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Old 07-21-2003, 12:39 PM   #1
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Default #195 - Rain, Rain go away!

Our other post was getting kinda long, so I thought I'd start a new one.

Things are pretty good here. Other that the rain that we keep habving. Our intersection was flooded this morning, power is out all over the place. Crazy weather.

Starting week 2 of my new plan. Dare I say that this is something that I think I could live with for the rest of my life. I am learning that popcorn triggers cravings for me. So as much as I like it, it need to become a rarely eaten food item for me. The key for me seems to be planning. (And then sticking with it, of course!)

I've attached a picture that was taken on Saturday at one of my many food functions from this weekend. I think it'll make a great before picture. It shows where all my rolls are, but I like it because it's not a "before" picture where I am just standing there. Plus, I think it's kinda funny that I have 2 plates in my hand.

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I was at a party this weekend and people kept taking my picture while I was eating. I kept saying, "WHY?!?!?!?" Now, I'll just remember they are BEFORE pictures.

I'm so glad you like the Zone!!! It is such a good balanced plan and very easy to live with. Have you checked out the recipes on-line? http://www.zoneperfect.com/site/cont...cipes.asp?id=9 and http://www.drsears.com/site/Tools/Zo...RecipeHome.nsf

I am going home for the first time in over a year and a half. For a whole week I'll be in the incredibly hot and humid city of Cincinnati. My family hasn't seen me in a long time and yes, I have lost some weight but my mother thought I had lost weight the last time I gained 50 pounds so, I never care what she says anyway. She's the size of a toothpick and I think she really is blinded by a mother's love.

However, I am going back to visit my old office so it will be good that I lost a little weight so I look better than when I left.

But it does mean that starting Wednesday I will not be posting for a whole week! I'm going to try to stay OP but with all the things I can only get back east (white castles, BW3's, Cincinnati Chili, Grater's ice cream and the list goes on and on) I think it will be hard. However, I do plan on spending a lot of time in the water to escape the humidity!
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Actually, I ditched the zone before I ever started it. Too complicated. But I have taken alot away from readinfthe book. And I LOVE the Zone Perfect Bars. That's my afternoon snack! Yum! And no cravings!!

We are doing the old common sense approach. Plan your meals. Stay away from Junk food (cookies, doughnuts, candy) and stay away from Fast food. I am trying to pay attention to my body, notice what triggers what feelings. Week one went well, looking forward to week 2. It's awfullynice to not be counting anything and losing weight!!!

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I'm amazed that I lost weight this week. I only really started on Wednesday last week. I'm enjoying using FitDay to track calories. It really shows me where all the calories come from, and all the fat.

Friday was really hard for me, as I mentioned in another post. Saturday I didn't pay much attention to "healthy" eating, but still stayed under my calorie goal even eating junque.

Sunday I found I wasn't all that hungry. I spent a good 45 minutes mixing topsoil and sand and applying it to the sunken areas of our backyard lawn. We're trying to fill it up so that it doesn't end up a swamp every time it rains.

Hunter and I went to the movies that evening, which to him means popcorn, soda, and sometimes candy. I got a diet coke. Usually I hate diet sodas and would rather have tea or water. But I gave it a try. It wasn't too bad, and helped fill me up and satisfy my sweet tooth for the evening.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean, GO! It was one of the funniest, well-paced comedy adventures I've seen in a long time. It helps if you like Johnny Depp, but even if you don't you should give it a chance. The special effects were amazing, and rather subtley done until the end when they had the all-out battle.

Today is my and Hunter's day off, so we spent the early afternoon (Gem's naptime) playing computer games together. Now that she's up, we're heading out to the garden. Hunter got his new wood-chipper this afternoon, so he has to go try it out. /grin As soon as I'm done posting, I'm gonna go put my swimsuit on and my shorts over it. That way when I'm done in the garden I can get right into the pool. And today will be the day for it. It's SO hot!
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yep, it's hot here. what's up with the rain rain go away? how about PAINFUL HEAT GO AWAY??

they brought in lasagna today. lasagna! and that lady says she's losing weight too. yeah right. but i didn't eat it. no, no. i had some sugar free, fat free pudding and a burrito on wheat that i made at home. yay me.

tonight, david and i are going to the park where we walk/jog for about a mile and sweat a lot to get to a swimming hole. then we swim, and then we come back. yay for exercise that's fun too.

ok, time to go outside and relax for lunch. ciao.

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Sorry Holly. It's just our crazy Indiana weather. My grass is greener than it has ever been in mid-July. I never have to water my flowers because we have been getting tons of rain.

We had storms last night, my little town flooded and it was raining again, so that's what prompted me!!!

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Hey, lucky you! I live in rain country, and it hasn't rained in what feels like months. My water bill is sky high because I planted some new flowers that need daily watering. All the lawns have been crispy since early June. We don't know what to do with all this sun! Seattlelites get really cranky if there's a week with no rain. . .

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Hey all,

I had a weekend full of firsts. I went camping in the first time in over 10 years. It was a blast. I put on my swimsuit and went swimming with my little girl. It was 100 degrees out but didn't feel like it. I was on a boat for the first time and then I was also on a jet ski. Awesome that all I can say. We didn't pack enough food so we left early Sunday morning. It was a blast. I can't wait to go again. I am burnt on the back and face alittle but it was worth it. There were 2 little girls about 6 years old that wanted Stephanie my 15 month old to go swimming so I told them we needed to lotion up first and they did for me. All but my back and I put some on the face but not enough. We came home Sunday and slept most of the afternoon. I just can't believe the fun I missed out on. I am in seventh heaven with all that has gone on in the last month. It's been 1 month today that I started dating this guy. Scary he has me doing things I never knew I could. Have lost 5 pounds since I met him That's a big plus.

I wish it would rain alittle here also. Today is only in the lower 80's though so it's a little break in the weather.

Tomorrow is the big weighin. I want to have at least see 1.5 pounds off then I will be starting the year over and hoping to end the year with at least 20 pounds off. That's about 1 pound a week. I can do it. Take care all.
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Sandi - I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. PM me when you get it cleaned out.

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Well I had a good day today. I went to get some product to deliver tomorrow and then we stopped at the pet store and while there we got my sister a bunny. My kids were so upset that I didn't get them one, that I went to walmart and found a cage, and then went back to the pet store and got them a bunny. It is gray with white on it's paws. We call him Thumper. lol. He is SO cute!!!! And he has been a big help with me not munching. I hold him for hours (and deal with the poop, lol) and I don't think of munching. The petting keeps my mond off it! Who would have known.

Well that was about all today. I'll check back in in a couple days, i am going to my fathers house for the night!


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if only she'd lose weight
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Sandi: Congrats on finding something that works for you. I love it when I see that I've lost & then automatically a voice in my head says, "Think how much you would've lost if you hadn't eaten @ Balistreri's this week." I hate that voice...

Jessica: Mmmmmm, Cincinnati Chili! My mom has a recipe, that stuff is the bomb-diggity! Good luck w/your family.

Synger: I agree w/you about Pirates. I looooove Johnny Depp. I hope he gets a nomination for this role.

Holly: Good for you, saying no to free lasagna.

Sheila: I can't imagine it being rainy all the time, your flowers are prolly shocked to see the sun!

Icewoman: Glad to hear you had such a good time, you deserve it after the year you've had.

Jennelle: Glad to see your face around here.

Bella: Congrats on your new bunny!! My first was a gray & brown named Thumper.

I had a bad Saturday & good last 2 days. See my journal for more info, I am WIPED! and goin' to bed.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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Well today is the big weigh in day... 5:30 pm. I'm actually excited to see what the number is because I have been a VERY good girl and I have not checked at home ONCE. I can't believe it. I was very worried I would peek this morning, but ended up being SO busy I didn't even THINK of it. hooray!!

Last night I made shrimp and broccoli with pasta for dinner, it was SO good!! I just heated up the shrimp and frozen broccoli florets in a skillet, added some Mrs. Dash garlic and herb, and squirted some ICBINBS on the pasta. It was DELICIOUS and so low calorie! MM. Can't wait to make it again!

OTher than that life is good. I'm more rested today which is VERY good. We got Coda back last night and she was SO excited to see me she was literally shaking all over!! I also got to meet the people who will be living downstairs at our new apartment and they are SO nice, so we're really feeling even MORE excited about moving, and now all the loose ends are tied up. Just 2 more days with the psycho lady upstairs and she moves out, and only 2 more weeks till we move out! Hooray!
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Hi guys!

I know I haven't posted in a while. The new apartment is coming along. I LOVE living alone. It's so peaceful and free. I've got my bathroom and closets organized at this point, and i've started with the piles of papers on the desk. Every day I get a little more done -- which is amazing because I had a tremendously bad time with my back last week. I just do what I can. It's better this week. I think I had just done too much. I have to learn my limits and learn how to ask for help when I need it.

The weight is staying the same. I'm still at 140 believe it or not. But, I'm still adjusting to maintenance eating. When I eat more than I do for weight loss, I feel guilty. And if I eat treats -- things I stayed away from during weight loss like lemon meringue pie, etc., I feel guilty, and it's easy for me to eat too much. So, I still have an eating problem, but I'm aware of it. I'm letting myself eat more so as to stay at 140, but I don't want to go higher. I really like being right where I'm at.

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Hi everyone!!

It is so gloomy here. Looks like it might rain again.

I am doing pretty good sticking to my new program. It seems like now that I am staying away from the junk (sweets & fast food) the cravings are pretty much gone. Before I let myself have all that and I just counted the calories. Since I am not counting I am making much healthier choices. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out in the long run. Hubby lost 5 lbs last week too. He is with me on this 100% this time. That seems to help. (No one asking for ice cream or Pizza Hut)

Jacob is potty trained, but he still used a potty chair and still took a binky (pacifier) at night and when he napped. DH has been talking to him nightly about how he is a big boy and should throw it away. Saturday night he did just that. He asked for it once on Sunday and I reminded him that he threw it away and there has been no mention of it since. Well I told him that since he was being a big boy, we should put his potty chair away too, and he did!! What a great weekend!! Of course then Monday morning he peeded in my bed and was very proud of it and thought it was funny. You jump one hurdle and here comes another!!!

JML Good to hear from you!! I am glad to hear that you are maintaining. That is just as hard as losing the weight, it just has a lot more perks. I have never been a maintainer, I am either losing or gaining. NEVER maintaining. Glad to hear that the apartment is going so well. What a year you have had!!

BA Good luck tonight!! I'm sure you'll do great! It's nice to see you back with your old enthusiasm.

SAPF Are you feeling better??

Bella That's funny that you mentioned that about the bunny. There was a bunny at the open house over the weekend that Jacob just loved. I was thinking about getting him one, but maybe I should wait until he is a little older.

Icewoman It's so nice to hear that things are going good for you!! Yay!!!

Holly Good job on saying no to that Lasagna!! Woo Hoo!! That would have been hard to pass up!!

synger Johnny Depp is the man!! Can't wait to see the movie!

Jessicca Have you tried the new Zone perfect bar in Chocolate Vanilla Cream?? It's my afternoon snack today, I am dying to know how it is. I can buy them at Target for 97 cents. I was at Meijer and they were $1.75 a piece. And they are suppossed to be a discount store!!

Hi to everyone else!


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Sandi, Some of your rain must have come our way last night. We got a great storm last night with 70 mph winds and lots of thunder and lightning. It was beautiful!!! Be glad Jacob had a binky, I have a 7 year old that I still catch sucking his thumb sometimes and I can't take that away from him!! I'm glad the potty training is done at our house, but there are certainly days when I miss having a baby around. My "baby" is 4 now and not much of a baby any more.

JML, I'm glad to hear about you maintaining. Although I still have a ways to go, I already worry about how to keep it off once I get there.

BA, I'm so glad to hear that your move is so close!! I know you'll feel so much better once you get moved. Anxious to hear how the weigh in goes!!

Bella, A bunny, huh? We have a hamster, maybe I should try holding her when the munchies hit. It's worth trying any way!!

Tamara, Your new romance sounds wonderful and the camping trip sounds like it was so much fun. I'd love to try it!!

Holly, Good for you for resisting the lasagna!! You should be really proud of yourself!!

Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well.
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