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Let's Discuss - Motivation and Sabotage

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One Step at a Time
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Default Let's Discuss - Motivation and Sabotage

Who is your greatest motivator, and your worst saboteur?
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Living Intuitively
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Easy. 3 Fat Chicks is my biggest motivator and I am my worst saboteur.
"Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~Henry James
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Me and me. But 3fc is definitely very high on the list of motivators.
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My biggest motivator is being able to travel and explore the world late into my life, but that is very long term! Short term, I really just want to look great at my cousin's wedding in May!

Biggest saboteur? Easy- restaurant marketing departments. It's hard to watch TV, the food is everywhere!!! God, what I wouldn't give for a Chipotle burrito right now! (I am on a strict plan and I don't eat non-plan foods)
Started - 12/25/11 at 265 lbs.
ONEderland - 2/16/13 at 199 lbs.
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Starting Again
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Biggest motivators are my husband and son. They are also my biggest supporters, no offense to 3fc

My biggest sabateur....right now I would have to say the Lays company. My weakness is potato chips. Now these snapper heads have come out with chicken and waffle flavored potato chips. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? Not fair!

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One Step at a Time
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Biggest motivators: My boyfriend first and foremost, all you lovely people here, and my new friends I have met here Peggy (sluggerbean) and Karen (Elladorine) I love you both you are my biggest inspiration.

My biggest sabateur: My mother and my co-worker Doris
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career counselor a-gogo
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My biggest motivator is probably my ticker. Seeing that little horse move to the right, as silly as it sounds, really motivates me. 3FC is right up there too!

Biggest Sabateur: Fast. Food. Not just McD's etc. but anything I don't have to cook so it can range from drive throughs to cereal.
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Biggest motivator: myself, old pics & compliments like "wow, lookin good!" from ppl who havent seen me in a while.

- im actually comparing old pictures from 2 years ago (my highest weight) to some recent pics and i am surprised. i see the progress that ive never seen before. it's motivating especially since ive really been in a stagnant slump the last month, not really gaining or losing anything..

biggest sabateur: again me and cooking /fast food

- i feel motivated at times... then let myself forget and keep living my life >_< unfortunately 3fc cant even always give me that push to get me started. and i really am not a fan of cooking nor can i afford to grocery shop at whole foods on a regular basis. i use this as an excuse to eat crap. i say "im saving money" by ordering off of mcdonalds dollar menu -____-

it's sounds perfectly logical to me when im in the drive through, but now thinking about my lack of self control just annoys me

Follow my weight loss journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wojus-04lmY
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Biggest motivators?

People who have succeeded at weight loss from a high start. From this board, from life, from other boards. I see those tickers and have to acknowledge that, as hard as it is, it CAN be done. I'm not an anomaly who can't lose weight... I'm just not doing it right, or consistently.

Lack of pain. I've gotten to the point where I've given up dreaming of having the effortless flexibility and strength I had 20 years ago (even at this same weight). Now I'm working to retain the mobility I had two years ago, before the plantar faciitis in my feet and the arthritis in my knees. Younger women, beware! Carrying all this weight will catch up with your knees and feet in your 40s and 50s. It will. Lose it early while you can still move. It's **** to do it when you can barely walk because of pain.

Seeing the scale drop.
As much as I try not to obsess over the scale, and focus on eating on-plan and moving my body as my success indicators, in the long run it really does come down to the scale. This is also one of my biggest demotivators, when I just see it bouncing up and down and never really moving out of a decade into a lower one.

Biggest sabatoges?

The scale, as mentioned above.

Eating out, going on days out with my family. My family in general, who think nothing of bringing home candy and chips and ice cream. I just don't have any, but some days it's harder than others. Don't get me wrong; they're good if I specifically say something. They don't bring in Oreos because they're a known trigger food for me. But there's always something chippy or sweet in the drawers if I go looking for it. Most days I don't go looking. But if I do, it's there, waiting for me like an old friend.

Alcohol. I just have to buckle down and admit that I need to cut out alcohol almost completely while I'm losing weight. If I have more than one drink (and I do like to drink, even low-carb/low-cal drinks), I am likely to eat anything not nailed down. Almost all of my recent food binges are linked with alcohol. Even when I limited the food to "only" an extra 1000 calories or so (which isn't that much when you think that my normal aim is 1200-1400), it tends to throw me out of ketosis, and make me swell up about four pounds of water. I KNOW it's water, because there's no way I ate enough to gain four pounds of fat. But it also takes a good week to get off me again, and I'm discouraged during that time.
~~ Synger ~~

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Biggest motivators: wanting to be a mom and this site

Biggest saboteur: my husbands love of the local tex-mex joint and its wonderful carby tortillas and chips and homemade salsa that I can't resist. BOOOO

Goal 1: 207 (hopefully by end of Sept.)
Goal 2: 186
Goal 3: 167
Goal 4: 150
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My biggest sabateur....right now I would have to say the Lays company. My weakness is potato chips. Now these snapper heads have come out with chicken and waffle flavored potato chips. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? Not fair![/quote]

My buddy sent me a pic of the bag in his shopping cart when it forst came out....talk about wrong!!!! to his defense he didn't know I was on IP. but either way I am with you, I dreamed about that darn bag all night!!!!
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Positive Focus
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I like this thread - it's a good chance to do the SWOT analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Motivations - That has changed a lot over my journey. At first it was mobility and health and then it was clothing sizes and being at a normal weight and now it's more vanity and physical acheivement. I think, though, that it's not pure vanity but also making sure I NEVER GO BACK to a life where mobility and health are at risk. The farther I get past it, the "safer" I feel. But I know I'm just a few months backslide away from it at all times, so I make a constant effort to stay on top of it. But, right now what I think about most of the time is bathing suit season, getting rid of some of the flabby bits and becoming a better runner.

Saboteur - Definitely that "inner voice" that says, you're great, you can stop now. Open up your calorie restriction, Annie, you're close enough to goal. This voice got me last year and I did stop to maintain for awhile, but I know that I want to keep going and finish this. But that voice gets me sometimes. The other biggie is people that say the same thing - you're done, Annie, you look great - you can have this XYZ treat or the well-meaning friend that says, "let's be bad today and go to XYZ restaurant and eat junk."

There's no ticker here because I have no idea what I weigh, nor do I have plans to get on the scale anytime soon. My goals are to take care of myself in healthy ways and let the scale fall wherever it will. "It's not about skinny anymore - it's about healthy."
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Biggest motivators: My mom and co-workers. They're incredibly supportive. That and the scale. I'm one of those dreadful people that weigh in every day to stay on track.

Biggest saboteurs: My inner voice after work after I've been good all day that says "Are you sure you ate enough calories today? I know you're not hungry, but you can have some more!" That and my family...I swear, they have the WORST eating schedules...and when I'm with them, I adjust to eat with them. Guh.
"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." -- Colin Powell

current mini goal

major goal
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Started IP: Nov. 2, 2012
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Saboteur - Myself giving up when I stall for a long period of time.

Motivators - I love having more clothes to choose from (love shopping too much). I also enjoy reading and hearing about everyone's success stories when they have lost a significant amount of weight. It's what helped me keep going in the beginning, and it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my struggle with weight.

Ideal Protein (25 weeks): -75 lbs...
Progress pics: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-...s-pics-26.html
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Restart 11/2012 at 153lbs
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My biggest motivator can be myself with the help of 3fc.
I would like to say restaurants and my friends are my biggest saboteur but that would be an excuse, I learned not to make excuses now so I a am my biggest saboteur
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