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Old 05-10-2003, 09:46 PM   #1
Future marathon runner
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Unhappy I'm so discouraged

I bought a new pair of rollerblades today, because my other ones were cheap and really hard to skate in. These skates were kindof like a reward to myself for getting this promotion at work.

So I went out skating tonight for almost an hour, with Jordanna in the jogging stroller. And THREE times, when cars drove by, someone yelled out "fatty" or "fata$$" at me. Don't they realise that the last thing they should be doing is insulting me, because at lease I'm making an effort to be active and healthy? And to yell something like that out at me, when I've got my daughter with me. I am so upset, things like this make me never want to leave my house and go out.
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oh my god sometimes i just HATE people!!! you ARE making the effort, and you are gonna be so hot they will trip over their jaws.

i understand, i had a similar experience awhile back when i was riding my bike and it really upset me. so i can't just say "ignore it" because i know it's impossible.

just try to keep your chin up, remember that you have tons of people who love you no matter what.

and ENJOY those skates! are they totally better than your old ones?

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I don't handle those situations gracefully. Usually I yell back something to the effect of, "Well, at least I'm not an ignorant a-hole like you!" or just flip the universal sign of the bird. I'm not advocating my responses, though.

I'm jealous. I can't rollerblade to save my life! I need to have those old fashioned 70's four-wheelers.

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Some people are just idiots anyway...wouldnt have mattered what you looked like or what size you were, they'd have to insult to make their own little selves feel big. I remember once when I was playing tennis about 20 yrs ago, some guys drove by and yelled the same things to me. At that time, I was 5 ft. 7 and weighed only 150 lbs! But as I already felt huge ( I always have, no matter what my size), to me it confirmed what I thought and made me want to cry. I never had really great self esteem and they definitely took what little I had that nite. Takes a long time to get that back too. People should think before they show their ignorance. I commend you for going out rollerblading. I'm like Jennelle, I cannot do that hard as I try! So forget them and keep up the good work!!

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gggrrrrr. how dare they?? don't you wish you had one of those paint guns???? my secret fantasy.. to always carry one, and to shoot everyone who shouts those rude things.

raelynn, honey.. just be glad those idiots aren't in your life at all. no matter what you did ,it would never be enough for them. you are perfect the way you are. and you'll be happier when you're thinner.

living well and being happy are the best revenge for this kind of nonsense. although the paint gun would be LOTS quicker and more satisfying in many ways.
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
Keeping it off is a hundred decisions a day that help you maintain what you achieved. And that's the hard part. - L Sanders

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Oh raelynn, I'm sorry. That is just so awful. I haven't had people scream things out at me lately, but someone I thought was my friend was saying some hurtful things. And I know as well as you that you can't ignore it. But at least you know yourself that you are making an effort to do something. Were these kids? It was probobly someone who has never had to deal with anything involving their weight. They were just ignorant I'm proud of you for what you have accomplished. and Thumbs up to you getting into some roller blades, I'd fall and break my neck.

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Future marathon runner
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Thanks for the uplifting words. I've always liked skating (growing up in Canada, you kind of need something to do in the wintertime ), and I bought my old rollerblades in 1998 for $40. They never fit that well, the skate was made of hard inflexible plastic, and I could never get them done up tight enough. The right foot would always be bent in, and I was really worried I was going to break my ankle. So that's why I got these new ones. They were a bit expensive ($192), but they are ABEC 5 (the best you can get - this number means how easily the wheel spins on the bearing. my old skates were probably a 1 or a 2). The skate is flexible, and has laces, a velcro strap and the plastic strap that can be really tightened because the lever acts as a ratchet to tighten it (if that makes sense). And the brake is neat, because you only have to lean back on your heel and the brake engages automatically (normal skates you have to lift your heel).

I'm a geek, but I took pics of my old skates and my new ones.

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Yeah, just remember that the people matter never say horrible things like that.... and the people who do don't matter. That's so discouraging though.
Great new rollerblades, they look very comfy. Have a great time blading. I'm going to have a friend teach me how to blade this summer! I'm already thinking I'm probably going to kill myself.... all in the name of weightloss! LMAO. -Apryl
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Just remember, YOU are out there moving, and setting a good example for your child. "They" are just driving in their cars. Who is really better off? This is what I try to do when it happens to me.

If you are facing in the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking.
ancient Buddhist saying

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Living in Southern CA, EVERYONE rollerblades (except me). I asked for a pair of rollerblades for my birthday, so we'll see if I get them. I'm so nervous about trying them so, I hope you won't mind if I use you as my rollermodel.

As for the jackasses on the road, I don't know what to say. I totally get offended when people yell crap like that. But then, I wonder what kind of people DO that? When's the last time you drove to work and had the desire to yell random personal comments to people along the road? I mean, how BORED do you have to be with your life? Did he chuckle to himself the rest of the day, like, "remember when I yelled at that stranger on the road? Aren't' I a witty one!" Take pity on the neanderthals... they're going to miss evolution.
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if only she'd lose weight
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You are a lot nicer than I would've been--somehow my middle finger always seems to say what I just can't bring myself to say.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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I'm so sorry that some people are such total and complete jerks!! You are doing a great job and setting a great example. Don't let them throw you off track or discourage you from what you are doing. Hang in there and know that you are doing great things!
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I am so sorry! Some people can be so mean. But at least we are only fat, we can lose weight but they are going to be mean and unloveable all their life.
Julie-my goal is to be a loser! LOL

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I'm so sorry that happened to you. And more than once. Yuck. Here's a hug from Oklahoma> (((((Raelynn)))))
Angi L
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I wish I knew something to say that would make you feel better but I don't. There will always be bullies and because they get their own self esteem from draining if from others , they always pick on the people who can afford to lose it the least. We all know though that you are the better person. ;Hang in there sweetie.
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