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Default Binge Attack

AF reared her ugly head yesterday and I totally binged on junk and I am so mad at myself today for it! I had McDonald's for lunch (2 cheeseburgers, Lrg Fry & Lrg Coke), Swiss Chalet for dinner (Honey Garlic 1/4 White with Fries, extra fries, lots of dipping sauce and ketchup) and then wolfed back 1/2 box of Orange Blossom cookies from Peak Freans AND all but 3 pieces of Worther's Caramels! It was all fantastic tasting and I can seriously say that I enjoyed every morsel. But today I'm kicking myself in the butt for it!
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Why kick yourself in the butt for it. It was yesterday which is now old news. Today is a new day. When you think about it that was 2 meals out of your week. If you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day that's 35 meals/snacks in a week. If you eat on plan the rest of your meals this week that means you were OP 95% of the time, which is awesome.

I guess what I'm saying is don't let those couple of meals to derail you from being back on plan today.

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I agree with Dawnyal. Today is a new day! Plus AF is a pretty good excuse...lol. At least in my book!

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I agree with the 'move on' thoughts. Although I find once I go off track during the day that stopping myself later on is even harder. ie. "I've blown it for the day so I might as well..."

However, on to (maybe) something that helps. I was a drive-thru junkie myself. I'm not completely cured, but a few tips. Your meal from lunch yesterday:

2 cheeseburgers, large fry, large coke

weight: 407g (not including drink)
calories: 1470 (50g fat/166g carb/36g protein)

replace with - Bacon Ranch salad with warm chicken McGrill, ranch dressing and (sorry), the diet coke

Weight: 393g (not including drink)
calories: 460 (27g fat/6g carb/36g protein)

I picked the bacon ranch salad because you may still feel like you're sinning a little, with a smaller hit on the calories. If you want better, pick the balsamic dressing (takes 140 calories off the total).

The internet is great for letting you look ahead for better choices. When I first started I used to try and work in one drive-thru every week into my allowed calories. For me, it started with replacing the Wendy's big bacon classic (590cals) with the chicken grill (350cals)**. The one thing I didn't have a problem with was the fries (I rarely eat them), but if you must have them take the small ones @220 calories.


** Going home and grilling a chicken breast twice as large and serving it with a big plate of veggies is an even better choice, but every small step counts.
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I know, I know, I know.... It's funny how the things you "know" and tell everyone about (ie, today is a new day, forget yesterday, etc.) can be so difficult to remember when you just feel horrid. I can come up with a million and one excuses, but in the end the fact remains that I was lazy and allowed myself to let my PMS dictate my food intake.

Thanks for the reminders and tips, ladies *hugs*
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I finally realized what AF is. Man, it's taken me all day to figure that out.

Glad that today was better, Kathleen. While it's been a while for me, I do remember those days, and they really were pretty ugly. It's like another person takes over your mind for three days.

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That is very strange Kathleen, I almost had the exact same binge today but luckily stopped my self, but for some strange reason i was craving cheese burgers from McD's. I havent been there in almost a year and it hit me today around noon.

Don't let it stress you out, like everyone says - tomorrows a new day.

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The binge mentality has snuck up on me the past two nights too. Partially a TOM issue but more than that just plain old giving in while I had an "acceptable" excuse.

The good news is that I recognize that it is happening these days. So, a binge really just ends up being a series of bad choices and not the frenzied eating that used to take place. Luckily, this happens very infrequently - I think this is maybe only the second time it has happened since December. But, it is still scary that it happens at all.

I never feel guilty when this happens since I feel like I'm going to have to manage this behavior for the rest of my life - and guilt is a terrible management tool. Instead I pay close attention to how I feel physically. This morning I feel sluggish, blubberly, even a little queasy. To be honest, the urge to eat that way is still with me but those feelings are enough to make me want to squash it so that I don't have to feel this way tomorrow too. And it helps to remind myself that I can either buckle down and tackle the half pound (or less) that this eating spree may have caused OR I can let it get the best of me and fight the same 75 pounds (or more) in 6 months. For me, the choice is clear.

So, it's back on track with a trip to the gym on the top of my list.

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I second, third, fourth... what everyone has already said. There is absolutely no point in beating yourself up about it. You are human, your cravings are going to overtake your rational thinking every now and then, it happens to everyone. But what we do afterwards makes the difference between learning from our mistakes and moving on or feeding into the nasty cycle that I'm sure we all know so well. I believe it was Sandi who said to view each meal as a new opportunity to get it right. So you messed up, it happens, but don't let one or two bad choices prevent you from reaching your ultimate goals. Just take a look at the quote in my siggy, it's something I absolutely live by. So good luck and please don't be so hard on yourself. You can do this as long as you never ever give up!

New goal: staying binge free and losing those last few again, but for the last time!!
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I've SO BTDT - in fact, last weekend, I had a really bad day for the exact same reason. But, I'm so proud that I woke up the next morning and just kept plugging away. In the past, one day would have completely derailed me and I'd still be eating poorly (and too much) for months to come. I've gained so much perspective and now I see that one day does not a fat person make.

You hang in there, get right back at it - you can do this. You got some great advice already (as always!). (((HUGS))))
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The next day is the most important part of this. That is the day that you realize what you have done. You feel bad but then you just forget about it and pick up with your healthy eating. Keep strong and keep going.
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