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Red face Ever Worry That You Won't Reach Goal Weight?

I am sort of freaking out that I may not be able to reach goal weight. I have not weighed 150 pounds since I was about 10 or 11 (yes, I have always been a heavy person). I worry that my body may think that 260 pounds is a healthy weight for me since this has been my average weight for a while. Although I admit that it has been my average weight only when I was eating normally (meaning lots of fast food, sugar, etc.).

I have started back to eating healthy and attending OA meetings to get help for eating when I am depressed, anxious, etc. I just worry that I may not be able to get close to weighing 200lbs.

Does anyone else ever get this fear from time to time?
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I used to. I've always been heavy, too, and just got heavier & heavier as the years went on. But, it got to the point where I was staring at disease or disability if I didn't do something, so for the first time ever I started a weight loss program NOT with the idea of getting to a chart-recommended "goal weight", but just losing SOME weight. I figured if I could lose 50 or 60 pounds that would be something. In my secret heart of hearts I hoped that maybe, MAYBE, I could get to 220, which was right around my lowest adult weight. I always kept in the back of my mind the idea that if I was successful at those goals, I would keep going if I felt I could. And I have! Right now I'm 182, which is the same as I weighed in the 5th grade! I would have to get down to 160 to be in the recommended range for my height, and I still don't know if that's possible. But, since I got down to 220 I've just kept lowering my goal 10 pounds at a time, and here we are.

Rather than stressing about getting to 150 or whatever, pick a meaningful, smaller goal that you are CONFIDENT is doable. You have to believe you can do this to have the optimism and the drive to keep going. So, rather than having a goal you doubt, have one you can believe in, with the idea that when you achieve that, you'll pick another. Success fuels optimism, so do things you can feel successful about.
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I don't ever worry about not reaching my goal because well I don't know what goal is for me since I've always been overweight. I know that any weight less than I currently am is a better place to be. I really want to be 250 right now and that is my current mini goal and I plan to be there sometime in May. Once I get there, I'll worry about 200 and then at 200 I'll see where I'm at and figure what my next goal will be.

I think that working on smaller goals is a better way to approach weight loss so for you, I wouldn't worry about 150 for now, perhaps think about 240? Then 220? then 200?
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You could also start with a 10% goal. They say that you get a lot of health benefits just by losing 10% of your weight.

I don't worry about reaching my goal because I know I will someday. It's taken me a long time to take off 82 lbs., and I'm just totally thrilled that I have done that. If it takes me years to get off the rest, I'll still have lost 82 lbs.!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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I read somewhere that weight loss has more to do with selfesteem and confidence then what you eat. I think that makes sense, I worry every second of everyday that I'm not going to lose weight, and guess what? I'm not. But probably only because I worry about it so much. I don't know what the secret to believing in yourself is, partly it's people believing in you. You've already lost 50, you probably just need to mix it up, keep your body guessing. This plateau will pass, just know that.


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Here's my two cents: I definitely worry about it, all the time. I think Aimee is right to point out the self esteem aspect. Like you, I've always been heavy (I can remember my doctors telling me that I was too heavy as early as first grade). In high school I got down to around the 160s, and suddenly, I just stopped. I freaked out and ate all the time and progressively gained weight until I got to 245 and hovered within 20 lbs of that for a few years.

I think it's really hard, and it takes a lot of strength, to expect and welcome a completely new lifestyle and reflection in the mirror. I mean, you're used to looking at the same person and getting the same reactions from others. It's scary to think of how these might change, even if they are undoubtedly for the better.

So yeah, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to my goal weight. I can't imagine myself that small. I'd like to weigh 145 one day and I think fifty grade is the last time I was in that weight range. But honetly, who knows if that'll happen? So I understand where you're coming from, and we probably all have our own reasons for the apprehension, but hopefully it won't hinder our success.

Good luck, Snoopy! Good for you for attending those meetings and getting back on track.
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What Dana said. Pretty much sums up how I feel also. You are taking some really positive steps though to get yourself back into the routine of things. You can do it!

If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all...

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Hey snoopychick

I am wondering if, 50lbs ago, you thought you could lose 50lbs? Maybe that seemed unachievable at that point? Or maybe not? I take comfort from the many successes I have read about on this forum - why shouldn't you get where you want to go, assuming its a fairly realistic goal? For those of us who have a lot to lose, I think it is easier to see it in small, manageable chunks - otherwise it does seem overwhelming and impossible. Just keep at it!
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No, I will reach it eventually. However, after being bedfast for nearly 1 year I have regained the 100lbs I lost here. I have no idea what I weigh as I am off the scale. As near as an educated guess can come to I estimate I had reach about 375-380. So.....I'm back!
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Welcome back, Pam!

Snoopy, everyone here's given you great advice. Actually, is it that important that you get to your goal weight? I mean, it's just a number. I know we all have our tickers, and I love having one to show the evidence of my progress, but my progress isn't the number of pounds lost. It's that I haven't eaten a dessert in 19 days. It's that I'm exercising regularly. It's that I'm finding outlets other than eating to deal with my emotions.
I think if we focus on reaching our target weights too much, we're falling into "diet mentality," where there's an end to our eating plans. I love the attitude I've seen here that we should act like we're maintaining from Day 1, meaning that we're going to eat this way for the rest of our lives. With that mentality, I think a goal weight is much less significant.

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Yes I do worry about it, not all the time but I think about it. I know it is within me to get down to 125lbs, that would be a normal weight for me considering my height and bone structure. Right now my goal is to get under 200 lbs. After that I will be a lot more concerned about the rest of it! I think small goals are better than thinking about losing 100 lbs or whatever, that is too overwhelming.
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Snoopy, great forum! I hope that we all will stay here!

Yes, I do worry all the time. I am 30 years and about 230 pounds and have no idea where to start. If I am thinking how much I have to loose I feel panic. Maybe its a good idea to think small. I will start something this day's, for now I am just collecting ideas. Maybe my first goal shoud be 224 or something like that.

I dont know how would I look like if I was normal, not even thin. I agree that all that is about selfesteem, but if nobody beleaves in me how can I beleave in myself. I know that is not the mesure to consider but i am not alone on the planet, I live with other people.

I would be greatful if we can try to loose it on this forum or if it doesnt work to email me to [email protected]. TX! Cheers
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In times past, I did worry about getting down to 135 or 150 or whatever. I used to be stuck on 135 because that's what I weighed in 5th grade (I have a softball pic with those stats on the back). But this time I set a more realistic goal of 150, which is on the high end for my height.
I'm like the others that this is just a number on the scale and my goal is to be healthy. If I never see 150 on my scale it won't bother me. As long as I never see 300 on my scale again I'll be happy.

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It seems like the more I lose the harder it gets . Now that I'm down 70lbs it seems like I have to be stricter with myself then I did at the beganning. Everyday is a lesson in selfcontrol. The Other Pam
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