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Default Dealing with weekends?

How do those of you that have been at this for awhile seem to behave yourselves on weekends? I can do good Monday through Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are awful for me (sometimes even Friday night). I dont exercise through the weekend either. Any words of wisdom?? I have finally started journaling what I'm eating so that may help me through the week. Especially when I think that I have been good, but take extra bites of things. I hope that helps!
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Hhmm, I don't know what to tell you. I don't work outside the home so I treat weekends just like any other day, and try to keep to the same schedule. Luckily, there's a water aerobics class on Saturday morning that I attend with my DH. Sunday I'm on my own, though, and I make it a point to either walk outside or do the WATP tape.

I bet the journaling will help you. Let us know how it goes next weekend!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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I would suggest planning it in advance. Plan what you're going to eat and when, and then have them ready so you're all set up for success. So when you're cooking chicken during the week, make extra for the weekend. Make some reheatable stuff so you can just nuke it and scarf it. If you're going to be out and just completely unable to do anything but eat out, then look for a deli, or go to Subway. You know what's on plan and what isn't, so probably where you're getting tripped up is when you're presented with only off-plan choices. Plan in advance to make the right ones, and set yourself up to be able to just follow through on the right course of action.

I agree that the journalling will help, but it's after the fact. Be proactive, and remove the aspect of choice. You haven't had much success with just playing it by ear, so you're going to need to give yourself more structure. And that applies to the exercise as well. Plan what you're going to do and when, and then just get up and do it. If you have a plan, it makes it a lot harder to make the wrong choices because you have to do it consciously and purposefully.

Best to you -- I know you can do it!
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I do have a problem on the weekends. So I make Saturday my treat meal day. However that is dangerous and somethimes turns into a two day thing. I have been able to control it preety good. I am almost always on plan Sunday my trouble is Friday night. I don't know what to tell you to do though. Just keep trying and maybe try some of the advise up above.
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I have weekends problems myself.

I have found that if I recommit on friday morning, exercise and have an OP dinner, it's a good way for me to start.

Then, I make sure I know at least two restaurants I can have OP food at and make it PLAIN AND CLEAR to the Cute Boyfriend that cheating is not an option.

Planning activities that include being OP - almost anything away from food (my weekends include 6 hours in the dark room and you don't want to eat ANYTHING around those chemicals). Physical activity is always good but so is hot tea and a game of cribbage with a friend.

Anything that takes me into a bar situation, I'm ready with a soda & lime drink order (which looks like gin & tonic so no one bugs you).

Avril, one thing that I found astonishing is how much free time you have if you're not with food! When you're not anticipating it, thinking about it, consuming it and dealing with the after effects (guilt or a sleepy overstuffed belly), you have so much more time to your day. I try to remember not to fill that void with food, which it's prone to do on the weekends.
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I too have been struggling with weekends. This past weekend I did well. I experimented with my calories. I basically added the two days together (3200 calories) and ate more on Saturday and less on sunday. It seemed to work out well. I do the bulk of my heavy duty cleaning on Saturday and sunday so I may not get in structured exercise per se but I do work my but off for 3-5 hours with laundry, mopping, vaccuuming, etc.
I agree that planning for me is key. I may even try the scheduling my eating times if I find myself slipping. I was having a problem getting in all my water on the weekends. Now I have a 32 oz. glass I fill in the mornings and I don't allow myself pop, tea, or anything else until I've downed one of those first. Then I can have one glass. I can have more when I finish my 2nd big glass of water.


Halloween Goal

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A diary is my best tool. It helps me keep track and control what I eat. Walking has also been wonderful. Because of these two I'm losing 3 to 4lbs a week.I've had to make a habit of doing my walks. That began with disciplne. I had to make myself get out the door. Now I just go without hardly thinking about it.I really believe half our battle is changing bad habits for good ones.
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Default Week-end dangers

Whell, same problem, especially at this time of year; and it's not only the holidays...Months Ocotber through mid-december is the dead season in terms of outdoors sports....Hiking season over, ski did not began yet... When i'm on trails for 6-8 hours, i do not think of fast food at all....but what's to do in when there's nothing to do?

Here is one of my typical automn Week-end:

Friday night: When work is over, i train at the pool, (50 laps) and have a light supper at home. I usually go to bed around 10-11 pm.

Saturday: first danger: I often gather with friends at restaurant for braekfast...This is dangerous....too easy to get your fried eggs - saucage-bacon - pancakes; peer pressure i guess. We have to overcome this and find something healthy on the menu like fruit plate, yogourt, scrambled eggs....

After braekfast, i usually go to a little café and read saturday newspaper...this really kills time. Saturday edition is almost as thick as me

Saturday night: Second threat: since most of my friends are with their girlfriends; i often find myself alone. To overcome this, i often go see a movie or rent one at Video store. Sometimes i also take very long walks downtown Montreal.

Sunday: Third Threat; I pay a visit to my parents; and often get invited for supper....even if i'm 34, a mother is still a mother and do not want ihis son to starve....so i end up with a square foot of lasagna in my plate..this started to change when i told her i got hypertension...

So that's the week-end dangers and the way to avoid them....
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We're TTC!!
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Thank you so much for the advice everyone. Those are great ideas. I am going to start planning my eating better. Especially on the weekends. The weekdays my menus are simple and easy to stick to. Just b/c my dh loves to go out and eat is no excuse that I cant find something healthier. Or at the VERY least watch my portion sizes. Which does get tricky when we go eat at a buffet. I have tried eating roasted chicken and steamed veggies, but sometimes I am not very good! There are times when I just tell him "no" to those kind of places. I know I cant handle it and I dont need to eat that much! I think that I am going to allow myself Saturday supper as a "free" meal eventually. For the time being...I need to stick with plan as much as possible, just get my body used to doing it. As for exercise...I hate it, but I am getting used to doing it Mon-Fri. If I could add a shorter walk on the weekend it may combat some of my "cheats". The journal did help me out yesterday. I kept it in my pocket and wrote down the food as soon as I ate it. I wanted to snack more last night, but I didnt want to write it in (even though I had enough calories), so that seemed to help me out.

Today has been ok. They did bring treats to work. I did have 3 crackers with a dip/spread on them. Ughh! But I got my [email protected]@ outta there quick. Plus, I forgot my breakfast and lunch at home, so I suppose I can count that snack as both meals. Thanks again for the advice! You all are great
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I'm not sure if you weigh weekly, but I used to pick Monday as my weigh-in day for the week. That gave me some incentive to do better over the weekend knowing that I would have to weigh. I hold myself accountable..If I go overboard I make myself do extra exercise to burn it off. The journal is good. That will keep you in touch with what you are consuming. It is so easy to over-do it and not really realize it. I think in time and with new habits your weekends will become easier to control.

If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all...

~ Anonymous ~

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Goddess J,

I have noticed too what you mentioned about how much time thinking about food, eating it etc takes up. I used to try to give myself a treat day now and again. I would spend time thinking about what I would get, time going out and getting it, then it seemed like I wasted my whole day off eating my treats ~ then like you said feeling stuffed and sleepy after. What a waste of my time. I had to stop that, because I could never estimate how much for just one day of treats. I would have stuff left over, and of course couldn't waste it ~ so the treat day spilled over into the next and sometimes even the next day until the treat foods were gone. Ended up that my treat day was more like a mini binge.
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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I don't have problems with weekends per se because I work every weekend. On my days off, however, I do tend to overeat a little. However, I've eliminated the majority of "bad food" from the house so all I have are fruit and veggies, sometimes chips to snack on. I hate driving where I live at so the temptation to go out and "get something" is nil.
As far as exercising, the way I combat the urge to skip a workout is I think 'What is more important?' Sitting around watching tv or losing a pound and becoming healthier. That serves to motivate me about a lot of things. Whenever I'm confronted with a choice of eating an off plan food vs a healthy choice, I think 'What's more important?' Avoiding type II diabetes (which is prevalent in my family) or a temporary pleasure.
Eating out is tough especially with cooks these days tempting you with such good stuff! A tip I read about just recently said to ask for an extra plate with your meal and then when you get your meal, scrape some of it off onto the extra plate and have the waiter/ess take it away (or put it onto the boyfriend's plate ), thus eliminating the temptation to eat it all.
Don't fret if things don't go perfectly. We all make mistakes and that's how we learn. I have faith that you will overcome this and meet you goal.

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