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Default What do you do with clothes that are too big?

Do you box them up and store them? Donate them as soon as they are too big?

I'm at the point where I can't wear any of the clothes I wore 35 lbs ago- woo hoo! Now I'm faced with a decision as I need to make room in my drawers for new clothes- keep or donate? This is easily $500-600 worth of clothes. I went through my pants today and have at least a dozen pairs of jeans and pants that are too big and maybe 6 business casual shirts.

Does anyone here live in the SF Bay Area and want some size 22 clothes? If I couldn't find someone to give them to, I'd donate them to Goodwill or box then up and hide them away "just in case." (Although "just in case" makes me feel terrible that I'd even consider the thought that I could gain the weight back. However- it did happen before...)
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I donate mine as soon as they get too big. That way I don't have any excuses for backsliding. If my jeans don't fit, there's nothing to do but get more serious about my efforts... or be naked haha!

DO NOT keep them "just in case" There is no just in case!!! You can do it!
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I am giving some away, and others I am selling on eBay to fund new clothes. I have some gorgeous once-worn evening gowns or $150 bras, for example, that I could recoup a fair sum of money on and that would supplement my current wardrobe
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I sell mine in yard sales - since I buy from thrift shops fairly cheaply, I can normally come close to getting my money back out of them.

Some things I just take up the waists - like gathered skirts. It's easy to take those up with just a little elastic.
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I donate mine to Goodwill. I also have a co-worker who is the size I had been, and she had mentioned she wanted a few of my shirts when they became too large, so I have passed a few things on to her.

Get rid of all of them!! Don't look back. It's very tempting to keep your old things, "just in case" ... but at the end of the day, I can't/won't give myself an easy out. I want to make it as inconvenient as possible, which will incentivize me to keep the weight off PERMANENTLY.
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It depends on the clothes. Most I donate, but if there's a piece I really like, I have it adjusted by a seamstress. Often that will cost less than buying all new clothes, and since I hate clothes shopping (maybe that will change over time as I lose weight), it's much less hassle to keep what I have and have it adjusted.
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I take it to the seamstress asap to have them adjusted to my new body, and i always remind myself that I am never going back there
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I donate them to charity. One type of clothing that I don't know what to do with is old underwear. I have a huge bag of old panties and bras that I am uncertain what to do with. Should I put the bag in a donation drop-off box? Do people buy used underwear at charity shops? While I do buy second hand clothing, I personally would not buy used underwear. Should I throw them away?
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I wish I had some good advice but I was kinda dumb about mine. I gave all mine away without replacing them (I am broke!). In my mind, apparently, new clothes would magically appear in my closet as I lost weight.

Trust me, it doesn't work that way. I am down to 5 outfits until I can find some money for new clothes!

So if you have the cash to buy a new wardrobe, I saw get rid of them. If not, invest in belts. =)
Good Luck!
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I donate. The problem is that I save them up for the school rummage sale, so I have a veritable mountain of bagged clothes right now. I will have to take a pic, it is crazy. Luckily I can finally drop them all off next week!!!

I did give my mom a few bags of things when I passed her size. I feel weird about asking coworkers if they want any.
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I donate most (remember to get tax receipts to help with taxes the upcoming year). I have given some to friends who were in the sizes I was in and now that I have a few pieces that are in a 12 or so that I really like, I might have a few altered down to whatever size I end up - between an 8-10 most likely.

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I still have my clothes from 275 lbs clogging up my closet and 2 large suitcases so that I mostly live out of a suitcase or a tiny portion of closet that I can fit my current clothes into. Basically I had too many clothes to start with apparently. Don't hold on to the old clothes. I'd have given these clothes away AGES ago but my cousin insists she wants them and has begged me to hold on to them for her (2years and counting...) Yeah I might just bite the bullet and donate them to a food cause. Sorry, coz.
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I gave some away but the vast majority are still in my room. I've been too lazy to get rid of them!

I'm really, really bad at keeping my room clean (I'm a borderline hoarder, I think...) but my parents gave me a deadline to get it all done and out by Sunday so I have to get moving! Eep!

I contacted someone at the BigFatFlea here in NY because they have a giant flea market and sell used plus size clothes real cheap (and I have quite a lot. I was the same size for a number of years) and someone in my area was supposed to get back to me but they never did. I guess I'll donate them somewhere else.
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While I agree that, psychologically, it's probably best to get rid of the big clothes, I've been down this road more than twice so I'm a little wary. I donated a lot to Goodwill (guac, I tossed the undies). I still have a few tubs of bigger clothes, mostly dresses that would be difficult to replace - but I'm telling myself I'll get rid of them in a year. I have a big closet for storage so it's not a space problem at the moment.
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If I love it, I get it altered. Almost ALL my dresses, I do this to.
If I love it, and it's amazing but it doesn't look good on me anymore, I try consignment.

The rest, I give away.

I have given a huge amount of my clothes to Goodwill. I try giving them to people but mostly I have encountered people who don't want to admit what size they so if I say, "Hey I have some size XYZ clothes," no one admits they are that size.

The sad thing is that I've been buying new clothes because I've lost enough weight that I had to do that to be presentable at work. And not that I'm complaining but now I have to buy more clothes because those clothes are too big. I know I should check Goodwill but I usually can't find anything that fits me.

I may have to take Arctic Mama's advice and try ebay.

Oh and Steph7409 - I got rid of all my plus size clothes right before I got pregnant. Talk about dumb.

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