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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default Wow

I ran into someone I haven't seen in a few years, here's our exchange:

Her: OMG Trace! Great to see you, you look great! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN FAT AGAIN

Me: You know you said that out loud right? See ya

hahah I have no use for crap like that. When you stand up for yourself sometimes people look like you slapped them in the face, but too bad

at the risk of sounding like a toddler, SHE STARTED IT!! lol

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There is no excuse for ignorant comments like that. Sorry you had to go through that experience but good for you for speaking up.

I'll bet the person that said that to you will think first in the future.
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That's a very rude thing to say... I'm sorry.
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That is awful!

Look at it this way....you just dropped a whole lot of dead weight out of your life - - You should update your ticker

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You are awesome, Trazey! And, even if she said it indelicately, she's sorta right. The fact that you've maintained for so long is incredible.
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Call me NNS!
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Oh goodness, you don't sound like a toddler. She sounds like an asinine adult who wouldn't even get along with toddlers. THANK YOU for putting her in her place. Hopefully it makes her think twice about how she words things like that.

I do agree with Laurie that maintaining is super amazing! But your "friend" wasn't exactly encouraging.

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Yeah, that's just plain rude. Why do people think they have the approval to comment about someone else's weight?
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Trying to be in the 160s
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I had a comment at a small store I hadn't been to in a while. The staff were all very congratulatory until one of them turned to the other and said "This guy was so fricking fat!" I was pissed.

It makes you think just what the heck people were thinking/saying about you at a heavier weight. Now I know. And they'd best not say it again!

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Still Chubby
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Your reply = the best reply.

I believe we all think rude, judgmental things. The difference is how successfully we filter. That, and how willing we are to analyze our own thought processes.

I bet your "friend" is utterly mortified.
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