so this year is all about fitness. This is the first year ever where my goal is not weight loss. It feels strange but good.

YP1 12-14-2005 01:50 PM

The only weight related goal is to finish the year no heavier than I start it. I'd like to make goal, but maintenance is the key.

A couple of more specific ones:

1. Run the 5k and two 10ks I ran this year (or substitutes if I can't make them for some reason) and beat my times from this year.
2. Take up new activities, at the moment I'm looking at kickboxing, but also considering an "activity weekend" away doing abseiling and all sorts of exciting stuff like that.
3. Eat at least one new thing every month. Ideally more, but I want to set the bar low so that I can manage it. Focussing on vegetables and (eek!) fish. I just can't face any sort of fish at the moment and need to get over that mental block.
4. Use my fitness so I appreciate the benefits. E.g. getting out and going for walks in the countryside, and doing stuff I wouldn't have done before.

There were more (I've started writing my list, but it's in another room), but I think those are the main ones.

barbygirl43 12-14-2005 03:10 PM

I haven't actually written them down yet. They are swirling in my head but a couple of them for the year is to
• complete the couch to 5k program
• do at least one cycle of body for life

sabriena 12-14-2005 04:40 PM

I try not make new year resolutions because I tend not to keep them :P

This year though, I'd like to start and end the year with still exercising and eating right ;)

Sandi 12-14-2005 04:47 PM

I think that this year I am going to try and eat much more nutritious. My calories are fine, but they are not currently packed with nutrition. I really need to work on that.

Heather 12-14-2005 06:38 PM

Right now my eating is going okay -- I'm thinking I would like to focus on the exercise.
- We just joined the Y, so the first goal I think will just be to GO 3x week!! I also still have the treadmill at home and plan to supplment.
- And then I'd like to get outside and DOING more: riding my bike to work sometimes, gardening, going on walks in the woods, etc.

And of course, maintain my better eating habits (though for now I think the exercise needs more help than the eating does).

Sheila53 12-14-2005 09:27 PM

My goal for 2006 is to not let vacation and eating out become a license to eat anything I want.

ScarlettDrawl 12-14-2005 10:11 PM

Of course I had to peek in mid-studying. Only one final left to go.

I hesitate to call it a New Year's resolution. I do tend to break them. But I want to really do this. To be honest, that's what I really want. To really lose this freaking weight and stop the yo-yoing. My big deficits are exercise and proper foods (like Sandi said, I'm ok on calories, just not the BEST calories). So here are my goals:
1. Exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week (prefer more but I know I'll have to ease back in).
2. Eat portion controlled meals. Watch sweets, eat veggies (it's SOOOO hard), and more fruits (I love them, but somehow the M&M's win).
3. Love me more. I have good self esteem but I get down on myself too hard sometimes.
4. Have a beautiful wedding dress. I'm getting married next year and as long as my gown is smaller than a size 18/20 (what I wear now), then I'll be thrilled!

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