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S/C/G: 265/237/170

Height: 5.75

Default confession to make...

*psst* (lol) I just wanted to acknowledge that I'm really supposed to be in this group and I know I am...but I'm afraid that if I admit that I have 100 pounds to lose, as opposed to 60, I might get scared and go back into hiding for another year or three....but I do know that my idea weight range is between 130 and 159 but I'm only shooting for 170 and then we'll see where we are from there...small steps...lol...if I realize that by the time I get to 200 pounds, I still have another 70 to go...then perhaps this journey may never begin...and we've been doing so well...so I'm going to keep running around the rest of the forum and pretend like this conversation never happened...
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S/C/G: 298/ticker/175

Height: 5'7"


I'm a half inch shorter than you so I'm in the same weight range. I made a decision not too long ago to aim for 175. Even though it's 15 pounds over recommended BMI, I feel like it's attainable and maintainable. It's good to know someone who has made a similar decision!
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Posts: 56

S/C/G: 265/237/170

Height: 5.75


hello friend! We're in the same boat! *proceeds with happy dance* *boat wobbles and almost tips over* *sits down* (LOL)
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S/C/G: 230/221/175

Height: 5'11


I understand you completely! When i look at the total # of pounds i need to lose it seems kind of overwhelming! I'm a little taller, but am also shooting for 175/180!
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Hello and welcome. I am a bit taller than you, but find the "ideal weights" to be ridiculous for someone of my build. When I was 170 I was skinny as a rail, but still considered overweight on the charts!

In any case, it is good to have mini goals, as the larger ones can be overwhelming and discouraging.

And actually, technically I am not "in" this group any longer either, but I still post here!

I wish you the best.

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S/C/G: 242/234.5/167

Height: 5'5"


Welcome, it can be very daunting to think about 100lbs. Make small goals :-)

One for every five pounds lost!
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S/C/G: 335/see ticker/135

Height: 5'7 -171ish cm


I'm your height and started at 335. I want to lose 200lbs from that, so far 117/200. But though I know thats my goal I try not to think of all thats left nor did I let my mind focus on 200lbs when I was 335 even though I knew thats my ultimate aim. I take small goals bit by bit. usually 1-10 lb chunks at a time. So I'm slowly chipping away at the larger number I have in my head but can feel good about hitting the small goals without being daunted by the much larger number. So no matter where you end up settling try not to get overwhelmed by the large numbers, just go bit by bit

Slowly getting there one step at a time.

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S/C/G: 247/241/154

Height: 5'-6"


I just started in earnest a few days ago, but the original goal I set was 160 (down from 247; I'm 5'-6"). That's what it says on my driver's license, and frankly, I can't imagine weighing less than that. I can't remember when I ever did, so I don't know if it's sustainable.

I read today that 154 is the high end of the range for a healthy BMI at my height, so as of right now, that's my final goal (which wouldn't be too far off from a 100lb loss for me, too.) but I set some intermediate goals, and once I get closer, I'll take stock. Here's what I'm thinking:

247 - Starting Weight
235 - 5% of body weight loss
222 - 10% of body weight loss
199 - In the 100's!
185 - BMI >30 (i.e. "overweight" and not "obese")
160 - Driver's License weight
154 - Healthy BMI
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S/C/G: 249.2/see ticker/125

Height: 5' 4 1/2"


Hello! I find that setting long term goals is so daunting! You can only do one day at a time. So, do your best today. You can't really control the speed at which you lose. Somtimes your body will cooperate with your efforts. Other times it won't. I'm a calorie counter (and a very precise one, at that) so if I don't have as good of a loss in a week as I thought I should, I go back over my totals....adjust if I need to, see if it's TOM, etc....I have no idea when I will hit my goal weight. I just know that I will. I'm less then I was last week and the week before, etc....Some people set smaller goals. I guess I do that a little....I'd like to be 187 when we cruise in Feb. That's the weight I was at when we cruised in 2005. I'm about 211 now (haven't weighed yet this week) so I don't know if that will be possible but I'll try like **** and when I am closer than I am now, I'll be satisfied. What's that saying...a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And don't forget a year without Santa Claus taught us to put one foot in front of the other...and soon you'll be walking 'cross the floor............ Good luck and baby steps!!!!

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S/C/G: 281/T/140

Height: 5'6"

Default re:

if I admit that I have 100 pounds to lose, as opposed to 60, I might get scared and go back into hiding
So admit you want to lose 60 and start from there, or better yet... commit to losing 1lb. Anyone can do that. Then do it again..and again. Pretty soon you'll be surprised where you end up.

So you weigh 237 now. It's ok to say it. It doesn't mean your a bad person. Hiding for another year or three and doing nothing won't make it go away. All it does is make you older...and more regretful. I spent 30 years of my life overweight, and I only wish I had kicked myself sooner.

High - 281
Current - 252
Low - 159 (2012)

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S/C/G: 255/holding at 162/160

Height: 5'-7"


Hi! I'm just a bit shorter than you and I think your goal is realistic. I started at 252 and thought 100 pounds was a nice goal. It turns out - for me - that 90 pounds felt really good so that's where I chose to maintain.

I'm in my 60s so perhaps my goal for myself isn't the same as it would have been in my younger days, but I'm really happy with size 10 slacks and medium - large sweaters and tee-shirts. One thing I learned is that is is simply not possible to predict your ending point when you start out with considerable weight to lose.

Just jump in here and start. The number of pounds is not important. We all know about how much we should weigh based on insurance company and medical charts. Shoot for getting close and see how things go. Don't obsess about the bottom line number because it will drive you crazy at this stage of the game.

I wish you success - we are all capable of it. Sometimes it's just as simple as starting. And starting again tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. We're human. We let ourselves get into the shape we're in, but we have the power to change that. Two years ago I also felt overwhelmed at the thought of losing 100 pounds. To combat this, I changed my way of thinking. I knew I wanted (needed) to lose about 100 pounds but decided to try to lose 1% of my body weight each week. My thought was that I'd go for a week and see what happened. We can do anything for a week, right? Two and a half pounds seemed good to start. It was amazing to me that I could keep hitting that mark most weeks. I fell short once in a while, but went over just as often. A weekly goal worked for me and was not overwhelming.

At 1% per week until you hit 200 pounds and then 1/2% after that as things slow down, you'd be 170 by Christmas of 2013. I say shoot for the stars - if you fall a bit short you still make great progress. There are many in here who believe that setting a specific goal is counterproductive because one can get easily discouraged by failing to hit that goal. I believe that we'll never know what we are capable of if we don't try to attain something that we initially feel may be beyond our reach. The trick, I think, is to just keep moving forward and re-adjust as needed. I think we forget just what we are capable of and don't push ourselves hard enough when the opportunity presents itself.

Whatever you decide to do, welcome to the group. Good luck on your progress and Happy New Year.


Life style change started on Jan 13, 2011. I was going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas.
I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
New goal: To maintain at about 160 Final Goal: To decide if I need to lose more
Just Keep On Keepin' On

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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Posts: 56

S/C/G: 265/237/170

Height: 5.75


I'm really happy i found this place...

lin: thank you for your awesome post
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S/C/G: 360 lbs/ 360 lbs/ 130 lbs.

Height: 5'1"


I understand totally. I have 205 pounds to lose. It can be really intimidating to think about and can really make you think "What is the point? There is no way I can do it!" But I promise it is going to be so worth it. I have gotten into the habit of weighing every morning for motivation. I am just starting my journey but I have already lost 6 pounds. Now 205 to go. But I am not looking at it that way. Like now I'm saying 29 pounds and I'll be under 300. And then I will figure out another mini goal once I reach that one. I can't wait to be thin and fit. I have been obese all my life and I have no clue what I will even look like thin. But like I said... I can not wait to find out!!!

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