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Smile Home again!

Well, I finally found my way back here! It seems a couple of weeks ago I came to the site and lo and behold it had crashed - these things happen so I wasn't too concerned. BUT when I saw things were back up and running, albiet with missing posts and under the old format, I found I could access the site and read the posts, but I couldn't log on and post myself! Well, I started to think the moderators were punishing me for gaining so much weight over Christmas or that Sandi had booted me for being slow in registering my points for the January point challenge . So after all this time I've just now been able to log in this morning.

I've missed so much! There are so many new people to welcome (HEY THERE NEW PEOPLE, WELCOME!!), so many people to congratulate for having lost weight or for having overcome various adversities (CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!), and just so many things I wanted to comment on about various posts but didn't have the chance to when it was fresh in my mind . By the way Sheila, thanks for reviving my thread ("Post instead of eat").

Now that I'm here, I'd like to write about my Weight Watchers meeting this morning (I guess this should really be in the "post instead of eat" thread since I'm doing this to take my mind off the hostess twinkies that were left at my house by visiting children!)

Anyway, a couple of things from the meeting. First, I've never seen so many new members in my life (and I've been going there for almost two years). Obviously it's the whole New Year resolution to lose weight thing and I only hope they don't drop out in droves like last year. Anyway, there was one woman (probably weighs upwards 350 lbs.) who I think I'm really going to like because she has a great sense of humour (she was wearing a shirt emblazoned with "Does this T-Shirt make me look fat?").

Second, I was ruminating over the fact that it only took two weeks (Christmas and New Years) to gain so much weight, but it'll probably take more than two months to lose it (I lost .4 this week after being totally angelic and not wavering from plan for a day!). I stated how I regretted having lost control over the holidays, but that I suppose it's better not to dwell on the past (as Apryl once said, you can't uneat what you ate, so deal with it and move on). My leader surprised me by saying "Jill, I DO want you to dwell on the past, I definitely do!!" I was feeling pretty indignant and almost said, "I don't need a lecture from you honey, I realize I was bad and I regret it, okay!!". But then he said, "I want you to dwell on the past, because in the past, in fact since you've been here, you've lost over 100lb. - dwell on THAT!". Well, that certainly put things in a different perspective for me. It's always been difficult for me to dwell on the positives - I've always felt it was easier to obsess on negative things. So, I left there feeling pretty good and have put my Christmas indulgences behind me for good and when I think back, it'll be to dwell on my success!!

Okay, I thought this was pretty funny. Our leader is a guy - a youngish, rather cute looking guy (one of those people you wouldn't even recognize from his before pic). Anyway, there's this sweet young member (very shy) who is totally infatuated with him, but he, being a typical guy, is totally clueless...until today. He was discussing how his job as leader is mainly to inform us about the program and to initiate conversation between members so we can truly support each other as a group. He spoke of other weight loss facilities that have personal trainers or one on one counselling. He had just said "Sure, I could have one on one meetings with you..." At which point there came from the back a little voice "Ohhhhh, that would be loooovely". She turned bright red, he turned bright red, and then he continued "...but I really feel there is safety...uh, I mean support, in numbers". I think at least 20 of us almost bust a gut trying to hold in our laughter.

Well, it's good to be back - I've missed you all, but I HAVE read all the posts and please know that I've been laughing with you, crying with you, sighing with you and have just BEEN with you all this time.

Think I'll make a nice hot cup of herbal tea and pour the remaining boiling water over those damn twinkies!

Cheers everyone

P.S. - Sandi, please take me out of the January points challenge - I haven't kept track over the last couple of weeks, but I'll be there with bells on for February!!
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"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." Orson Welles

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YAAAAAY!!!!!!! I'm so happy you're back Jillegal!!!! Yes!
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