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Beverlyjoy 10-14-2013 08:05 AM

******An Attitude of Gratitude******
No matter what is happening in our lives... good things or not so good things - there are always things for which we can be grateful. Knowing this helps put life in perspective. It feels so good to acknowledge gratitudes. Studies show that doing this makes you feel good -and, also, you'll have a more positive outlook. :)

Please feel free to join in and share your gratitudes.

time2lose 10-14-2013 08:09 AM

* My house which is a home and not just a shelter
* Fresh clean water
* Access to healthy food
* Good worship and fellowship yesterday
* Family, friends, indoor plumbing, 3FC, Cell phones and Internet

Beverlyjoy 10-14-2013 08:15 AM

- grateful to be home and not having to go somewhere out of town. I've been mostly out of town since the beginning of August.

- glad to be back on line - I must get something to enable me to use the internet when not at home.

- Rachel is home for over a week now and is settling into her routine with her 24/7 aids, physical therapy and realizing it will be a long healing process for her shattered bone. I am so, so grateful she has come this far.

- I finally fell asleep last night... nearly 3:30 am. But - am grateful that it finally happened!

- my precious new grandson and his brother and sister :)

- good to see DS and family... glad we could help

- knowing that it is what it is - praying for all positive changes

- friends, family, you all, fb, internet, cell

- car that works & money to pay for it to be fixed when necessary

- I don't have to go out of town this week.

- Grateful Billblueyes for checking out this thread & the reminder to restart this thread when it reached 500.. that's so nice. Hi Billbe!

GirlyGirlSebas 10-15-2013 12:06 AM

Hi Beverly Joy and Cheryl. So good to "see" two of my favorite 3FC ladies!

I'm grateful for a wonderful husband who doesn't mind pitching in with meals and cleaning up the kitchen. He made a wonderful crockpot full of chili last evenng that I enjoyed for today's lunch and he made a grilled steak kabob dinner. It's so much easier to stay on-plan with his help.

I'm also grateful for finding an accountability partner here on 3FC and for the folks who post here daily.

Beverlyjoy 10-15-2013 05:59 AM

Hi Rhonda!! It's so nice to see you as well!!

- GS and GD felt good enough to go to school yesterday

- nice day with DH yesterday. He had a vacation day.

- Rachel seems accepting of how long it will take for her to heal.

- glad I was there for a friend who really needed to talk about what's going on in her life

- friends, family, you all, fb, internet, cell

- my computer

time2lose 10-15-2013 08:15 AM

Yes, Rhonda, it is great to see you too!

* DS is doing well in his new job
* My grandson with autism is doing better than we ever dare hope
* My mother is handling widowhood well
* Access to healthy food
* Family, friends, indoor plumbing, 3FC, Cell phones and Internet

Beverlyjoy 10-16-2013 07:33 AM

- knowing when to sit still. My back has been hurting a lot since coming home on Sunday. I took yesterday to take my muscle relaxers and nsaids. I know that when I take the time to be still... I will feel better. No bending, lifting, twisting

- willingness to get on the scale

- Leighanne will come on Friday to help in the garden. A second huge garden has been dug up and grass planted. The grass is coming in well

- friends, family, you all, fb, internet, cell

- little Adam came by last night to show us his runner up medal for his championship soft ball game - he's seven. Grateful he'd think of us to share the outcome

- furnace/air conditioning

- my laptop

Ruthxxx 10-16-2013 08:16 AM

+ grateful that this thread is still here - after a rough few weeks, I need to re-focus

+ friends who have been so supportive over the past weeks of cracked rib agony

+ Toni who just does things instead of asking "What can I do?"

+ being able to "just call a man" for big jobs like tree removal without worrying too much about $$$

+ the busy season at the Mill and Town Hall is now over

+ gold and blue October days - no killing frost yet so I still have flowers

time2lose 10-16-2013 08:22 AM

So sorry to hear about your rib!! I hope that you continue to improve.

* No pain this morning
* Access to healthy food
* Grateful that I have been able to change the direction my eating was leading me
* I don't even miss the bread.
* Family, friends, indoor plumbing, 3FC, Cell phones and Internet

GirlyGirlSebas 10-16-2013 09:42 AM

Welcome back, Ruth. Hope your rib heals quickly.

- my husband who sticks by me through thick and thin.
- a wonderful boss who mentors me and motivates me to keep growing and learning
- being able to work from home

Beverlyjoy 10-17-2013 04:19 AM

Hi Ruth - so sorry to hear about your rib. Glad you are healing. Hoping the worst is over and you'll be feeling good soon.

- half a day of food sanity

- Rachel sounds like she is doing pretty well now that she is back home... so grateful

- Mom and I will get the information she wants soon

- friends, family, you all, fb, internet, cell

- furnace works

- rain - good for the new grass

Ruthxxx 10-17-2013 05:54 AM

+ a good night of solid sleep with no pain

+ positive meeting last night re Village renewal

+ dogs super happy to see me this morning - Jazz did his jubilation dance!

+ no appointments today so will be able to get some Mill accounting done

+ my back and ribs are very grateful for Aleve and the heating pad

+ all set with guys to do eavestroughs, leaves and septic pump-out

+ have resolved the ashes problem with Cousin Cathy - long story

time2lose 10-17-2013 01:52 PM

* Audiobooks
* Good health
* Shoes that are wide enough
* Mobility
* Family, friends, indoor plumbing, 3FC, Cell phones and Internet

time2lose 10-18-2013 10:37 AM

* I have my first session with a personal trainer this afternoon.
* Get to see my daughter and family this weekend
* Comfortable shoes
* Paper towels
* Family, friends, indoor plumbing, 3FC, Cell phones and Internet

silentarctic 10-18-2013 03:31 PM

Frozen Berries
Good Friends
My love hate relationship with Circuit Training.

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