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Old 03-13-2003, 09:05 PM   #1
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Default I ate them because they were there!

I should have known this was asking for trouble. I thought I could be strong and handle something so simple. I was wrong....

I baked cookies for a co-worker for her birthday. She loves Reeses, so I made her peanut butter cookies with mini reeses peanut butter cups in them. (you make peanut butter cookie dough, put them in mini mufin tins, shape them with a well in the middle, bake, then put the mini peanut butter cups in the middle (oops...don't mean to tempt anybody)

I told myself I'd let myself eat one, pack up the rest into a container and that would be it.

Of course that didn't happen-I ate five of them-not at one time...now I feel sick, and I've gone about 700 calories over what I should have eaten today.

Why can't I handle a simple thing of having these cookies in the house..okay, they're my favorite-peanut butter and chocolate together...but I feel so weak. A normal person wouldn't do this. They would have eaten one or two and forgotten about them. They wouldn't eat one, pack up the rest, obsess over them for the next two hours and then go eat four more! It isn't like this was my only opportunity in life to ever eat cookies again-but it just felt that way (how stupid)

Oh, well, just thought someone here could relate.

Feeling full and gross...
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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Old 03-13-2003, 09:40 PM   #2
if only she'd lose weight
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Default Re: I ate them because they were there!

Originally posted by suzie76
you make peanut butter cookie dough, put them in mini mufin tins, shape them with a well in the middle, bake, then put the mini peanut butter cups in the middle



I don't blame you. Not one bit. But isn't it great how your body lets you know--right away--how unhappy it is w/you for doing that?

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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Old 03-14-2003, 11:56 AM   #3
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It's all part of the learning process. We're not normal (c'mon, who is). Now, you know that you can't bake cookies and leave them in the house. Or you've learned that they are a trigger food. So, you'll do something different next time.

I've learned that cookies can not be in my house (I'm addicted and I certainly can't stop at one). I can't have real Coke or Pepsi in the house either (I will drink the entire 2 liter in one sitting). No, you're right, a normal person wouldn't do that. But that's why we have a weight problem.

Live and Learn! Don't beat yourself up over it!
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Old 03-14-2003, 09:15 PM   #4
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Those cookies sound sooooo good! I don't think even a "normal" person would have been able to resist! Anyway, what's so great about being normal!?!?!? Don't beat yourself up, just remember how yucky you feel now, and try to do better next time!


By the way, my "normal" size 6 sister made herself sick eating Xmas cookies this year, she ate so many, that I don't think I could have kept up with her! So even normal people have weaknesses.
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Old 03-15-2003, 08:56 AM   #5
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Default thank you!


Thanks everyone who responded! I don't feel so weird now...It's just that last December I went totally off program the whole month-went into a baking frenzy. I thought I'd "healed." Guess my addiction is still here!

If anyone does want the recipe, I can e-mail it.

Glad to know I'm not the only reeses addict here!

I have a major problem with sweets. I have been doing okay with letting myself have small portions-quaker low fat chocolate chips granola bars or teddy bear grahams. That seem to work for me.

My friend at work was guilted into sharing the cookies with everyone else-it's been hinted that two other people in my department have birthdays the week after next, and would love it if I'd bake something again.....sigh. I don't understand why people make such a big deal over cooking/baking-but I've been cooking and baking since I was in fifth grade... Maybe I should pick a recipe for something I don't like. The problem is, I like most everything sweet.

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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Old 03-17-2003, 01:53 AM   #6
Getting Back In Control
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Oh my goodness! The idea of buying a bag of any size Reese's PB cups is drool inducing let alone having them unwrapped in my hot little hands while I lovingly placed them into warm homemade PB cookies for someone else!!!! How did you just eat 5? What willpower you have, Sherry - I would have had the whole batch gone in 60 seconds ...

I have been cooking and baking since I was young also and the only way I can do it right now is to bake something that I don't like. Tim, my DH, is on WW with me but needs sweets every day to stay OP. Thankfully his favorites are not mine so I can have them in the house without bothering me. However I have told him under no circumstances can he request oatmeal raisin cookies. They are about the only thing I can't say no to, outside of chocolate cake, that is. It is easier to bake and stay OP when there are no trigger foods around. Choosing to make something you don't like is a smart idea!

You might want to consider making only low-calorie (-fat, -carb, -point, ...) goodies to bring to work. There are lots of great recipes on this site to choose from. (Start with the listings under WW here - the dessert section is the largest in that collection. And there are plenty in other areas of this site too.) I have taken only "good" goodies to gatherings for several years now and people tell me how good they are. I never let them know it is diet food and they stay content.

Or you can keep yourself busy and can honestly tell people that you don't have time to bake right now. You could also suggest a new tradition where the last person with a BD provides the treats for the next BD. That way the honor/work/expense is shared equally rather than it falling on one person's shoulders all the time.

Think about what your gut is telling you about making goodies for others and go with it. Does it make you feel more happy or more apprehensive? What was your first reaction? What was your second? Which one is stronger now? Don't try to talk yourself into doing something that you don't feel comfortable with or allow peer pressure to influence your decision. Being healthy, inside and out, means we have to set limits for ourselves. Sometimes we have to say "No" to keep on track. After considering everything carefully, you will know what will work for you.

Remember that YOU are important. Do what is best for YOU to stay op and reach your goal. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

This thing we call "failure" is not falling down, but staying down.
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Sherry, those cookies sound just wonderful. I've been thinking about them since I read your thread last week. I keep telling myself that I don't want the recipe because I don't need it. But then my mouth starts to drool and I start getting hungry, and the darned carrot sticks just aren't doing it. I have got to tell you you did nothing wrong. We all have those trigger foods that we just cannot put down. Me, I cannot eat even 1 oreo, because you can kiss the rest of the bag goodbye. I don't even like chocolate, but there is something about chocolate and other stuff (cream filling, peanut butter, strawberries) that I can not resist!

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Thanks again!

Italian Mama, your response made me laugh (having the reeses in my hot little hands). I was so proud of myself for not eating ANY of the candy while unwrapping it to make the cookies. I didn't eat any of the leftover candy either. So I guess eating five cookies isn't that terrible.

Thanks again,

still debating whether to bake something for work next week...
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me. I rejoice!"-Rejoice by U2
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I have been asked to make my famous chocolate chip/coconut/almond cookies for a fantasy baseball draft that my hubby is going to on Sunday. He did ASK becuase he knew it would be a challenge, but of course I said Yes.

That's this weekend AND I am having Brunch at my house on Sunday (Homemade waffles, breakfast casserole, hashbrowns & a strawberry dessert).

The good news is that they aren't for us, so I CAN'T pig out, but I can't promise I won't have any. They are SOOOOO good.

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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I have a similar recipe only you use Rolo candies in the middle. I have this recipe and I've get tempted every holiday season to make them and so far I have resisted!! I just know they would be amazingly good. I love baking too, mostly I am really good at making pies and cookies. I can also make yule logs with rolled up sponge type cake. The problem is that I end up eating too much of my own creations. My suggestion is to put away your cookbook and if someone wants pastries buy some at the bakery on your way to work, get them to tie it up in a bakery box with lots of string that way you won't get tempted to break into the box on your way to work.
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