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Default How to Stay Motivated?

I've having a hard time with things, I've been really busy with work, it's completely stressing me out actually. And I know with working in a horribly unsupportive people doesn't help me out, and then when I get home my boyfriend tries to make me feel better with food. Ugh. He's getting better these days though. But where has all my motivation gone? My scale is currently moving up, even though I'm staying OP. Grrr! I just needed to vent, eventually I'll figure it out... I'm just having a hard time Even if I was maintaining, but gaining weight when I'm staying 100% on plan?!?!?! Alright, I'm done! Thanks for listening.


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((Hugs)), Aimee. How frustrating! I'm in a similar predicament. Good for you for staying OP despite the scale! I'm just going to throw out some random thoughts, without knowing the details of your program: are you doing strength training? That could mean you're building muscle. Are you really being OP? Or have your portions increased without you realizing it? Do you need to shake up your exercise program by combining high intensity 1-2 minute cardio spurts into your regular cardio workout? ARe you eating enough, or could your body be going into starvation mode? Are you eating too many of your calories at night? Too many processed carbs? (I'm just throwing stuff out here in the hopes that something is on point).

Another thought: it sounds like your job is stressful. Are you doing any meditation or deep breathing exercises to release stress? I know stress can make your body hold onto weight.

Regardless of the cause, you are so great for hanging in there. I believe that motivation is insufficient to undergo a lifestyle change. What we need is commitment. Just like you're committed to your boyfriend, we need to be committed to healthy eating and exercise. Remind yourself of why you're doing this. And good luck! I know you can do it!
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Ah, Aimee. I know this way too well, especially right now. The thing that really helps me (and I don't have a clue if you're in the same situation, but you never know) is being honest about my journaling. Are you writing down what you eat? because sometimes, those little things that don't reaaaaaaaaally matter add up.

Darlene hit the nail on the head when she mentioned that stress can make us hold on to weight. other things: are you getting enough sleep? calcium? water? maybe it's just a temporary plateau, as your body adjusts to your new plan (or I assume, since your sig says you restarted in early january). as for your boyfriend, did you try explaining to him your goals and the ways that he may unintentially get in the way of them? I know I've had problems with signifciant others in the past involving food situations, and when confronted, they just hadn't realized how important staying OP was for me. Plus, food is such a weird emotional thing- we associate it with memories, etc. I'm sure bf is just trying to be helpful, but there are definitely other ways to do that, and I"m sure he'll pick up on it.

Sorry it's so tough for you lately! I can definitely relate. I'm not sure what the point in all of my babble was, but basically, I just wanted to wish you luck and hope you get out of the rut soon!
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Exercise, Exercise. Helps stress alot in my opinion. I know in previous post you mention you don't have alot of time for exercise. I think you really have to make time for YOU. Something I learned. It took me 33 years to figure it out though. I know when I am stalled doing the food journal usually tells me exactly what I am doing wrong. It's so easy to sway a little bit and not realize it.

My husband still trys to make me feel good with food when he fully realizes that I don't eat the things he cooks anymore. His theory is that one time is not going to hurt me. My theory is, one time leads to two then three and so on..He does not get it. He got mad at me yesterday cause I flipped out when he offered me a quesadilla fried in butter and full of cheese. I wanted it so bad. I did not eat it though. He was very offended. He said, "I wish you would eat what I cook you every once in awhile". I guess before that food was something him and I shared in common and it was comforting. He does not know how to comfort me anymore. Also, I think he is a bit guilty because he is not on any eating plan right now and gaining back weight that he lost. So, I can relate Aimee.

This will pass. It's hard to stay motivated and I think all of us have been through that. The Highs are great but the Lows really blow. Good vibes for the week and make some time for you.

If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all...

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Awwww Aimee! ((hug)) If I knew the answer to that question, we'd both be better off. I as well am in the same boat you are... It almost feels like I've hit rock-bottom... I was so depressed tonight that I cried... debated just accepting that i'm this size.. then cried some more. I feel like I've said the same things, and made the same commitments thousands of times without ever succeeding. My plan was to get back OP in the New Year and I haven't done anything about it. I mean, my day's do start off with great intentions then I can't control myself later in the day... I think all willpower has been lost and I just don't know how to say NO! anymore. Its gotten especially worse since I've quit smoking - I want to eat everything in sight plus some!! And I just haven't been able to say NO! I don't understand why I'm doing this to myself. I mean, you'd think since losing weight and being healthy is so important to me and I dream of the day of feeling comfortable in my body - that I would get off my a$$ and do something about it?! GRRR! Sorry about my little wining party... I got a little carried away but I really needed to get this off my chest as its been a really bad few weeks.

With that said, Aimee - Let's do this together.. For real this time, we can check in with each other on MSN and encourage and inspire each other. I really need to finally do something about this... I mean I lost over 20 lbs. this summer and I'm sure i've gained it back plus some! I'm really really scared to step on the scale...


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Thank you I feel really alone, and as bad as it sounds, I want to hear about people struggling, because *I* struggle. I watched the biggest loser, and it's all happy, and same on Dr Phil today, and I just wonder what the HECK is so wrong with me that I can't lose weight. I went over my food journal, and I'm actually eating better this week than I was the first week when I lost weight. I am also still measuring and weighing everything before I ear it. I know all I can do is keep pushing, and I just cry and cry and know that this too shall pass, but it hurts pretty bad as its passing!

I've begun to tell my boyfriend that Feb is going to be a hard month, and that I'm going to be picking up running (Vancouver Sun Run, 10km's, April 17th), and I'm going to be sore all the time and will need him to be strong for me to keep me from eating bad. And he tries, I know he does, but when I want something, I am very very very good at getting what I want. January has been a hard month for him, he's been really sick, and had wisdom teeth pain, and even had food poisoning, I've been there for him, babying him, so Feb will be MY month! I babbling, but I'm starting to feel better. I've been really getting into this exercise thing, slowly, usually I just jump right in and hurt myself. I vow to make this time different, to make it about my body health, not just losing weight.

I think we should start something, Celina, there is too many of us struggling right now. There is no need for that. What do you gals think?


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I think the truth is that we all struggle - its just that some of us are more honest about the hard times, than others! All I can say is that just like any really difficult time, you will get through this - and come out stronger. For what its worth, I find it helps to get some perspective - one bad day, or one bad week is not a lot in the scheme of things - you've lost 12lbs, and you know what you need to do, and you just need to keep at it. As to the boyfriend support - if he wants to comfort you with food, how about getting him to buy you and cook you really healthy, nourishing, nurturing food? Just a thought....

Hang on in there.....
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(((((((AIMEE)))))))) - I know exactly how you feel , and you Dana and Celina!

I have been there 100's of times and I know how hard it is. I haven't got much to add, except to sayI know you all have enormous strength and will bounce back more determined and stronger than before.

Love Amanda x

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This time of the year is really sucky for trying to stay motivated. The weather generally sucks and there is daylight for about 15 minutes. Everywhere you look there is comfort food. When it is winter everyone is pushing food that is fattening and meant to stick to your ribs. Well if I could find my ribs maybe I would need some of that food! Anyway I know what you mean and I think this happens about this time every year, people get depressed and it's hard to stick to being OP. Well let's try and stay positive and we know how much better we will feel when we've lost weight.
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