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Default Tell me It's ok.....Or is it???

I'm so ashamed of myself today....My first week on my diet and what do I do....

Take my son to the Ice Cream shop after school for being good and what do I get? I get a two scoop of Rocky Road

I feel so horrible....

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It is normal to fail when trying. Just remember not to let that set your entire day/night or plan up for failure, just get right back on plan!!! You can do this!!!!!

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We've all been there (I was just there on Sunday. Shh, don't tell anyone). The point is to dust yourself off and keep going. So long as you don't have that "well I messed up this one time so I mind as well give up" attitude then you'll be okay. Tomorrow is another day.

Starting over again.........again!
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start with your next meal. eat less and get to your goal for the day.
Although it is not ideal, wise women here taught me this, if you are counting calories eat less at your next meal- load up on veges and fruit for the rest of the day. They are filling and less calories, drink lots of water. But don't be too hard on yourself. That why we all start 'diets' over and over again!

You can do this!
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I wouldn't be too hard on yourself!! It was only an ice cream Like everyone else has said, everyone makes mistakes and not everyone is perfect! Don't beat yourself over it You're doing awesome!!

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In the big scheme of things, one ice cream is not going to make or break you. It is when the 1 becomes 2 becomes 3 and eventually that will all add up. At this point, cut your losses, forgive yourself and get back on track!! You can do this, you have already proven that you can lose 2 lbs, and it goes to reason that you can lose the 120, just don't give up!!
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ya don't have to be perfect ALL THE TIME. but ya gotta be PRETTY GOOD most of the time.

so you had two scoops. big deal. maybe next time you'll have only one, and that'll be a HUGE accomplishment..

baby steps, darlin. be kind to yourself. what would you say to a friend who did the same thing?
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
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what is not OK, is beating yourself up about icecream!
Ok it wasn't the best choice! maybe you may next time find your son a treat where you can get something healthy. Ie your son a mcdonalds sundae, you a salad!, but sheesh it is getting down on yourself that will hurt your plan more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Negative thoughts will snowball!!!!!!!!! and i seriously am not kidding, beat yourself up too many times over the odd wrong choice and soon you will be living in the fridge again!!!!! (i know, i have been there!!)

Change the thought to! Ok i had some icecream, i've been good all week! and i only had one wrong food choice,,, hey that is really GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! either that or go for a walk and tell yourself you have called it even and stop thinking about it!!!!!!!!!

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Not giving up!!
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It is ok! It a new day start fresh!!
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Definetly don't beat yourself up over it. Actually I did the same thing tonight. But in the grand scheme of things I was still ok. I try to keep my daily calories between 1200 and 1700 and because I had done so good all day even eating the ice cream I was still in that range. Higher than I normal am but still less than 1700. I did turn around and do another mile to make myself feel better for the indulgence.

Occasional treats are ok just keep it under control. It's ok to have ice cream everyonce in awhile. It's not ok to have it every night. I've been struggling with my weight since I messed up my knee 11 years ago. In all this time of on again off again dieting the biggest thing I've discovered is that if I don't occasionally allow myself a treat I'm doomed to failure. The way I look at it is that I am ok with doing an extra workout if that's what it takes for me not to totally deny myself.

I feel like I'm repeating myself and I probably am so I'll just say my point. Don't beat yourself up over it. Allow yourself an occasional indulgence just keep it under control. If your that upset about it pick up an extra workout to make up for it.

Oh one more thing. A tip that works well for me is not keeping ice cream in the house. If I have it in the house then I'll eat it till it's gone but if I go to Culvers or DQ and get something then I eat that little bit and I'm fine. Nothing left in the house to tempt me to go into binge mode.
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Maybe learning to reward yourself (and your son) in non-food ways is one of the keys to your sucess! Don't beat yourself up about it, just look ahead and make better choices for your (and your son's) health in the future!
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As my minister says you get to start over whenever you start forgiving yourself. Start whenever, wherever, whatever time of day you choose but definitely do it because two scoops of Rocky Road is not worth it! God loves you and so should you.
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Pixie with Attitude :)
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Thanks everyone. I do feel better.

What I did was I did an hour of cardio on the eliptical after I wrote the topic. So I do feel a little better. I did though tell myself no toppings and whip cream (as much as I wanted it )
I was just a little upset at myself because I didn't think twice about it.
You all are the best. For raising my spirits again.

Trust me, it will not become a habit.

You guys are the best

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As someone posted to me it's about the journey and the ride, not the destination. We are all learning how to eat healthy and have a better relationship with food. I bet you learned a whole lot from having that ice cream. Shoot you went and did an hour of cardio. That more than made up for the few 100 calories you consumed in the ice cream and then some. As long as you realize that it was just one incident and you know that the ice cream could trigger you again, avoid it for a bit. When you think you have better control and know you're not going to blindly order two scoops of rocky road give it another go.
It sounds like you've got it back into perspective.

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I want to echo Yogini's thoughts about the food-as-reward issue. Please re-think teaching your son that food is a prize of some sort. It's ok for him (and you!) to have the occasional moderate serving of ice cream -- what's not OK is turning it into something that a person feels they "deserve." That's one attitude that helped me to get well over 300 pounds ...
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