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Default Atkins advice

i had a dream about the atkins diet. although i don't totally agree with the diet i'm going to give it a try. its not going to be my permanent way of life or anything because i really believe weight watchers works for me. i just want to see how the atkins diet will work for me. my plan is to get a jump start on my weight loss to get me motivated enough to get back on track with weight watchers.

so i'm wondering what do i need to do first? i'm sure there's more to it than just eating eggs and meat all day. which book(s) do i need to buy? is there anything else i should get to start?

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Angry Hmmm

I am a little leary of this because if WW works for you and you like the flexibilty than go for it.

Plus warning the first 10-14 days of any low carb plan is rough because you have to break that sugar wall.

I have never done "Atkins" but I used an Atkins type nutritional approach to break my sugar addiction. Veggies you need veggies! Veggies and salads since your not going to be eating bread. Also with dressing let me suggest the dip the fork in the dressing and then in the salad method. Balance your veggies with some fresh properly proportioned protein and lots of water and your set.

The ladies on the Atkins board are very sweet though so if you need to go on over take a peek and ask whatever you want!
Miss Chris
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Thanks Miss Chris!!!!

so would you recommend staying on WW? i'm just having a hard time with it right now. i'm still tossing the idea of going back to meetings around. maybe i will give the meetings another try before i decide to jump into Atkins.

HW: 281.8
CW: 273.8
Goal: 261 by 9-1 (my birthday!!)


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That bug must be going around because even I, one of the more anti-Atkins people on this board (but I keep it hush hush) was considering the plan yesterday!!!!!!! I think it's just because Atkins dieters seem to drop off 40 lbs. in 2 months and you're just like... whoa, i want that. Keep in mind, if you can't stick with Atkins FOR-EVER, the weight will come back.
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You can find everything you need to know on Atkins.com for free: you don't need to buy a book.
Angi L
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Shelly, as a WW member, I know the value of going to meetings. But. . .you've got to find a good leader. For me, that was one of the keys. I'd tried WW before, but had lousy leaders, and I quit going. The leader I have now is wonderful, and I just keep coming back week after week. So, if you like the WW plan and know you can live with it, try going to meetings, journaling, and drinking water, and see if you can get back on track. Personally, I like the flexibility, although there are foods I've learned to stay away from (peanut butter is a big one).

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You can do it!!!!
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Shelly...I guess I have finally come to the conclusion that....everyone must find a program that they can make work for them. Before this past 6 weeks (I have just lost 20 pounds, 22.5 + inchess from my body, and a 4% body fat from me)....that I have been on almost everything out there...except Jenny Craig. An I know that we are not using this forum to discuss specific diets per se....but I agree completely with what Ms. Chris said above, and everyone else for that matter! I am doing The SOuth Beach Diet...(dubbed by some..."the healthy Atkins" and from what I have just told you, am having tremendous success. I like to rename the SOBE the good carb and good fat diet....because that is what it is essential is. Not only do I look and feel better, I am sleeping better...which was an issue in thr recent past!! And sleeping better is proven to healp aid weight loss...or lack of sleep...to hinder the weightloss thing!!! ...don't purchase the book...ask me...because I am the SOBE guru....
I also have some of those South Beach website links that I have found helpful!!!

The basis of the south Beach diet

Basic Info

South Beach Diet Plan for beginners

Some more basic info..

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