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Default college

hey guys so i jsut finished unpacking in my dorm now. i have a feeling i will be losing weight cuz i didnt buy any nosh for my room and i only go to the dining hall when i can today all i ate was a bagel and then a turkey sandwhich. i also had a really busy day

i am soo anxious bout being in college good thing i have no munchie food.
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Elle - I'm glad you're so stoked about college! I loved college, even though I wasn't a "traditional" student.

Be careful with your food. Eating too little is just as destructive as eating too much.

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Is it your first year? How's the roommate? Glad to hear you're all settled, but make sure you eat enough like Jennelle said. Good luck this year Elle.
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Hey there, Elle! Glad you settled into your room -- one hurdle down! Now we talked about you taking some stuff with you till you got hooked up with some rides to the store -- did you just run out of time at the end? I agree with the others that it's not good to have nothing healthy on hand........if you get too hungry you're going to be super vulnerable to temptation and bad stuff is just a phone call away -- or in the room next door -- you know? You want to take care of yourself now, and keep yourself strong, smart, and not vulnerable to cravings.

As for being anxious, just take it one thing at a time. I remember what you were most concerned about, and I believe that with some resourcefulness and some effort to remain self-sufficient, you should be just fine. It's going to be ok! Don't let worrying about that get in the way of your enjoyment of the here and now. You want to enjoy this time as much as you can, and get as much positive stuff out of it as possible.......you have an opportunity right now to build some wonderful memories, ones that you'll cherish for the rest of your life, so ENJOY!!!

AND, I was TOTALLY going to post a "Good Vibes for Elle and Dana at College" thread, but I guess I'll just go with this one! (Why reinvent the wheel, right?)

Sooooooo.......Dana, did you get all your stuff packed from the storage unit? Are you all set to go? When do you leave? Do you know the new roomie? (I think yeah, right?)

Sending you both hugs and EXCITEMENT!
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Aw, Sarah, that's so nice of you. I"m leaving tomorrow but can't move all my crap in until Monday. I don't have a roommate, I got my own room this year thankfully. So yup, everything's all packed (uh, sort of...) and the storage stuff is down in Maryland so I dont' have to worry about that till Monday. This'll probably be my last post till Monday night or tuesday, so I'll check in when I get settled in.
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