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Default Fears

Ok I know this is a bit wonky, but y'all are so supportive, and I know this probably has more to do with my depression and anxiety than anything, but does anyone else ever fear that they will wake up again one day and be back to their starting weight? I don't mean a slow regain (or quick if your like me lol) but actually going to bed one day and waking up the next at your start weight all regained like it was never gone? Am I just being Little Miss Crazypants right now?

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I have never had that fear, so I don't know that I will be much help!

But maybe it would help to focus on the logical perspective. You KNOW, logically, that that is impossible. It literally cannot happen. If you can acknowledge that it is an irrational fear and remind yourself of that, maybe eventually it won't be so strong?
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no, not that extreme. But, I definitely can be obsessive and think I can slowly re-gain it all. I've read all these articles about how dieting doesn't work and how a big percentage of people gain it back--but to be honest most days that works in my favor because I don't want to be part of that statistic. I've re-gained before (50 pounds when I was at my heaviest and had lost 40 originally), so I know it can happen.
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As a fear, no, as a nightmare, it's cropped up occasionally followed by the 'whew, just a dream.' before weight loss it was showing up at school (nevermind it's been 20 years since I went) in my PJs. Now it's not having lost the weight I thought I did.

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Nope but I used to dream it when I lost a lot of weight at 17 and a few years later the weight was back!

I examine my dreams closely now. They often contain sub-conscious desires that often materialize later in my life.

I have had all sorts. Dreams of smoking when I had given up, only to start smoking again.

Dreams of running when I was obese (and unable to do so), only to lose the weight and start running.

The list goes on.

Running because of Diana
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