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Default Beware of Sugar Free Pumpkin Pies

Hello everyone I know I haven't posted here in awhile. I just wanted to let everyone in on what happen to me lastnight when I ate 2 pieces of Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie.
A few hours after eating it I was violently ill with stabbing pain in my belly this when on for over an hour. I finally was down to just the stabbing pains which lasted til 2 am when I was finally able to fall asleep. These were the worst pains I've ever had and I've had 2 children! Please becareful. I had my husband thow out the pie this morning before he left to work. I fairly sure the pie DID NOT contain Splenda the logo wasn't on the box and I didn't see it listed. I know there was aspertane and an M work sweetener. Which I've had before and never had this experience. I'm still feeling the effect from it. My stomach still hurts. I think they shoud put warning lables on these things!!! I'll have to go to Wal -mart to find what was in it. It was the precooked kind. I'm going to lay down just wanted to pass this on.

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Many times sugar free has sugar alcohol. I usually end up with stomach probs with sugar free stuff...that contains the alcohol - Thank you for the reminder!
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Yep, anything ending in ol is suspect like xylitol and manitol. SF candybars are like this too, and often the label will state that the serving may have a mild laxative effect, and cause stomache cramps and diarhea if you eat more than the reccommended serving. I once had quite an experience with two small bags of SF jelly bellies (supposedly four servings, but both bags together were smaller than the single serving bag of skittles).
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Wow, thanks for passing this on. I do hope you're feeling better though.

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I would think its the sugar alcohols they use in so called 'surgar free' items- they use to only be used in diabetic food items so it wasn't something you would run into very often, but with the low carb craze, they're being used in a lot more foods and they don't seem to carry the warning that they do on diabetic foods about GI upset.

I ran into a problem with some low carb bars I bought recently- they were on clearance at WalMart so I decided to give them a try since they were carmel pecan & didn't have any corn syrup in them...its hard to find much in the way of carmel type stuff without corn syrup so I was excited . I was fine when I ate one the night I got them, but they tasted too good & I ended up eating one for breakfast the next day...and another one for lunch . In my defense, I'm still weaning off tube feeding formula so its not unusual for me to use meal replacement bars. I was part way through the lunch one when it really hit my system...probably delayed reaction since my GI problem slows down how quickly food leaves my stomach...of course the GI problem also means I've had chronic nausea 24/7 for 4 years so even if the bars made me nauseaous, I wouldn't have noticed. I spent the rest of the day really close to the bathroom & contemplating how they should use these bars in place of the icky stuff you have to drink for colonoscopies Irronically, the sugar alcohols might actually be beneficial for my GI problem...and a lot cheaper then the med I have to get from Canada that is suppose to help my stomach work more normally

I hope you are feeling better now- but just in case, here's a hug If you do find out what sweeteners they did use could you post it. I need to find out all the different names they go by...if I come up with a good list from somewhere, I'll be sure to share it.
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Oh the evils of sugar free fare... Good to see your feeling better though.

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