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Default pregnancy woes advice ?

so i got pregnantafter TTC baby #1 for about 6 weeks and i lost the baby at 20 weeks stillbirth...

the results of the tests concluded that the baby had DS ... i couldent belive my luck ..... the odds are supposed to be 1 in a 1,000 im not that old i was 25 when i concived (26 now) but i guess it has to happen to someone

my doctor assures me it wasnt my weight ... starting weight at pregnancy was 230 5'6 ( i binged ate up to the mid 240's after i lost the baby ) ... but i cant help but wonder will my weight prevent me from having complication free healthy babies ?

am i doomed not to have kids ? or will they be doomed with a slew of health issues because of my weight ? ( my hubby is also over weight if that matters any 320lbs at 6'5 , no thats not a mistake on his height )

how heavy where you when you concived ? how was your pregnancy ? how much weight did you gain ? is(are) your child(ren) healthy ? tell me the good the bad and the ugly

thanks in advance for sharing your journeys with me
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I was around 210 maybe when I got pregnant at age 19....I was 20 when my son was born and I ate all the way up to 270 pounds by the time he was born...I was horribly sick with morning sickness and basically ate whatever stayed down, mostly junk food....but he was a healthy baby boy

I was around 210 again when I got pregnant 8 years later....I weighed 250 when he was born and it was an easy pregnancy without morning sickness
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I got pregnant with my first at 197, easy pregnancy. No complications. Gained 40 lbs.

My second pregnancy I started at 203, gained 30 lbs up to 33 weeks and my water broke early. I was hospitalized for a while and on bed rest. She was born at 34 weeks exactly and spent less than a week in the ICU. Now she has no long term problems.

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I was 297, age 39 at conception. I had all-day "morning sickness" for about 7 of the first 9 months. I had gained 6 pounds by her due date. She was a week late; after delivery I was 275-ish so I had actually lost weight while pregnant, through a combination of eating very healthily and the morning sickness (my doctor had advised me not to gain any due to starting out so heavy.) I had lots of extra monitoring due to my "advanced maternal age" but no complications and my just-turned-5-year old is perfectly healthy. Good luck to you!

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I began TTC when I was in my late 20s. Three years later, we found out I have PCOS and IR. After seven years of trying, I finally got pregnant at 36. I was 270 pounds (down from an at-that-time high of 300). I gained about 10 pounds overall.

My pregnancy was pretty easy, overall. No morning sickness that I recall. Labor was long, and she just wasn't wanting to come out. We ended up with a C-section. She was about a month early, and just under 7 pounds.

She was born with an imperforate anus... she had enough of an anus (only in the wrong place) that we could take her home, and she had reconstructive surgery at 6 months. But other than digestive/constipation issues (which she still suffers from a little at 12 years old, but it's MUCH better than it used to be) she is healthy, strong, smart, beautiful... amazing!

She is our miracle.
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Oh, on the weight... Other than the fact that morbidly obese mothers are by definition "risky" pregnancies, you probably won't have much problem once you catch and hold. Miscarriages are not more prevalent among the obese just from obesity.

That being said, obese women are more likely than non-obese to have PCOS and other metabolic issues. It's not that we're fat, therefore we have PCOS... it's more like we have PCOS, and that's what messes up our metabolism so we gain weight.

I found a lower-carb diet to be VERY helpful when I was TTC and when I was pregnant. Also, keep moving... even a short walk a couple times a week will help when you're pregnant.
~~ Synger ~~

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So sorry for your loss having to go through that. I can't imagine losing a child that far through, not that any time is easy. I am a biologist so I can assure you your weight had nothing to do losing your baby, it was just genetics and completely beyond the control of anything anyone could do.

With baby number one I lost about 80lb and that is what my Dr said helped me conceive because I was actually on contraceptives when I got pregnant with her LOL. I was around 190lb at the time. Baby number two I was around 240lb, got lucky and got pregnant first try with him.

With both pregnancies I gained more weight than I should and had blood pressure issues. But other than that the weight didn't really cause any problems other than when they did scans they didn't see the babies anatomies as clearly.

The studies out there on weight and pregnancy are numerous, there is evidence to suggest that the heavier you are, the more likely you are to have a pre-term labour. Other problems are increased risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, thrombosis (blood clot forming in a blood vessel), and higher C-section rates (combined with slower healing post operatively).

So while I'm not a Dr I have read some of the studies and strongly suggest losing weight before you conceive. One study that sticks in my mind said the 10% BW loss is ideal, because even if you are still obese after 10% loss the body is so much healthier (more than 10%) and the benefit is immense.
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