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Default It's NOT a diet!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of people asking me what diet I'm doing to lose so much weight.
I don't feel like I have been dieting. I rarely go hungry, and when I am feeling hungry I eat something because I know my body is telling me to eat. I exercise regularly and eat way more produce than in the past. I think twice about ordering fries, and try to have fruit instead. I so still eat brownies, cookies, ice cream, cake and pie whenever I want.
The word diet, to me, indicates deprivation. Probably because I spent so many years dieting and depriving myself of things I love. I'm not doing that now. If I want something, I eat it.

What are YOU doing to lose weight? Does it feel like a struggle? Do people ask you how you do it? I'm curious because it amazes me how easy this has actually been this time.

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is super awesome.
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Originally Posted by 1049jess View Post
If I want something, I eat it.

What are YOU doing to lose weight? Does it feel like a struggle? Do people ask you how you do it? I'm curious because it amazes me how easy this has actually been this time.
I actually do the same... I've never tried to lose weight in the past, so this is all new to me, but I knew if I was going to commit to it, it would be the only time, lol.. And eating in my new way, is my permanent way, and will continue to be how I eat. If I want a salad for dinner out, and a side of fries, I have them. Because this is forever and it would be silly to, like, never have fries again.. Or stop eating carbs, or eat only out of packages. I can't do that, and that's nuts to me... I have to be in this game forever so I don't go back to what I was before.
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Is this new in your world? If so, take it in stride. It will become "old" and no longer be a thing.

In my world I'm 20 yrs in as a chronic patient and 10 yrs with a full dx! NOBODY asks me any more. Friends, family -- they all asked back there when it was novel. Now for the last 10 yrs since the full dx... they all know, so there's no need to ask! I have times where I'm close to goal weight and times where I regain. I'm always adapting to meds and situations and get endoc checks every 3-4 mos. This is my life.

I use a mixture of techniques -- calorie counting & diabetic exchanges are my main. It's work, but not struggle. I have lost a lot before but regained. I have not mastered "maintaining" yet. So I have to pass thru "losing" again before taking another stab at it.

Friends and family check in with me to go "Hey, at the party... can we get you anything special?" and usually it is "No, not really." There's 2 other diabetics so there's enough "safe" food for me around and I BYO too. Nobody bats an eye.

In the early days when I was still learning and so were they it was annoying. But I know it was because this was "new."

For strangers? I don't explain the whole PCOS/IR/hypothyroid thing. I just keep it simple with "I'm prediabetic. I get in exercise and do a diabetic diet" and since most people know the name "Type II Diabetes" they go "Oh" and let it go because it is boring.

Before I had my dx I'd lie. "Oh, doc told me to watch cholesterol." and they'd go "Oh" and let it go. But seriously... what doc DOESN'T tell you to watch cholesterol?! LOL.

I'm pretty open here on the forums but in real life I really don't want to get into my health biz with people. It isn't their biz!

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People are amazed when I say I'm "Just eating better and exercising."

They're like "Yeah but, what are you REALLY doing?"

I don't see what I eat as a diet, it's just how I eat. I honestly enjoy everything I put into my mouth.
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Definately one of those "let it roll right off your back" kind of things. I simply say counting calories and cutting processed and whites.

Everyone has a diet.. even those who live on twinkies and hohos.
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I agree with Sommer. We are all on diets. Heck, we are 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet!

There are so many new and beautiful names for it now...."my Journey", "My life plan", My "healthy way of life"...but a rose is still a rose. To me, it's just another job.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.
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