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Default Yadda, yadda, yadda (Sept.)

I figured I would go ahead and start one.
Sheila: I hope your reflux is getting better.

I had a bit of a scare last night. I was going to take a picture of an accident (I work for a smalltown newspaper). I was parked at the end of a line of cars and this guy tops the hill and slams on his brakes. He almost slams into the back of us. He ends up in the ditch beside us. After that, the deputy tells us we can go closer and I can get the pics. (I had to wait until the freed the victims from the car). There was a deputy or someone else who stopped as well and there was a boy in front of us. He had just opened the truck door before that happened and was partially outside his truck.

Other than that, gas prices are slowly going back down. (It's $2.86 here, down from $3.10 last friday and $2.99 yesterday).

Halloween Goal

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a new year... a new me
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good thing you weren't hit! gas is still 2.99 here in ada but in shawnee its 2.79.
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Geez, Dawnyal ~ do you get danger pay? Glad nobody was hurt.

We finally got the renovations completed after the damage from our little flood (I feel bad even mentioning it considering Katrina). Although it was an unexpected expense, I have to admit I love the new hardwood floor in the family room, ceramic tiles in the front entrance and freshly painted walls, doors and trim. Now I want to do the rest of the house!

As for the price of gas...I paid $1.34 a litre on holiday Monday and today it was "down" to $1.29 (that's $5 a gallon, folks)
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"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." Orson Welles
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Downsizing Dee!
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I was thinking it's about time I started chiming in on the Yadda, Yadda thread....

Holy Cow, Dawnyal! Funny how irony works - you go to take some pics of an accident and end up causing another (I know you didn't really cause it, but you know what I mean).

Shelly & Jill - oh the gas prices. Can't really say much about that but #@$%! I did notice this morning that some of the stations were reading $1.13/litre so it looks like it's getting a little better. I shouldn't compain too much because my family in Newfoundland is paying $1.50 and the other half of the family in Labrador is up over $1.60 per litre.

Jill - I know you came about your renovation in a totally unexpected way but I know what you mean when you say you'd like to just keep on going. Seems like every time me and the hubby start a "small" project in the house it just keeps growing and growing until we're in about $2000. Surely there can't be too much more to finish now can there.

We're planning on making a trip to Kentucky in the next few weeks so I'm trying to find some suitable clothes - seems like everything now is way too big and I don't really want to spend too much on new stuff because I don't plan on staying at this size. One of my ultimate goals is to go back to Mammoth Caves and do one of the caving tours - I'm still too big yet to fit through the cracks. Maybe this time next year.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Half-way there!
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Hmmm... Our gas prices are still firmly at $3.49. The Friday before the Labor Day weekend, our gas prices jumped FORTY cents in one day. They have stayed steadily at $3.49 since then. And this is for the cheap stuff. Usually there is a 10 cent difference between the grades of gas. Now it is 25 cents from low to mid-grade, and another 20 cents from mid-grade to premium.


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Want to feel better
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Have had a busy few weeks here. Steve's dad and his wife were here from St. Louis, MO for a few days, then my mom and dad were here from Ohio right after that. Didn't get to get on here much ~ read some ~ lots of things happening for you all ~ some good and some not so good things. Hope you all are doing ok.

Have had some stressful times here (shake up at my husband's job ~ don't know where that will lead) and some fun times coming up (group of girls from high school are getting together for a sort of mini reunion ~ a bunch of us turn 50 this year, so we are gonna sort of celebrate/commiserate ~ have fun, catch up, hang out, gab, gab, gab).
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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Hello All!!

Well my weight has been all over the place. Hit a new high of 329, currentrly at 327. I am simply not doing what I set out to do. I weigh exactly what I did at the 1st of the year. So today I decided to stop the sweets. I know that leaves so many other bad choices, but I have to start somewhere. I really eat alot of junk and sweets is my thing, so I started there. Last night I was scared even thinking about it going to bed and this morning I almost talked myself out of it twice. This addiction really has a hold on me and I am hoping that if I can get past the sugar, then it will be easier to accomplish the rest!

Other than that life is good. Bunko is at my house on Tuesday, so this will be a busy weekend. I wanted to have so much more done before Bunko, but there are only so many hours in the day! I have a wedding this weekend, so that'll be nice.

Our gas is around $2.99 here in Indiana.

glynne - Have fun at your reunion thing.

newfiedarling - Everything is too big! What a fabulous problem to have!!! congratulations!! That is awesome!

Jillegal - Congrats on finally getting everything done. I love redoing rooms (don't love the expense). So what's next??

barbygirl43 - I can't even believe you almost got hit. That's crazy!

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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I climb mountains!
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Hey all! I've been MIA -- we went away for 4 days for a last holiday before my return to work after 8 months on disability! YIKES! I went back this week, and man, I just don't have the stamina and mental energy I used to! But it'll come back, I know. I know that it'll get easier. I'm an HR Generalist for a technology solutions provider, and a huge part of my job is recruiting (mid to really high level computer engineers, sales managers, I've got a Director position open, account exec's....just so many!) So I walked into recruiting ****! I've still got chemo brain, so I'm finding that it's just harder. Oh well, it just is what it is.

I'm on plan, but exercise has slowed down a bit because I'm so wiped out from the little over full time work. I was working out every day -- I'm planning on trying to get closer to that next week.

Still no freaking weight loss, but my premature, chemo-induced menopause has officially left the building!!! So I'm hoping that this development will help out my metabolism a little. Something's gotta give. I'm not 100% on plan, but I'm consistently on at least 95% of the time, and nada.

Gotta turn in...I get up at 5:30. I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday to respond to everybody!

Lorraine's got in a PICC line now -- a catheter in her arm -- for a month of intravenous antibiotics to combat the Lyme which is reaking havoc in her body. That disease is clearly on some kind of search and destroy mission in her body -- she
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Sarah: It's good to see you posting. Wow you really jumped back into work didn't you? I'm sure it will start to get easier as you get into it. good for you for staying on plan. Like you said, hopefully your metabolism will return soon.

Halloween Goal

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Between having houseguests, being a houseguest, dealing with apartment emergencies (a 6-foot chunk of our ceiling covered our living room in plaster), and basically living life, I also have been MIA. I've missed checking in with my fellow chickies! It sounds as if everyone is doing fairly well -- congrats Dawnyal on narrowly avoiding a second accident, Jilly on your spiffier digs, newfie on your upcoming trip to Kentucky (bigger clothes = smaller you! yay!). Sandi, if you don't mind my asking, who is Bunko? Have a good time at the wedding! And Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, I am constantly amazed and inspired by your perseverance. Many people in your shoes would just quit after hitting the metabolic brick wall, so to speak, but YOU CAN'T BE CONTAINED! That's so fantastic. I have a feeling that once you crash through the wall, you'll see a speedy loss at first. Are you taking measurements?

Things here are pretty good. We are beginning to think about finding a place to move in October or November. It sounds crazy, but you can't really start looking here until you have a check in hand and are ready to sign on the dotted line. Otherwise, everything you find that you like will be GONE in a flash. Otherwise, the job is pretty good. I've been very moody lately, up one day, totally totally down the next, but I think it's mostly a hormonal thing from the pill. Most of the time I feel great, and I have so much energy I can't believe it.

Well, I had better get some work done today, if I can get the snoring cat off my papers and his head off my mousehand. Ah one of the hazards and joys of working at home!
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Ultimate Goal:

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Glad to hear from you, Sarah. Must feel nice to be back at work. It may be harder for you now, but I'm sure you'll be up to speed in no time. If your chemo-induced menopause has been 86'd, shouldn't be long before that extra weight is 86'd at a rapid pace as well. Keep pluggin' away I'm
Sorry to hear Lorraine is still getting grief from the lyme disease. Stupid ticks! And PICC lines are such a bummer. (DH had to have one too.) Hope the antibiotics help kick lyme's A$$ and Lorriane gets better quickly.

Sandi: Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I think your plan of working on one area at a time is a good one! Baby steps...just think baby steps.

Jill: You're new renovations sound lovely. Are you going to share pictures? :hini, hint:

Gas Prices: Slowly falling here. Paid $2.89 a gallon today compared to over $3 this time last weekend.

Had a busy week. Had some good news on 2 fronts though
First off. I got a new car. No more gas guzzlin', money suckin' 15 year old beater. I got a great deal (under $4200) on a used 2002 Saturn that gets 40 miles a gallon (highway) and around 35 (city). WOOoo-HOOoo! I feel so much better now that I don't have to worry about repairing that d%[email protected]# car. Granted I have car payments now but I have a dependable car to drive to work so I can earn the money to make the payments with. Anyway, on to the other good news. LOL

DH has found some part-time work. Very cool Cooler still is the fact it is doing stuff related to the degree he is earning. He doesn't have the details as to when he starts, but later this week he will bring his school schedule in so they can set up his work schedule around it. (One of his employer is a graduate of the same school.) I'm still planning to find a second job. Will apply at the local WallyWorld tomorrow or Monday.

Today, we were at a wedding. It was fun. I ate pretty good Celery sticks, baby carrots, dab of dip; pasta salad; cooked carrots; roasted chicken breast; dinner rolls with a dab or margarine; and cake (then a bit more cake and some chocolate zingers on the ride home. ) I think I managed to stay within my calorie limits but will add it all up on fitday and update later. I did drink my water and then some-was HOT today! 89 or so, in September! Also drank some diet pepsi and rice milk.
Got in my exercise: went for a 1.5 mile run this morning before we left and took a 5 block stroll with my little guy in his stroller after dinner at the reception.
Will post it all in the buddy thread tomorrow. Right now I need to go to bed. My throat is scratchy, nose is running like crazy and I'm starting to feel horrible. YUCK! Think I"m getting sick. At least I have tommorrow off, was thinking about going in if they need me and I could definitly use the money. Will see how I feel in the morning, can't go into work with a fever and runny nose anyway.

Well, now that I"ve posted a short novel, I shall get my oogy feeling self off to bed.

How far I've come thus far...
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if only she'd lose weight
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Dawnyal: Glad to hear you weren't hurt!

Jilly: Glad to hear your house is back to normal.

Newfie: Have fun in Kentucky!

Gayle: My mom & her best friend also turned 50 this year--have a good time.

Sandi: What are you serving for Bunko? I know where you are coming from. Every month me & my girlfriends get together--to EAT!!! I wish we could do different things, but me & 2 others struggle w/our weight, the others don't have a problem. *sigh*

Sarah: Didn't they hire anyone in the 8 months you were gone???

Jennifer: Bunko is a card game. Good luck w/apartment hunting in NYC.

Laura: Congrats on the new car & DH's job! They just opened a new WalMart here in Pewaukee, it's gorgeous!!! I hear they give insurance to part timers now, but don't quote me on that. Also, we have canceled out Couple Weekend in the Dells & are now coming to just do a day @ Sundara. Not sure when, but I would love to have a diet soda & big salad w/you @ the Pizza Pub or somewhere. I will PM you when plans are final.

Gas here was $3.19. I refused to buy any at that price, only drove to work & back. Then it lowered to $3.09. I spent $40, and THE NEXT DAY it was back to $2.99.

My friend's wedding Labor Day weekend was beautiful.

I'm getting used to the new job. Liking most of it but the crew is very young & very immature at times. We have a new person starting tomorrow & I hope to GOD she is in her 30's or older. One more 22 year old who giggles all day & I think I would go postal. Thank goodness for CD's & headphones!!!

I have been approved to participate in the second phase of the clinical trial that I did last November in Orlando. It's for Tolvaptan, which they think might slow down the progression of PKD. It increases blood flow to the kidney, and shrinks existing cysts, as well as preventing new ones from forming. This means I won't suffer from ESRD (end stage renal disease, meaning dialysis, and looking for a living donor), hopefully. I am very excited about it & will need to go to Mayo Clinic for an MRI, ultrasound & some bloodwork. I will be on Tolvaptan for 3 years, seeing my kidney doctor every week for the first 4 weeks, then every 6 months. Quite the switch from the once a year that I see him now. The reason for this part of the trial is to get the dosing correct. I weigh x amount of pounds, I am on x medications, I exercise x times a week, so x amount of tolvaptan is optimal for me. Optimal meaning, still providing benefit to the kidney while having side effects the patient can live with. I am very excited about starting.

Other than that, everything is good. I don't start work til 9:30, but have been waking up at 6:30 & 7, so am thinking about hitting the gym instead of going back to bed. Everyone who knows me & is reading this, you can stop laughing anytime. I really need to get back to the gym & after work I just don't think I will have time/motivation. I want to start doing that by October, hitting the gym 3 times a week in the AM's.

Today is my best friend's 30th birthday & we are having a dinner party in 30 minutes & I am still in my PJ's so I guess I better hit the showers. It was good catching up on everyone & Jilly I PROMISE to be back in Diet-Girl mode by October. When my kidney doc sees how much I weigh, I am going to get his finger wagged in my face again & threatened w/gastric bypass. But on Tolvaptan, I cannot be a Gastric Bypass Patient. I want to do this the old fashioned way.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot

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Everyone is so busy, busy, busy this time of year! (Or is it just that we're ALWAYS busy?)

Dad's going out of town this week with his GF, I'm happy he's going on his first vacation in his 56 years and also that he's happy with the GF. (His first in my life!) I'm also jazzed about him being G-O-N-E. He's been driving me crazy lately. Honestly. We've always had such a good relationship (we're not fighting or anyhting) it's just that we annoy each other more than usual....

Time to start filling out and sending in college applications! Scary.

I'm starting Jorge Cruise's plan tomorrow. Should be interesting. If I stay on it, (which is simply weight training, and eating more veggies/fruit than anything else, then eating moderately on protein and carbs) I'll supposedly lose 2lbs/week on average. That sounds like a healthy promise to me. Plus it works a lot on emotional eating which I need *help* with.

Have a great week everyone.
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Hi all, Good to catch up with you. I have not been here as much as I like. Have not been feeling the greatest since my milogram. I'm hoping it clears up soon.

We had our biggest loser party last night and that was fun. We also got our picture in the paper with a nice write up. The pastor asked for my autograph this morning at church. I told him sure and with that and a $1 he could get a cup of coffee.

We will be traveling to Baltimore on Wednesday. My doctors apointment is on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing the inner harbor again. I lived in Baltimore for 3 months when I was 11. I tried to get a room where me and my Dad lived but they were booked. He was the chef at the Lord Baltimore Hotel and they let him live in one of the rooms.
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I wanted to share this photo of the unhappy Tinkerbell. My granddaughter is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, and since we were back there last week, her Dad dressed her up. She doesn't like the wings--I think the straps that hold up the wings are kind of scratchy. She turns 5 at the end of the month, which is an incredible, unbelievable miracle. Hopefully, my son can take better photos than Grandpa.
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