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Default Weekly weigh in .... Feb 7-13

So how did you do this week?
I have my doctor's appt tomorrow (hopefully my last appointment!!!) Do I still have to post my gain - gaining 2 lbs every week is a downer. I can't wait to tell you all - "I lost 9 lbs this week"

Have a great week everyone! and try to stay away from the Valentine's Day candy!!


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Hi everyone, I couldn't post last week, I was in Fla. on business. I lost 3lbs, the week before last and .2 this past week. It was pretty hard in Fla. I couldn't always eat when I wanted and the stress was awful. Now I'm back and I have a trip to Aruba to look forward to in March. I'm try to get as close to 10% as I can before I go!

Have a good week everyone!

"Slow down to go fast..." - Mike
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I am down (lots) to 236. I had gained a bit since the last time I weighed in, but back on track.
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I am down a few ... down to 305 .... my scale said 299.8 at first and I'll almost fell over ... then I stepped off and stepped back on ... blah! Ah well, I will get there!!

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GREAT JOB YOU ALL!! Dana...I bet you're SOO excited! Get alot of rest this week if you can!! Good Luck!

Well after a week long binge that started b/c of TOM, I was up 2 pounds this morning. I have RE-started (again) this morning. I made a daily/weekly menu. I shopped yesterday, so theres plenty of healthy snax in the house, and told DH to EXPECT me to go to the gym every night this week. so, Im off to have some yogurt, an apple, and a HUGE glass of water (& vitamins, too). Good Luck to you all this week!
Amy Jo

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I lost another 6 lbs.
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Scale stayed the same this week. That's kind of disappointing because I have stayed OP since I restarted. Oh well, at least it didn't go up.
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I'm up a pound, which means I'm back to my old patterns. The good news is I should lose between 4-7 pounds this coming week

Oh dana, I'm sure the next time you post it will be more like "I'm down 25 pounds!!!" good luck with your appt. so do you have your hubby trained to post for you just in case you can't come and give us the good news?

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I didn't lose this week. I didn't deserve to really. I have been on a short vacation and eating a bit off plan. I did do lots of walking, so I suspect this is why I stayed the same and didn't go up!!! I have lost 11 pounds in a month, so I guess I just need to pat myself on the back and move on. I start at the gym this week and I am dreading it. Big time!
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I weighed in at 326....down 4 pounds from when I weighed in at my last doctors appt. (Jan 26th).
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It's TOM for me, and since I'm not getting anywhere near a normal weight, and my rings are tight when they were falling off, I'm not gonna weigh in this week. So THERE, water weight!
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I'm down a pound, back to 243. Congrats on all the losses! And a big congrats to those who are struggling and posted here! Hang in there!
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Making myself proud.
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Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments, whether they be weight loss or otherwise.

As for me, I gained 4 lbs last week but it was a lot less than I expected. I've been off plan since mid November and have made a few half hearted 2 days attempts and then given up again. I started again on Saturday morning and I'm going strong. I think even those two days of healthy food and exercise made the scale not as bad as I'd expected. I gained 6 lbs the week before so sad as it sounds, 4 was a relief. lol.

I've set new goals for myself and started a new weight loss sheet to keep track. Looking at the year last year until I took my holiday break is encouraging but looking at the fact that I wasted 4 months wasn't helping so I'm starting fresh effective now.

Have a great week everyone and keep up the good work!
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Jen, OMG, i hate the ring thing! That's totally how I base whether I'm going to weigh, though. But hey, I bet you'll be in onederland next week, I can't wait to hear!

Ingrid, good for you for setting new goals. It can really help, as can a weight loss sheet. Keep up the positive thinking; those 4 lbs will be gone in no time.

Otherjen, congrats! Keep up the good work.

Darlene, thanks for sharing the good news. woo hoo!

Ky, 11 pounds in a month is fantastic. I was dreading starting at a gym too, but now I love it. Usually. I mean, there are always days you wish you didn't have to go, but anyone can tell you, it's for your own benefit. Work your way into it and you'll love how it makes you feel. Good luck!

Dawnyal, eh, one pound. no biggie, especially with your "projected" weight loss this week! you're doing great.

Gayle, wow, you just reported the story of my life. It's so frustrating! But keep with it, (I know you will) and you'll be happier next week. You're doing great.

Amy Jo, hey, it happens. I think I had THE worst PMS of my life this month. I realized that I'd hit a low point when I was in the mcdonalds drive through eating chocolate while I was waiting... Seriously, though, you're going to kick butt this week. You've really come so far. I LOVe to read about your successes.

Dawn, hate it when that happens! But you're right, you'll be there soon enough. Don't you worry! congrats on teh loss.

Raelynn,good for you! Glad to hear you're back on track. Can't wait to hear about next week's loss.

Dana, soon enough you'll be losing massive amounts of weight. So when's the due date, anyway?

Wow, I just did this really out of order so I'm sorry if I missed anyone.
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Congrats to all you losers and maintainers. If you gained this is a new week and just keep up the good fight. I'll let you all know my progress Friday.
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