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I'm struggling with emotional overeating.

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Red face I'm struggling with emotional overeating.

I'm struggling with emotional overeating. I saw Onderland twice, but I keep gaining and losing and struggling to get back to onderland! I always want to eat when I'm stressed out. This is one of my toughest problems with dieting. I plan on going to the gym today. Any other ideas?

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You're so lucky to be so close to onederland! I'm still working my way down.

When I start to feel like eating off plan (I'm on Weight Watchers) I spend time on Pinterest, looking for ideas to get my motivation back. Getting lost there takes my mind off eating, and back on why I started this journey in the first place, and tons of ideas to get back on track.

Seeing how others deal with setbacks, plateaus or bingeing lets me know that I'm not the only one facing these problems, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I also read success stories, women who have been where I am now and made it. One of my favorite sites, although she doesn't post as much as she used to, is "Can You Stay For Dinner". Her story is on her blog, she lost 135 pounds, and it's a great success story, because it's not perfect, she really struggled, and she writes about that.

Good luck!

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Exercise the cr@p out of your stress. The main reason I exercise is to deal with stress. It's tough to worry about sh!t when you push your body so near to feeling like you are going to die. Running and weight training do that for me. Or try some classes for something a little less extreme. I like boxing and (just started) salsa dancing. Being with other people and having a laugh makes the problems go away too.

The best way to use exercise is especially when you are stressed. Don't let being stressed stop you exercising. Let exercise stop you being stressed. I will get an issue at work and go for a run before dealing with it later.

I used to really struggle with anxiety. I used to sweat about the little things.

I don't worry about jack any more. And my life has only got better. Which means stress had the opposite intended effect on the things I was getting stressed about.

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When I get stressed, I go for a walk. It seems to calm me down a bit mentally. Meditation doesn't seem to work for me but walking gives me a similar benefit. You can also try eating healthy things when you just have to eat. A fruit/veggie binge is better than junk.
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It's good to recognize your trigger so you can try methods to fix the problem.. I'm still not sure why I binge lol I wish I could pin point my trigger so I could prepare myself and have a plan for when it clicks inside my head to devour everything in sight. Hope you find an alternative and can relieve stress in a more healthy manner
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I think perhaps focusing on relieving your stress in a positive way will help a lot and will help you let go of the guilt you may be feeling about binge eating and what it does to your body. Stress can make us do crazy, crazy things when we don't have a good outlet for it!

Keep in mind that it may take doing a little bit of multiple things to find what works best for you! Here are a couple suggestions:

- writing in a journal
- talking to a counselor (highly recommend this, even if it's just once!)
- yoga
- walking/jogging/running
- kick boxing (this was what really helped me stop binge eating)
- meditation
- prayer

Good luck! We're all always here for support
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Thank You all for Your support and ideas! I need to plan better and try some of the ideas You all mentioned. I do good with my weights which I do 3x a week. I'm getting stronger. Now, I need to work on my cardio and what causes me to overeat and plans to deal with it. I have a book called the Writing diet and it has you journaling everyday. I only did it one or two days. I think it will help to put my feelings on paper and how I deal with them. Good Luck, Everyone with Your weightloss!


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