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Default The Biggest Loser - Dec 13

LISA's GONE!!!!!!

Okay I've spoiled it for everyone but I"m so glad that little whiner is finished. Oh it was quite an episode. Started out by them going to a high school track and being timed twice running once around. On the 2nd time whoever most improved their time was given $100 and Mo won it!! Then come challenge time they were taken back to the track where there were cardboard cutouts of them from the first day when they were looking pretty roly-poly and really pale (except Mo), those tans help make them look healthier. Also for each one was the equivalent of how much weigh they have lost in their favorite food. Pizza, mac and cheese, spaghetti, fried chicken and I can't remember what Ryan's fav food was. Also there were weighted vest with the same # of lbs they have lost and the challenge was to run the track with the vest on and whoever came closest won a LCD tv and immunity. Ryan won, actually beating his time from before. Gary was really upset because he figured he'd be one of the bottom 2 and would get voted off but it turned out he'd actually lost the most that week and came in 2nd behind Ryan. Lisa and Mo were the bottom 2 and even though Ryan had said he would support his former red team mates you didn't need a crystal ball to figure he would vote her off. She said a bunch of nasty things on the way out, what a classy person she is

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thanks for the recap, i wasn't able to watch it last night. thank goodness lisa is gone, what a whiner!!! i couldn't believe it last week when she said "i'm usually the one deciding who goes home and now i might go home," i felt like HA YOU DESERVE IT. Did they show her at the end? did she lose more weight?
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YES! She lost a ton more weight! She actually looks very nice!!!

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Yeah...she's gone!

What really surprised me was at the end and she (in her own words) said that she came into the competition a whiny complainer, but she was leaving so much stronger, etc. She was still complaining and whining up to the end! LOL. Her "after" pics look great though. I think it's great that so many are continuing to lose after the more structured environment of the show. Next week's looks pretty good too!
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Yes she looks really good in her after photo, I think it said that she had lost a total of 61 lbs altogether. I thought that was a bit odd of her to say that she thinks she is no longer a whiner, I hope she has been watching the show and just cringing when she saw herself say that.

Also something that got me was when they were looking at the cardboard cut outs, well for one thing Ryan was crying because he was so happy that he doesn't look like that anymore and then Gary asks Caroline if he still looks like that because that is how he still feels. How hard would it be to wrap your mind around that you look so much different in such a short period of time?

I checked out the official site over at NBC and you should read some of the posts on the message boards. There are so many people who seem pretty happy that Lisa is gone and that Ryan was right to vote her off. It is funny because there was a real anti-Ryan attitude because of some of the remarks he made in the first couple of shows and now that seems to have turned around a little. I feel pretty certain that either he or Gary are going to win. of course I said that about Aaron and I was so wrong. I don't think Kelly can keep herself above that yellow line and you know that they are going to keep Mo around as long as possible. It's funny but I really thought the last 4 or so would be all the women, at least the 2 kelly's, dre and lisa. Well it's a very interesting show anyway.
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I was so happy she was voted off too, and I definitely think Ryan did the right thing for himself, cuz there is no way he would win if those two girls made it to the end with him. I also laughed at the end when she was saying how when she came she was a whiner, and all I could think was "you are still one, shut up". I'm happy that she lost weight, but she was mean mean mean, "Gary is going to get what he deserves", I'd kill to have Gary on my side, he seems like such a nice person. When he ran back to encourage Mo, I was so touched.. like who does that these days?? Thank god she's gone!


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I had to work late last night and got home at 7:45. I caught a couple of the weigh-ins and stuff at the end. I too agree that ryan did the right thing for himself. He couldn't have said it better and she should've been able to see that. I didn't get to see her after pics. I like watching the amazing race and had already switched it over by then.

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