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Stores: sizing, brand, etc

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Default Stores: sizing, brand, etc

So, got out of class way earlier, ran to Target to grab some odd ball stuff, they've got clothing clearance going on so I grab some jeans and go try them on. In past experiences with their brands, I know I usually have to go up a size. Of course, that's maternity and plus sizing, maybe that's the single difference. Mossimo jeans, size 14, skinny boyfriend style fit. Muffin topped, a bit, but nothing a longer shirt or hoodie wouldn't fix, until it's gone. So what's up with these brands and styles? And why does bf style make me think kinda baggy and slouchy? Is it supposed to fit like that?i grabbed them, but at 7.48 a pair, yeah. Perfect to hold out through fall/winter for kids sports. Needless to say, since I went in there initially, with an 18, I was uber happy to be walking out with 14's!

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Oh gosh. In my experience Mossimo does run quite large!

The sizing is annoying and is why I try everything on. I'm starting to get a handle on what size in what brand fits correctly, but it's such an odd experience since I am wearing different brands than I used to (yay for not being in plus size anymore!) When I go to Goodwill, I look at everything from XLs to Mediums and 16s to 12s, and even then I'm sure I'm missing something!

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Yay@ size 14! I am not super familiar w/Target sizing, their plus size clothes seem to fit pretty true to size in my limited experience. Recently I got down to 260.8-262 (I've recently gained some weight, not entirely due to excess calories, but I digress) and was able to squeeze into a size 18w from Kohl's Jennifer Lopez Jeans! OMG lol Anyhow Kohl's clothes DEFINITELY run larger in most cases, when I was 300+ lbs. I was wearing a size 22 jeans in Kohl's and size 1 or 2 tops when I should have been about a 3 (normally would have been a 24/26 namely in Torrid brand).

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Woot on the smaller sizes! And for finding great deals.

I went to Goodwill today. Bought four skirts. One a size 18, one a size 16, one a 14, and one a 12. The 12 is too small still (but I loved it, and I will be there soon, hopefully), but the other three fit, even if the 18 is too baggy. What up with sizing, clothing industry? What up?

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Yay at size 14!!!! I feel like Target sizing runs small as well. I think sizing mileage varies a lot based on where you carry weight. I'm an apple-y apple with apple on the thighs too, so I don't have the smaller waist to hip ratio that can help with smaller sizing on the top or the bottom.

Shops like Express, H&M, Zara also run small/true to size in my opinion. Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Loft, American Eagle run on the larger size of true to size with Loft being a particularly huge offender. It's frustrating to not be sure of your size without trying something on, but I'm not super offended by vanity sizing. Once I know my size in a brand, I'm usually able to go with that. On my "feeling extra chubby" days, I know I like to reach for my Loft clothes that tell me I'm a size 6 or 8 when I'm really more a 12. So yes, vanity sizers have their market in me.

Right now, in the mid-180s at 5'7, I'm in anywhere from a size 8 to a size 16 US but in reality I'm a US 12. At my lowest weight in the 150s, I was anywhere from a US size 4 to a US size 10, but in reality, I was a US 8.
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