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Old 08-17-2003, 12:14 PM   #1
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Default what foods do you no longer crave?


I noticed that I am no longer craving bagels and cream cheese! Now it just sounds too "heavy" of a food for me to eat. Since I'm Jewish, this food has been a staple for most of my life. I haven't eaten a bagel and cream cheese in months!

Now if I could stop craving chocolate, pizza and french fries, I'd be skinny ! (yeah, right!)

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Sherry, maybe we should get together. I've never been crazy about chocolate, and have found that while the idea of pizza and french fries will probably always sound good, I'm doing very well without them.

The Bagels & Cream Cheese however, are a whole different story. I have one almost every morning--but I count all the points, so I don't feel bad about it!
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I no longer crave pizza or fast food (as a matter of fact the thought of fast food is nearly revolting to me). I still fight the chocolate monster, though. I wonder if that one will ever leave me. And ice cream. And every once in a great while, the temptation of a donut is just too much to resist.

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I still have quite the craving for pizza but I can totally do without Cheesburgers. Even though I eat them once in awhile I don't crave them like before.
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i don't crave fast food at all. i haven't been to a fast food place (other than subway) in about a year now. wow!

but i really don't want it, so i'm not depriving myself.

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French fries. They just smell so greasy to me now. Even when I get them with a meal, I usually only eat a couple. They don't taste very good to me.
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Old 08-17-2003, 03:28 PM   #7
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I haven't eaten Mcdonald's in sixteen years..I don't crave fast food at all. I've never been a big fast food eater.
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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I no longer crave fast food. I was never really a big fast food eater but I did love my happy meals (LOL). I have pizza once a week and fit it in my points. Once a month I treat myself to a bagel with lite cream cheese.


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Old 08-17-2003, 09:32 PM   #9
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Ive gone off greasy fried food, I used to love it more then anything but now whenever I think of fish and chips (my favourite) I think of how greasy my mouth is afterwards and it turns me off it. I don't have a sweet tooth luckily so it's only the fried foods that have been a problem for me.

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If something is too sweet or doesn't taste good I will no longer waster the calories on it. Freaking LD Oatmeal pies were the last thing this happend with 1 bite, and in the trash it went. GROSS! Old Chris would have just ate it cause its there.

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I don't eat/crave "junk food" anymore. Like processed snacks, candy, that stuff is GROSS. (Though I think that came from reading the loooong list of ingredients on it!!)

Also... I haven't had fast food other than subway since... February, and that was just 1 fish sandwich because it was Ash Wednesday and I was DYING, lol.

OMG, this is a big one! **SODA** I used to drink it like a camel. Now, I'll have a diet pop mayyyyybe 3 or 4 a month. Wahoo!
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I haven't really craved any kinda fast food with the veryveryveryvery big exception of KFC fried chicken once a month, and I think every female here knows what I mean when I say "once a month." I used to do the normal mood swings and stuff back in high school and college, but then my best friend from college said she eats a few pieces of fried chicken only ONE DAY at one meal when she's PMS-ing and it totally pacifies the mood swings and everything relating to PMS. So I tried it and it's the only thing that's worked for me, too, oddly enough. Just last week I went and fasted all day til about 4 PM and my mother took me to KFC, I got a 6 piece original and sat there with a bottle of ketchup and when it was all gone, I was soooooo happy. Only thing is I had to ride my bike like a mad woman because I'm always afraid of how many extra pounds it adds on, but if it keeps my mood swings down, I'll stick with it.
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I no longer crave fast food and I was the fast food queen. I do from time to time crave cookies and cake. I was a big sweets eater. I am getting by now by treating myself every once in a while to an Atkins ice cream cup. I can't overdose on those because they are way too expensive. I haven't had soda since I first started Atkins in July. A frirnd of mine gave me crystal lite and I never drink it. Just water!

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if only she'd lose weight
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For those of you who either know me or have read my journal in the last 10 months, you know what a big deal this is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The Twisted ones are the bomb! But I haven't had any in over a month & am just not craving them.


"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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chocolate!!! i havn't had any this year it used to drive me wild but yesterday someone waved a mars bar under my nose and the smell almost made me sick. i don't think i would be able to eat it ever again.
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