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Smile Another Newbie Says Hi

I've been lurking for about a week or so, so glad I found this site!!

I'm 25 and while I've been saying off and on, "OK, eventually I'll do something about my weight," I just got hit with some health problems that make "sooner" a lot more important than "later".

I'm starting South Beach and I have a lot of support from family & friends (including the fact that half of my family is already ON the beach, LOL) but I still feel scared because most of them are trying to lose twenty pounds so they can fit into a better swimsuit this summer. And I'm not knocking that, I know it's hard to lose ANY amount of weight, but when I think of how much I have to lose, it's really intimidating. So I'm trying not to let that psych me out.

And, well, I'm glad there's an area here on the site for those of us who have a long road ahead

I'm usually more talkative, but somehow it's 5 a.m. already and I've been up all night working on projects for a client, so I think I'll leave it at Hello for now and it's nice to meet all of you!

BTW: how can I figure out a Goal Weight? It's been so long since I was back at a "normal" size that I don't even know what weight to shoot for. (Hence the stylish questions marks in my sig file )
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my goal weight is so far off - I just try to think about the next 5 lbs. But you might want to figure out your BMI - and how much you should weigh if your bmi is 25.. there are lots of tools here at this site.


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relly honey... i'm with dana... let's take it few pounds at a time. the final weight depends on many things, like your muscle mass, height, age, what feels right, what you can maintain.

soooo for right now, how about focusing on losing 10% of your an estimated excess body weight? if you weight 300, you have probably between 100-150 pounds to lose.. 10% of that is 10-15 pounds...

and that will be a WONDERFUL accomplishment. and enough to focus on.. heck!!!! you'll lose that BEFORE everyone else loses those 20 pounds for a bathing suit!!!!!
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Keeping it off is a hundred decisions a day that help you maintain what you achieved. And that's the hard part. - L Sanders

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Welcome!!! Take it one day at a time and remember, this is NOT a quick fix. As for your goal ... like other said ... lots of things play into it. I picked what I weighed when I got out of college ... I look back at those pics and say "damn, I looked good!!"; of course at the time when I actually weighed 150, I THOUGHT I was huge and that I should weight 125. Now I AM huge ... but psychologically, I don't feel much different. UGHH! ... it's such a head game sometimes, isn't it?
Starting again in 2006!

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i don't know if my goal weight is correct, and it's totally not set in stone. but i just picked a nice even number that was in the "healthy" range for my height. i'm 5'6" and i think the range is about 138-155 or something like that. there are many charts online that say smiliar things to each other. but really, it's just a guidline. my actual goal will be determined when i'm there and it feels right.

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I picked my goal weight the same way as Holly. Healthy weight for my body is between 150 and 173 (Im 5'10") My GW is 170ish. But you might want to calculate your BMI, its really more important to have that be in the healthy range. Mine is 33.34 now(Obease ) and"Healthy" range is between 18.5 to 24.9. I have ALOT of work to do.
Amy Jo

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Hi Newbie, I'm new here too. This is a welcoming bunch isn't it? As for a goal weight, I just want to get to that 200lb. mark well, 199 if I want to be in ONEderland It's good to choose a weight that you have in mind, something reachable and once you get there just work around that. Remember goal weights are not set in stone.

GOOD LUCK on your journey
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Welcome! Since I do Weight Watchers, they have set goal weights. I chose mine, however, only because I wanted to be in the 100 lb. Club. Luckily, I don't think anyone will kick me out if I end up only losing 92.

I'm with everyone else, though--take it one day at a time and 5 lbs. at a time and you'll do great!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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Hi and welcome. I ditto the others. If you're not sure how far down you want to go, don't worry about it, set yourself those mini-goals and before you know it all those mini goals will add up to one big ole loss. (My goal is anything below 150 but I would like to try for 135 and if I get below 150 and find that it's not healthy for me down that low or I'm happy at say 147 then that's as low as I'm going)

Halloween Goal

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You can do it!!!!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!! Everyone has some great advice here for you!...I just want to let you know that I am another fellow BEACHER....and I love it! As far as being overwhelmed at the amounts....that is completely normal...but it is all about shifting your thoughts and goals. I do what Jiff suggested...my next goal is 10% off my current weight....therefor, it is still a challenge, but it is a lot less overwhelming!

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