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Default I've been kidding myself..need help!


My weight losses each week are getting smaller. Yes, I know a pound a week is fine, but at this rate it will take another year to reach goal. I don't want to take that long. I am realistic, and know not to crash diet or anything stupid.

But, I realized I haven't been eating as well as I should be for losing weight. I've really been eating like I'm already at goal and on maintenance-watching myself eighty percent of the time, and treating myself twenty percent of the time. It should be more like 90/10 percent. One good thing though, I know now that I will be able to maintain my loss and still allow myself "treats." I CAN control myself with food, and that is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. I can cheat and get right back on plan the next meal without losing control.

Okay, how do I get myself in gear? I could cut calories by 500 a day to lose another pound a week. But I won't , cause if I feel deprived, I will binge. I will try to cut out some in between meal snacks to cut out 250-300 calories a day, and try to move myself even more to burn off the other 250 calories. I already exercise six days a week, but I'll have to make my workouts a little longer and harder. I also need to eat more vegetables (which I love, but am lazy about preparing). If I fill up more on them, I'll eat less of other foods.

Any other ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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This is kind of a tough one, because I want to tell you to keep doing what you're doing right now and be satisfied with the loss of a pound a week because if you start making it more of a chore or begin to have feelings of deprivation it could really set you back in the long run. On the other hand, I know that feeling of impatience; of working so hard towards your goal and it still seeming so far away. But remember that all the experts say weight that is lost slowly stays off longer than that lost quickly, so if you can get the mindset that losing it the way you have been so far will mean less liklihood of gaining it back then you might be satisfied with it taking a bit longer to reach goal.

Having said that, and seeing as you're exercising and eating well, about all I can suggest is drinking more water and munching on veggies (the no hassle kind like pre-peeled baby carrots) and cutting down on foods containing salt or sodium.

Think on the bright side, from your post it sounds like you've been losing well and more importantly you've made realizations about the futility of crash dieting and have learned how to control food instead of letting it control you - quite an accomplishment!

Although it's frustrating when you can't have it NOW, think about how when you do have it, it'll be FOREVER
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well I think as long as ur losing everyweek ur doing great. If you want more results I would work on your 20% treats, cut them back alittle, be a tiny bit more strict with yourself. I don't think you need to exercise more, with all your doing don't risk burnout.

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I kinda know what you're talking about Suzie. When I see those people on TV who say they've lost, like, 100+ pounds in just a year, it bothers me and makes me think I haven't been working hard enough I eat less than 1000 calories a day, drink nothing but water, upped my workout and it's like the scale is slower than friggin daylight to move.
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if only she'd lose weight
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I agree w/the cutting down on sodium. You are doing great, hon, it will come soon.

The other thing is, you might want to think about shaking up your exercise, doing some harder tapes.

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Sounds like you've done a good job analyzing what some of the problems may be. Focusing on eating clean (or on program, or whatever term you use) and getting moving should help.

The other thing to look at is the whole issue of instant gratification. I know I fall for that one a LOT, and I struggle with it every day. I want to see the pounds come off in increments larger than 1. /sigh

But for health reasons and for just plain greedy-body reasons, it may be better to lose one pound a week than four. Your body gets time to get used to the weight loss. Your skin can adjust to covering less of you. Your body can "reset" itself to a lower weight. You have more time to make sure those new, good eating and exercising habits are set in stone and not just a fly-by-night thing.

Think of it this way:

One pound a week is still OVER FIFTY POUNDS A YEAR. That's amazing in anyone's book! And it's WAY better than gaining 5 pounds a year (which is what I do if I'm not eating clean and exercising).

Right now, I'm at the high end of my journey, so it's coming off fairly consistently. But I know that the time is coming (all too soon) when I'll be losing "only" a pound a week, if that. I'm trying to prepare myself for that, because I know that that's when I get discouraged and give up.

We've all been there. We're here to support you. Just do what you can, eating and exercise-wise. But then stop worrying. Your body knows what to do. Let it do it.
~~ Synger ~~

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1 lb a week is great- you are doing exactly what I want to do!!! I truly believe that the slower you lose the longer it will stay off! - you are developing habits that will last a lifetime! If I told you that by this time next year you will be 50 lbs lighter you can't tell me that you wouldn't be thrilled to death!!! I know I would be.

Just trying to give you a different point of view. You are doing great!


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Hi Sherry,

It does sound like you are doing well, but I know that losing 'just' a pound can be disheartening when you've been so good with your plan.

I've got a couple of suggestions you could try:

1) Try to increase the variety of food that you eat. I think our bodies get used to what we are eating, even if it is low fat. For example, if you have cereal for breakfast everyday, try to have something different each day.

2) Try to have 1 or 2 really strict weeks in a month where you really restrict your treats and increase the intensity of your exercise. This should shift extra pounds in those weeks and boost your weightloss overall. Again, it will also stop your body getting in a dieting rut.

Another thing you can do, although it is quite challenging is to completely restructure your meals. i.e have your biggest meal at breakfast,( or lunch if breakfast seems too much), and then have a very light dinner, such as a yoghurt and some fruit. The principle is that a big boost of carbohydrate in the morning will boost your metabolism and you will burn more calories throughout the day as tend to be more active in the daytime. It would also be better to do your exercise during the day, and rest in the evening as your body is slowing down and you are eating less.This is not easy as we are all used to our set meals - but my partner managed to sustain it for 2 weeks and lost about 8lb!

Anyway, keep on keeping on!

Amanda xx

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Ditto to the excellent advice already given here! And remember, it's very true that once you start seriously on a weight loss journey, it's natural to feel that you can't get the weight off fast enough. Boy that is how I feel almost all the time.

But you are doing great ~ look how far you've come ~ there are things you can always do along the way to shake things up and get yourself going great guns!!! Hugs!
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on my way down!
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I agree with what has been said...wishing you the best of luck
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The advice here is great, and I can't add much to it. What I can say is that I'm in the same boat of being discouraged and not sticking to things like I should be. My hubby's doing great on his diet, and I have to keep reminding myself that men lose more quickly than women, and I can't compare my progress to his! I haven't been coming to the forum much lately because I've been down on myself and feeling I've let myself down -- But reading these replies makes me realize this is exactly where I need to be!
I was down to 199, but got back up to 280. Know what? No matter what my emotions, hormones and taste buds say, I won't ever give up!

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