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Red face Beginning Today 130 pounds TO GO! Help

Well, I do not know how I got this bad..... just 2 years ago I lost 70 pounds using weight watchers and I gained it allllll back. It feels so strange that I have to start this joinery all over again but I have to. I am just not comfortable in my own body and it kills me. I look at the looks that I get from people now and I realize how far back that I have gone.

I have shortness of breath, I breathe loudly and I am just not physically capable of doing all the things that I use to do when I was more healthy, but I know exactly what I must do and I am prepared to make the journey.

I have a man who loves me dearly, and he encourages me to lose weight because of how loudly I breathe and it worries him...... It bothers me when he encourages me to exercise though, because somewhere in my twisted mind it seems as if he would rather me be skinny but he is just trying to be supportive.

I am ready to take on this challenge not just because I know that it is what I need to do but also because I want to. I am ready!!

130 lbs to go!

I NEED SOME ADVICE THO!!!! Can anyone tell me how they got started eating and being healthier and working out?
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WELCOME....When I first started, I had more than 134 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I say more, I didn't weigh myself at my highest but about 3 months in, I weighed in at 284. My goal is 150...for now.

I am still on my journey (I've gone from a 22/24W to a 14 regular- almost a 12). Although I'm still on my journey, my initial advice:

1) Pick a plan you can stick with long term. Stay away from short term fads. I calorie count and it works for me.

2) Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and start slowly. I started with Walk Away The Pounds and have recently "converted" to Tae Bo When I started, I couldn't do all the jumping and kicking. Walk Away The Pounds was a great work out and really helped me slim down.

3) Remember, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one pound at a time. But, hey, you're at an advantage. You've already been successful once which means you know you can do it.

Cheering you on to goal

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I did a lot of internet research before starting. Really helped. I've been doing calorie counting. To me, seems to be the easiest way to go. If I keep on plan with my calories, I lose..even without exercise. Of course exercise has many addition benefits though.

Love free1's advice too! Very good ideas.

Congrats on the start of your journey!

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Welcome Gigi!
Isn't it crazy how we let our guard down for a second and we have no idea how we ended up where we did, but we sure do remember working off each and every pound! LOL AH!

Sounds like you have a wonderful guy in your life. My husband is the same way, so supportive. Sometimes I just wish he would say... You are mess. You're not attractive. Fix it. to kick me into motion. But of course if he did I would be devastated and hurt... so the poor guy really can't win. LOL

I have also been successful at WW in the past. If it worked for you maybe just pick it up again. I'm not sure why I didn't go with it this time. I just felt I wanted to do it my own way I suppose. I am also calorie counting.
For working out Zumba classes have been great for me! I am getting ready to add a night so I go twice a week instead of once. Women and sometimes men, of all different shapes, sizes, and ages... it's a ton of fun.

One other major thing I did was join this site. I have always tried to take this battle on all on my own. Something about checking in, posting, and knowing there is so many with the same struggle is really making a difference this time.

Best of luck! One of the first things I read on this site was someone saying, I can't lose 100 pounds, but I can lost 10 pounds 10 times, or something like that, it was an eyeopener for me to just take it step by step and I'll get there.
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First of all... it's important that your 'forgive' yourself for gaining the weight back. We can't change the past. My approaach is: learn from the past, plan ahead for the future, but, take one day at time.

Yes... find a food plan that you like and is livable. Then - plan, plan and plan some more. Movement is good. Even just start walking, if you can. Or there are some good dvd's for movement and dancing. Start slow - if you injure yourself starting out it can be discouraging.

Every journey starts with one step. Posting here is a good first step.

Folks here are friendly, supportive and wise.

Move ticker, move!
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"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.
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Welcome to 3fc's! I had a similar amount of weight to lose and understand it can be overwhelming!

I chose calorie counting when I started my weight loss mostly because it wasn't too difficult and was free. It also works really well when you're ready for maintenance. I focus mainly on eating clean.

For exercise I was only able to walk in the beginning. Then I added some dvd's of Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. I still love both of these; am not much of a gym person!

Good luck; I know you can reach your goals!
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Just want to congratulate you on starting your journey! I also am a calorie counter and walk, dance (in my house), sometimes do the elliptical that mostly doubles as a coat rack, and have started biking now that the weather is nice. I first started by eliminating one high calorie/high fat/high sugar thing from my diet and replacing it with something healthier. I kept going replacing one bad food/habit with another healthier alternative. I started slowly and gradually the health benefits accumulated and the weight came off.

Good luck!
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