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My Body Gallery- What real women look like

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Default My Body Gallery- What real women look like

I love this!


You can enter your height and then search different weights to see what we might look like as we lose weight. I find it so inspirational. And these are real women!

Mini goal 1: -5% SW: 271 (reached Sept.1/14)/ Mini goal 2: - 10% SW: 256.5 (reached Nov. 4/14 & Jan.24/15)
Mini goal 3: 237 (reached?)/ Mini goal 4: 210- halfway there!
Mini goal 5: 199 Onederland / Mini goal 6: 191- no longer obese
Mini goal 7: 172.5- 75% there!!!/ Mini goal 8: 165 (lowest weight ever as an adult)
Mini goal 9: 159- normal BMI/ BIG GOAL: 155


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OM this is what I need. My body image is non existent....thank you!
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It's a great way of reaffirming that we will look much better with BMI's around 20-23 in most cases. Even up to around BMI 33, some cute clothes, flattering cuts, and pretty colours can really make you look presentable.

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I love these sorts of things. We never see ourselves for how we really look, do we?

This week I saw an old friend I haven't seen since I started losing weight. I've lost nearly 70 lbs. so she was pretty blown away and wanted to know how I did it. She said the doctor wants her to lose a little, like 15lbs, because diabetes and high blood pressure runs in her family.

I looked at her and said " You don't look like you need to lose anything to me".

I meant it. I really couldn't see her needing to lose any weight for appearance. You would never look at this woman and think she was fat.

She said she weighed 180. I weigh 187, and for the life of me, I could not get my head to accept that we're the same size.
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How cool is that...thanks for the link!
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I love that site, but I always feel like I look much heavier than those with similar builds and weight. I feel like I look about 50 lbs heavier. Body dysmorphia stinks.
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I love that site. My body dysmorphia moves all the time. I don't really think I look fat anymore, but then I never did even though I was. I'm still thick around the middle because of my body type and I call it just that, thick. I never call it fat. And people tell me I have nice legs -- and I like them, too -- but sometimes I think my calves are skinny, sometimes I think they're too big.

Fighting with your own mind and your own perspectives is the worst. Someone gives you a compliment, believe it. They're seeing the you you'd like to see, the real you.
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It's so hard when our minds play tricks on us. I never saw myself as heavy with 300+ pounds nor did I see myself thinner when I was 175. I'm always "just me", whatever that means.

I do remember though, when I was just under 200, seeing my husband and "some woman" in the reflection. I seriously didn't recognize myself and it was awesome.

I wish that link above would estimate skin sagging for huge losses and age. My body will never be as perfect as those computer simulations even if I got back up over 300, god forbid.
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Thats a neat site! Yeah I was watching an episode of the "My 600 lb life" last night and the lady on the show had gotten down to 299, which is a good 25 pounds lighter than I am and she still looked very large and it wasn't just skin.. So I called my husband in to ask him if I looked that big and he pointed out that the lady didnt even come up past the top of the door on the car and must have been about 8 inches or more shorter than me which is why my body didnt look as round as hers did..

That website helps put height and weight in perspective.

I have been heavy my whole life, and i guess I have opposite what most people have, I think I look thinner than I actually am! lol.. I have a strong sense of self confidence instilled in me by my mother at an early age, she was a large woman too most of her life.. she had the lapband surgery, then sleeve surgery and finally is down to 200lbs now though.

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Wow! I love this. I've lost about 25 pounds now, and still don't really see the difference in myself, but whenever I see someone I haven't seen for a while, they're all like, "Wow, have you lost weight?"

I suppose I should start taking full body pics of myself to monitor progress...
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