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Default Motivational plateaus

I have been hitting an emotional wall lately, since I got back from vacation in June. I got down to 286 lbs, but I am back to 297 lbs. I've been bouncing back and forth since the end of June. Has anybody else hit something like this? It's not so much about doing everything perfectly, it's more about not having the steam to do it any more.

I can't seem to get it all together, especially in the diet area.
  1. What I'm supposed to be doing is keeping really low on the carbs, because I'm type 2 diabetic and I'm not on any meds. I would really like to eat less than 40 gm/day, but I'd be pleased if I kept it under 80 gm/day. Instead, I am bouncing between 80 gm and 250 gm/day.
  2. What I really want to do is keep calories down below 1800 gm/day. I can't seem to eat less than 2400. A lot of this overeating is anxiety-driven. Life seems to feel out-of-control right now. Health issues, work and inadequate income issues, overspending teenager issues, caregiver issues with my mother...it all adds up to stress I don't care to shoulder at all.
  3. The stress and health issues compound the other factor I'm struggling with, getting adequate sleep. Menopause (hot flashes), teens that are up late and disruptive, trying to get work done late into the night. I just can't get more than six hours of sleep per night. And when that happens, I always overeat to keep up my energy.
What I'm doing right is exercising two hours a day. Fortunately I manage a small fitness studio now and can exercise at work. I'm starting to study to get my personal training certificate. It's easier to focus on the exercise now, and that's a first for me!

If only I could get my mojo back with the diet. I was doing so well for the year, down 35 lbs. But I know this plateau and regain is not the regular sort of plateau adjustment my body does every time I lose another 10% body weight. It's psychological and situational. And I just can't seem to find my traction for success now. Hoping with lower temps by the end of the week that I won't feel so hot all the time and can get some good sleep again. And then I'll be able to cut back on the inappropriate food choices.

I don't want to go back to the mindless eating of the past. I don't want to regain any more weight!!!! I've been on the slow and steady path for a reason, to make the right choices become how I live. I am so disheartened at how quickly I've fallen off the path I've maintained for the last five years.

I am developing a plan of attack here. There are things I need to do to get me back on the path.
  • Find a new endocrinologist and have new labs done.
  • Clear the refrigerator/pantry of foods that I do not want to eat.
  • Set up and maintain a regular sleep schedule again.
If I can just get those things done, then I can move on to tweaking other stuff. It would be lovely to find a way to create more energy too. Maybe I need to take my vitamins again.

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I totally understand as you will see by my post today "Plateaus SUCK" Hang in there we will get past this we just have to keep moving and working at it daily!

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Awwww, thanks Belinda! I appreciate your comment. I did see your post earlier and that's what inspired me to write mine. Hoping that getting it out of my head and on to a public forum will help me gather strength.

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I am with you..I cheated over weekend and thought i was on track Monday till i cheated again and the same yesterday..today I was doing great on plan till i hate a handful of peanuts,it could have been worse .. it has been alot worse since last Thur night so happy it was a better cheat but still a cheat..sorry i am rambling..we know what to do we just have to do it..so starting now not tomorrow I am back on program before i spiral further out of control..sounds like you have a good plan..start it now..just wanted to let you know I am here and understand your struggle..I am also type 2 diabetic and have sleep apnea and PCOS the list goes on and on..sorry rambling again..i swear carb overload affects my focus lol

"One year from now, you'll be glad you started today."
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ha ha ha
we are all going through similar things I guess
I told myself so many times not to eat more than 1500 cal. a day but that just does not work well.... I know there are people eating only 100-1300 cal. a day but I really don't know how they do it. it seems I have to eat minimum of 1800 cal. no matter what... I also do work out 2 hours a day and my weight loss is...... about 3 lbs. a month. (I know some of our friends lose 3 lbs. in 3 days). but 3 lbs. a month is 3 lbs. less than last month. that keeps me going... every day.
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Starting again
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I know that feel. I quit smoking last November and weight loss pretty much stopped for nine months. It's only been in the past month that I've been losing anything significant. It was really depressing. For a long time I thought I'd never get back on track or get control of my over eating. I don't know what to tell you, but it was like I just snapped out of it and it feels like it did when I first started again. I hope it lasts.

Current mini-goal: Get back to where I was in February (205)

Positive things I need to remember:
I'm at a better starting point since I didn't gain it all back yet.
I quit smoking cold turkey in Nov 2011.
I'm still trying so I can't say I've failed.
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. You're all so wonderful to jump in here and meaningfully share your struggles too. Ya know, every day is a restart for me.

My dog got me up early so I'm the kitchen pecking on my Kindle waiting for coffee to brew. I feel rested after 7 hours of sleep. And not feeling hungry at all. Since I'm an intermittent fasting enthusiast I'm going to take a stab at fasting today, maybe just till noon. Sometimes that helps me break away from carbs.

I think I found a new endocrinologist in the next town. He's affiliated with a reasearch hospital so maybe he'll be better than the other idiot that just threw pills at me before even seeing my blood work.

So, since I have some time this morning before work, I'm going to start with cleaning the refrigerator. Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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