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Default Talking Turkey

Nope, this not a Thanksgiving Holiday post, it's a vacation post!!! I'm going on my first vacation in ages. 7 days in Turkey!!! Alanya to be precise. I haven't been away since starting my plan, and I would love some vacation tips from the experts. I am not planning on losing, but if I lose I'll take it, as long as I maintain, I think that is a better goal to have. We're staying bed and breakfast, and I managed to find a budget place with a weenie gym and two pools, so I will be keeping up my swimming! I am so excited about it, we leave next Sunday!
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That sounds great! I love to travel. As long as you keep active on vacation & try to eat sensibly, you should do fine. When I go out of the country, I never gain more than 1 or 2 lbs. this way, if I gain at all. I haven't been to Europe yet, though, and I'm dying to go! As a matter of fact, I made up my mind that as one of our weight loss rewards, that DH & I are going to Europe. Have a great time!

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Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. Are you sure you can't crunch me in your bags somehow? I'm really excited for you too!! I love traveling outside of the U.S. Europe is the only place I have been so far. Have a wonderful vacation!!

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Hmmm seeing as I am packing my bags in England, fitting you in might be a bit tricky!!! Next time!!!! I haven't done a lot of travelling, but I have been a long way, I moved from Australia to England three years ago, and we've been back to Oz once, and I have been to Amsterdam. I wasn't weight concious then, but I am sure in 4 days I gained pounds and pounds!!!! It's not a healthy city!!!

I'm hoping I do better in Turkey, I am packing four swimming costumes, and hope to live in the pool!!!
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Exercise exercise exercise usually keeps it vaguely under control for me, and trying to think about stuff a bit more before eating it. You probably will eat more than you do at home, but if you eat less than you usually do on holiday you've made a good start!

But you've got pools for swimming, nice weather for getting out there and exploring on foot and new places to explore, so you may be more active (or at least as active) as you are at home, even if it's in a different way - constant activity instead of intense gym stuff and very sedentary work stuff.

Although it is compulsory to spend some time just sitting on a sun lounger relaxing

I'm off to Marrakesh at the weekend for a few days and hoping to put some of my tips into practice myself, but if not I try to take the view that I can lose a couple of pounds again (because if I gain it won't be much, in context), but I can't easily re-live all my holidays and have all those experiences once I've got home.

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Good for you - choosing accommodation that can provide you with a place to exercise. I hope you have a wonderful and memorable trip.

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Oh, WOW! I would be petrified of such a trip! I don't tend to travel well. But it certainly sounds like you've got a great plan of action, good for you! I hope you have a fabulous time!

New goal: staying binge free and losing those last few again, but for the last time!!
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Hope you have a fantastic trip. I was in Turkey (Turquoise coast...sounds so exotic!) in April, and had a lovely time. Although I have to confess, I didn't do too well on the healthy eating/exercise front, I have on other vacations managed to maintain and even lose weight. I guess my suggestions are not to stick to a rigid regime, but do commit to a few principles such as

- keep up the exercise (which you have covered....)
- find healthy food you can enjoy, which maybe you don't get at home - so lots of fresh exotic fruit and veggies
- plan a few treats, but not ones which will trigger cravings

Actually, on reflection, I think the most important thing is that even if you relax on the healthy eating/exercise on holiday, get right back to it when you get home - its not really the 7 days that will make or break all your efforts, but more like the 7 weeks after that which are important!
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enjoy your trip.

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