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Default A different kind of "what size are you?" Thread

My jeans got me thinking... What size am I?

My 12s are way too big but I can't get my 10s onto (and over) my hips.

I could try a different brand or style, but I'm lazy lol

So, I'm not a 12 and I'm not a 10.

What size are you???

(You can only answer by saying what size you're not. Lol)

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My 16 capris are too big (but I love the fit and brand), went to the store and can't even button the 14 of the same exact brand and style.
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Started IP: Nov. 2, 2012
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My 14W's are way too big and the 16s are a bit snug in the legs but big in the waist/lower belly area.... frustrating

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Start may 4th/2013
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lol id say what size I am but I dunno I have worn stretch pants for god it seem like 7 years or more because I have been to overweight and looked horrible in jeans so I never bought them.. My goal is to be in a 13 and go from there I know a 13 from stitches don't fit I tried them on yesterday aint gunna happen ..
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I'm 5'4 and 203 right now...I have three pairs of Old Navy jeans, all size 16 short. One is falling off, one is just right, and one is too tight! So I guess I'm a 16.

I seem to remember that there are less pounds between the sizes the lower you go...so there might only be 7 lbs between a 2 and a 4, but maybe 20 lbs between a 16 and 18. Annoying! We need half sizes

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my 20 dress pants are too loose but my 18 dress pants make my tummy bulge and button only if I REALLY suck it up !!

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Size 20 is too big. Size 16 wont' zip up. Size 18 is juuussst right.
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22s fit 20s fit 18s too small.

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Some 20s some 18s

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I'm no longer a 24, but sometimes am a 10 and sometimes a 12. Sometimes from the same manufacturer. Go figure.


Life style change started on Jan 13, 2011. I was going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas.
I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
New goal: To maintain at about 160 Final Goal: To decide if I need to lose more
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I am no longer a 20..I got rid of all those those jeans today to goodwill because they were falling off of me... my 18 jeans are sliding off me too, but I don't have anything smaller right now so I actually don't even know what my current size would be! haha
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16s from Old Navy are baggy, 16 from the Gap zip but are snug. Not buying new jeans anytime soon so I guess I'm a baggy Old Navy 16 for a little longer before I'm a comfortable Gap 16.
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My 24s are too baggy & most of my 22s are too snug....
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My Old Navy 12s fit in the hips and the tummy, but gap in the back waist

I'm too cheap to buy other jeans, so I'm living with these for at least another 8 lbs, which is when I go from "fast" weight loss to "slow" weight loss on my plan.
Started - 12/25/11 at 265 lbs.
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Now that I'm typically a 16 I can finally fit into the 20's I'd bought at Torrid back when I was still a size 20. What can I say? They were cute, on sale, and I didn't try them on until I got home.

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