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Default OT - Found a kitten

One of my employees found a beautiful kitten on her lunch break yesterday. She's about 6 month's old and SOOOOO sweet! She is beautiful and so affectionate. I have had alot of cats in my time, but she wins the prize for being a love. She follows me around, purrs constantly and is ALWAYS wanting to me in my lap. We are calling her Rose, because she was found on property that boarders a rose farm.

I have called local vet offices and the local pound. So far, she has not been reported missing. She does have a flea collar on (and no, it's not working!) so this means she isn't wild. Judging from how much she loves human companionship, she has been a well loved kitty. But I do wonder why no one seems to be looking for her yet? I have made a few signs and placed them up in the area. No family yet. The women who found her wants to keep her if no one claims her. Now while I would love to keep her, I have 3 adults of my own and 2 other kittens I am looking for homes for. So it's really out of the question. The strange thing is, while she says she really wants to take her home and she was meant to find her (the cat was trying to cross a busy main road, I'm sure she did save her life), she just doesn't want to take the cat home now. So, she's staying with me.

K, now stick with me here. She found the cat. She wants to keep the cat. But when she saw a flea on the kitten, she told a coworker that I had better do something about it. ME? Arn't I being nice enough to care for the kitten she brought back to work? I am making the posters, calling the vet offices and the pound, placing lost kitty ads in the paper. I didn't bring the cat home, she did. So how are the fleas my problem?

To top it all off, I think this cat might be sick. She smells like poop dispite being very clean and her butt hole looks raw and irritated. While I think this might be having poop problems because she didn't eat while she was free (she ate, and ate, and ate when I put food down for her) I am not sure. I can't afford to take a cat I am not keeping to the vet and I am sure she won't take it if it is sick. I don't want to drop her in the pound but I can't take the responsiblity for this cat if she is sick. I just don't have the money. My feeling is, she found the cat, it's her responsibility to care for her. To top it off, she won't let it into her house until the vet checks it out. She has an appointment for her next friday.

So, what to do? Tell her to take the cat home or take her to the pound? As I said, I couldn't stand to see this poor kitty stuck inside a tiny cage. She loves to love! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my cat had fleas once... (we had no idea how she got them - she NEVER goes outside) I went to the pet store got everything I could buy to get rid of them (ewww gross!!) and it worked.
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I know cats. I've recued and lived with over 40 of them not at the same time. You need some "Frontline'.Go to your local humain society and buy 1 tube. It's the same for both dogs and cats so buy 1 tube for a St Bernard and you can dose 8 cats with it.It sounds like the kitten may have worms or irritable bowel. Weigh her and you can buy worm pills also at the Humain Society. For the last,irritable bowel she needs antbiotics. If you have to go to the vet the Humain Society is a great place for most things. 15 $ per visit .I buy the "Frontline" for 10$ a tube.They will show you how to do it.
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You might also try to find a rescue group in your area. There are often small rescue groups that take in animals, or that can steer you to the appropriate resources. Your humane agency might be able to give you the names of groups, or you can use Google. Good luck!

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Hey Chicks,

Thanks for the good advise. I will call the HS tomorrow. She has an appointment next week for a check up / spay. My employee promises to take her after she has been checked out by the vet. My question is, if she doesn't like what she hears, will she still pay the bill or say thanks but no thanks and expect me to pay? UGHHHH people make me nuts!

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Sometimes the problems you are going through are the price you pay for being a nice and kind person. Just deal with the problems as they come. I think it will all work out ok. Good luck!!

If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all...

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Please be sure to tell us what happens! Any pics? I just love animals!

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